Fortnite - X Dragon Ball Explained. How To Unlock Dragon Balls, Increase Power Level, And More

Fortnite - chapter 3

Today, with the release of the new Dragon Ball crossover, Fortnite has added an entirely new tab solely dedicated to this crossover. That's why it's probably going to be the biggest crossover we'll ever see in the game because they made an entire battle pass just for this event. I'm not even kidding with you guys.

Now, first off, let's start with this bottom section. This is the battle pass for the Dragon Ball collaboration. Now, as you complete the Dragon Ball quests, you will get more and more energy or power level and eventually hit the maximum power level and get the charged up emo. This emo is obviously straight out of Dragon Ball, and while I have never watched the show, I know that this is from Dragon Ball, and this is obviously a very staple emo alongside of that.

In this battle pass. I believe there are five free levels, so that means no matter what level you currently are, you will get five free levels on your battle pass just by completing all of these quests. Now, what a lot of you guys may be confused about is the dragon. That's sitting right here in the top right corner.

Fortnite - chapter 3 season 3

So now that we've covered the battle pass and that you're going to want to level this up by completing quests, which we will get to in a second, we're going to move to the top right corner, and these are the dragon balls. In total, there are seven dragon balls, and once you collect all of them, you will get the Shenron Glider, which is the magical dragon.

How do I collect the dragon balls and how do I do all of this? Let's read this section over here. Complete quests to increase your power level and earn dragon balls to unlock various in-game rewards. All seven dragon balls are needed to unlock the Shenron glider. All power level rewards can be obtained without purchase, so literally all of this is free to any player playing.

Now, as you guys can see right here, these are the Dragon Ball Quests. I will have guides coming out later in the day once I'm actually able to get through all of these, but there are 63 of these quests in total. That is not a joke. That is not an exaggeration. It's going to take a lot of work to get all of these rewards, and it's going to be even more work to make all these challenge guides, but I'll get right on to it for you guys.

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I'll make sure that I have articles out covering how to get all of these rewards, and not even all of these challenges are out yet, so the earliest you'll be able to get this dragon glider is when the final stage of challenges comes out in five days. Once you complete that category, you can move on to another one, which again, all you need to do is complete three of these quests, and then you will unlock this category's dragon ball.

As all of these challenges are released throughout the next five days, we will continuously And more and more dragon balls will be unlocked, which will allow you to get to those seven dragon balls and get that free glider now in order to increase your power level. You're obviously going to need to do these challenges, as well as, as you guys can see here, for every single challenge that you complete, you get a certain amount of power energy, and that energy will allow you to increase your battle pass, eventually getting to a hundred and twenty million power level where you will finally complete the battle pass.

Season Three.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball has finally arrived, and in this crossover we got a TON of challenges, a new battle pass system, and so much more that I'll be fully explaining in this video! Golden Gummies.
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