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It only takes a second. And also be sure to use my supporter creator code, sir, in the Fortnite item shop, and I'll feature the people that got the name of the skin right in the last article. I'll be leaving hearts on a bunch of the ones that get that right, but without Without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it.

Xp trick

Let's start off the article here with a very quick but very cool xp trick that utilizes the new cube fiends or cube monsters, whatever you want to call them, so for this you're going to need to eliminate a bunch of monsters, which in and of themselves don't give you too much experience. I don't think that part's really worth it, but if you continue to eliminate them, you will eventually get to the mega brutes.

Fortnite - battle royale

Like, check this out right here. Let's see how much the boss friends give us in terms of experience. So we're going to try and eliminate this right here. We've got him just sitting right below us, so we're going to keep on trying to deal damage to him. Where are you going, buddy? And there we go.

We eliminated him and got 5000 xp for eliminating the mega brute. No way so, since there are three mega brutes, we can keep working on eliminating these guys to get a ton of experience. And look at that; he's just standing here. If we go up into this spot, that's awesome. Come on, buddy, I need to eliminate you fast so I can get that xp.

There we go, another 5 000 experience points. Let's go with one more mega brute to try and defend here. What are these people doing? Another mega brute to try and defeat here for the final one, and we got another 5400. XPS: I don't think we get anything special for eliminating all of them besides that bonus of 15,000, which is honestly quite a good amount if you can get them all to spawn, but keeping it going here This next one is a bit of a glitch, maybe not, but it's super useful, so let's just hop into it here.

Fortnite - challenges

Basically, it has to do with the new type of quest, the punch cards, which I'll explain more about later in the article, but this glitch helps you complete them faster, and actually, before we hop into that, a few other helpful tricks new to this season, the first of which is that you can see the experience you need for your next level up in the top right corner.

As you can see, I'm level 26 and I need 45380 xp to get to level 27, so that's a super helpful thing to see. On top of that, if you go over to the map section, you can actually select the locations on the map and those will stay there when you hop into your match. So for these challenges, you probably know you need to hop onto the map.

You can also click the pin to find the location of the NPC. Yo, did you guys just see that cube move? I'm on to you, Kevin. I know what you're doing down there now. However, guys, there's actually a way around that. So if we go into battle lab, scroll all the way over here and select it right there, you will see that when we accept a quest from one of the npcs, it will go into a brand new section inside of battle lab, but like check this out, if we keep going up to npcs and accepting the quests that they have and then switch the game mode back to solo, we'll be able to go into our quests and you'll see that we have more than five punch card quests, which means that if you continue to do that battle lab trick, you can add way more of these and continue to work on them at the same time, saving you a bunch of time keeping it going here with the next secret xp trick.

We still have so many more to go through in this article, but this next one is awesome, so for this we're going to need to go down to the new, or like returning, corny crops location. You'll also notice that we're in team rumble.



Now this is kind of a revamped version of one of my previous tricks, which is to go to this location and start picking up all of these cabbages. As a reminder, this location has changed a lot since last season, so let me show you the route that works best.

Start with this one right here and then go and collect as many of the cabbages as you can. This one section gave us 3 000 xp, but we can keep moving around. There's more over in this area, so if we keep picking these up, also make sure to drop your weapons because we need more space for the cabbages, but there we go, continuing to go around.

This area is even larger than the first one, but this isn't even the last spot. Like, look at these guys. We're getting so many that we've maxed out our cabbages. This area gave us like 7 000 xp, so that's a total of what 10 000 xp so far on top of that. I believe you can then move over to this area, which on the map is right down there, and this one's a lot smaller, but there's still a little bit here to pick up.

One thing I would also recommend is the plan to grab this car here and then go back up to the cornfields. And just start driving through them. There's a reason for this, but again, once you destroy a bunch of the corn, it'll spawn pieces of corn for you to pick up, which also gives you that forged item xp.

I guess you can also just walk up to them and pickaxe them down. They go pretty fast, and if you start to get low on health, just eat a bunch of the food that you just picked up.

Xp search

Xp search

It's literally perfect , but let's keep it going here, guys, with the next trick. This is a very good one for getting a bunch of xp. For this one, we're going to stay in solo. And then we're going to need to go to a specific section on the map, which is Patty's Corner, although, wait, this is a problem.

Usually Caddy Corner does not have the sideways zone around it. The reason I wanted to go to Caddy Corner is because it's one of the best places to actually search for experience. For example, if we start outside at this small building here, we can go inside of the door and then you will have all of these little boxes that when you search them give you 335 Xp each, so if we go through all five of them we will get, what is that, 1600?

We get nearly 1700 xp if we're supercharged. Also, a lot of the time a chest will spawn up here, so maybe team rumble is actually the better mode for this, but there are a ton of chests in this area, like we just searched for that one. We can go inside here and search for an ammo box. Another, smaller box, ammo box gives us 500, xp that chest gives us somewhere like six or seven hundred, but just keep looking around for these small boxes.

Okay, change of plans. And then just keep on moving around the corner. If you go inside of here, there's a chest as well as a bunch more of those small boxes. Remember to use the cones to quickly get inside and outside of the windows, and don't forget about this spot up here where you can find even more of those small boxes.



Now next up after that is a returning trick from last season that I pretty much want to tell you that it still works and how to make the most of it.

Fast XP TRICKS in Fortnite Season 8! Level up fast with these xp farming methods and secrets to get level 100.
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