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In today's article we try out the brand new Spider-Man web Slinger method, which is brand new in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 3 Season One. To get access to this, there was a character selling it over at the greasy grove inside the arena, so I decided to pop into an arena match and let's see if we can get 400 gold.

So first off, I decided, you know, we need gold. Well, you get gold from couches, beds, washing machines, and chests. Before we jump into this. It'd mean the world to me if we got to 25, 000 likes on this article and before you buy the battle pass, don't forget to consider entering the code post into your item shop.

It really goes a long way and helps support small creators like me, so thank you so much to everyone considering supporting me. It would mean the world to me, so thank you everyone. Love and respect. There's going to be a bunch of beds, a bunch of chairs, and just loads of stuff, which I think are even couches as well.

It's the couches, and it's the couches, beds, and washing machines where you've got farm gold. However, there's a time limit. I've got to get 400 gold in one game, which is something I've probably never done before by farming gold. I've done it off by getting bounties but never by farming goals, so you see, I went absolutely crazy.

Fortnite - all mythic weapons

I'm only straight in at Camp Cuddle, going absolutely mad at all of these locations. There's a bunch of gold here if you want a bunch of gold. This is a really good spot to farm gold as well, so if you're after something like a gold farm, this is probably your number one spot. Camp Cuddle is going to be your gold farm this season if you're not doing it through bounties, and bounties can be a little bit difficult sometimes.

It's easy depending on what sort of lobbies you're playing in and who you're against, but most of the time it can be quite difficult, and if you just want a casual one, this is it. For some reason, inside of the main houses they had double couches. Here they had more couches as well as chests. Everywhere was crazy.

Fortnite - all mythics

I had to really go as quickly as possible. I was very lucky with this game. For some reason, the circle was ending over greasy Grove, and I know the web thing is sold at other NPCs. But, the one I was using was the one at greasy Grove, so I decided that would be the one spot for me, and there's also gold at greasy as well, so these two points connect really nicely, and I thought it wasn't going to be possible on my own.

Honestly. I didn't think I'd be able to run this and get the gold, but luckily enough. I managed to find myself a quad Crusher Road and take it over to Greece with about 200 gold in my imagery 288, coming out of the cuddle location. So now we're at greasy, we've got to loot every single house and get as much gold as possible, including all of these and all these different spots.

Just grabbing as much as possible, going upstairs grabbing. More gold through the ceiling. You see, there's a bunch of hair as well. There isn't actually any power there. There was, but there isn't. So I'm going to get out of there, go down, and keep moving all these other houses. Yeah, so destroy them.

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They have small ones that suddenly don't give gold when looking at the circus. We've still got a bit of time to loot up. We need 105 more gold to purchase them, so we're almost there. We've got a few houses left. A few chests. Every single chest must be destroyed. No gold from that one, sadly.

Just gon na keep going to see if that drops any gold. Nope no gold dropped there. So that's not going to be any good for us either. I'm going to go inside this house here, and there are going to be more chests and more locations we can farm. Nothing there is nice, they're all nice, seven gold there, perfect.

We're getting a little bit higher on 302 now. No gold here in the kitchen. Let's go upstairs as soon as anything is up here. 302 means we only need 92 more gold bars. some gold back. There's gold in the ceiling. I got it out of that. Get it out of there. We are all right, not a little seven.

Fortnite - boss spider man

Gold All right, so after a little bit of time and greasy work, I managed to farm up to 387. I was almost there. The last location I had on the farm was the taco restaurant. Getting myself to 396, there, and finally, there's a bunch of tills in here as well, which I could use to open these tools perfect 401, gold.

Head over to the Taco Master, and there we are, Spider-Man's web shooters. We purchased them as Mystique. Sadly, my battle pass hasn't been purchased yet because my crew pass is a bit glitched, but I will sort that out later on this week. If you guys are buying a battle pass, though, don't forget to go and enter it in the code post.

That's POS it really would mean a lot to me and support me. Here we are web slingers. Check these boys out. These are absolutely incredible. So you have a little guy with these. See what myths we can bust with them. Try them out; this isn't like I'm saying this is the first time you're using them, so you've got to bear with me.

I'm not like a pro with these, but they are pretty cool and they have a little bit of a cool down, so they've got limited ammo and a little bit of a cool down. If you find these, you'll want to pick up Spiderman's Web Shooters. You can see how crazy these guys are. Check them out. You play it on the tree, you go flying.

Fortnite - bosses

Put it on the house, and you'll go absolutely flying. You are just incredible with these, and you can go wherever you want and really do a lot of good movement. You look at the length of time you can jump in the air, and it also does that. By the way, I'm not pressing anything. I'm simply just shooting it and holding it.

Swing, that's all I'm doing. I'm not actually pressing anything into the air. It's also doing those animations, so you don't have to do any crazy button combinations. It's literally just one button and it does it all for you, which is really awesome. We're going to test it and see how much we can take this and what we can do with it, and give it a little go.

Does it take weapons? Can it damage people? So, I'm going to try out all those things in a second so we can see if it is possible to do that, so, look at that, look at that crazy dive there. I think that you can hold it for a while again. I still jump I'm really liking these. These are so awesome.

Fortnite - chapter 3 bosses

Let's check the stats. You got damage there, so no damage on these fire rates of 0.75, magazine, one million, and a fast reload, as well. So check that out. You see that, guys? We just sucked in a weapon. That was pretty cool. That was awesome. So yes, they can hook in weapons like the harpoon gun.

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