Fortnite - 20 Secret Tips & Tricks (season 8)

Fortnite - 20 secret tips tricks season 8

So it's hard enough to get out of your farming XP when epic games literally cut in half the best way to get XP, so I came up with a new one that makes getting 500.000 XP ridiculously easy. On top of the best ways to start games with fully gold inventories, here are 20 ultimate Fortnite season 8 tips.

Guaranteed loot

Starting with the guaranteed loot trick Okay, so with the latest update, Fortnite made it so crows will actually drop purple and gold loot, which has made them incredibly overpowered.

The problem is, these rare crows aren't the easiest to find, but we have found a secret way to get these crows to spawn every game simply by heading down to hydro 16 through sludgy swamps and starting taking out crows. It turns out, this area is actually a growing spot, so the more you eliminate, the higher chance you have of a purple or gold one flying back, and so we found that in less than two minutes you can get an entire loadout of insane loot.

I mean, one of the best ways to start a game, and if you thought that was overpowered, wait till you see the shadow drop trick. So remember a couple seasons back when we had the Silver Surfer. Mythic, and this thing was really op because you were able to just drop it on your enemies like it was nothing, so while the Silver Surfer board is long gone, there's actually an even cooler trick in season eight.

You can just get a Shadow Stone, use a Spire pad, and you can pull off ways like this, even taking no fall damage. I mean, how cool is this? Next time you want to get the drop on someone, these shadow stones are your best friend. But something really useful for your teammates is the slipstream escape trick.

Slipstream escape

Slipstream escape

So if you play a lot of squads, getting your down team out of there can be tricky sometimes, but luckily season 8 has a new way to escape a fight. Don't down yourself, don't doubt yourself okay. Well. I got a tip for you just in case, so pick up to carry and you could actually bring people in slip streams if they're down, which is so helpful because if you get down next to a slip strip, just I don't know, run and fly away.

We're fully rotated away from whoever was trying to kill our friend here for the easy revive. Thank you, and that's how it's done.

Fastest xp method

It is basically tradition that we set out to find the best XP method for each season. Now, this season it used to be Imposters mode, but they nerfed it, so what is the next best way?

Well, we set out to do some testing and, firstly, you could play creative and gain 125.000 XP in just 75 minutes, or even more if you do challenges as well. Next, you have to do all of your daily punch cards for an additional 10,000 XP and, after that, you pretty much just have to grind The Fosters because it is still the best and most consistent way to level up. And for a tip to counter one of the most broken items in the game, can you railgun through armored walls?.

Railgun vs armored walls

Railgun vs armored walls

It turns out slipstreams aren't the only insanely useful season 8 feature because the new armored walls make it incredibly overpowered and hard to destroy. I'll be at 2500 health. Well, here's the thing: there's a rumor about these, and I had to try them.

Okay, so these are the new armored wall traps in Fortnite and, obviously, they have 2500 health. So yeah, as you can see, it takes a lot of damage to destroy these things, so we want to figure out if we can shoot through them with the railgun, because I mean. I guess if we could do it through the sideways, we could probably do it with the armored wall, so let's figure out if the railgun is still probably the most overpowered.

You ready sammy, let's get it all right here. Here we go. It works the railgun is honestly the most broken thing in Fortnite. If it could shoot through an armored wall and sideways, what else could a Nas shoot through? I always know what to talk about when Opie the railgun could be back this season.

Right now, probably one of the most annoying things about the new Venom Mythic is that you could get pulled by absolutely anyone with no warning. I mean, it's annoying, but it turns out there is actually a huge count to this. If you get pulled in, just do this grapple for me, please. Nope, yeah, a great counter to the Venom Mythic, but what if you're the one using it?

I mean, how do you stop all these guys from just one-bumping you? Simply put, just have your teammates near you when you pull a player, and they can get a synchronized shot in and grab that guaranteed easy kill. Hold up so now you know it is way too dangerous to pull someone with even a mythic while you're alone and there is a better way to use an even more useful item. Here are the best Shadow phasing tips.

Shadow phasing tips

Shadow phasing tips

I feel like a noob not knowing these things. The first tip is that we had shadow stones and simply wanted to see if you could phase into people's builds with them. Well, sure enough, it works like a charm. You can go straight into their box and take them out, and they barely have any time to react.

It's a bit of an obvious tip, but season 8 has armored walls now, and it seems like you'd be able to counter these Shadow Stone tricks with them. Well, I guess I'll tell Nick a30. Boom, boom you're trapped in that right. He's completely trapped now. Watch this it has never been easier with the shadow stones, and if anything, they're probably the best armored wall counter in the entire game right now.

If we're speaking about armored walls, these things have some insane tricks of their own, so let's check out armored wall secrets and how to use them to your advantage.

Armored wall secrets

Okay, so for the first trick, we have to tell you that one of the best ways to make use of your walls is to use the whole stack and make an indestructible box.

You could use it to build around a campfire or use the extra time to heal yourself with Med Kits or big pots, or you could even build these boxes around your down friend. A revive only takes like 10 seconds, and even with a minigun, an enemy won't get through in time so long as they don't have shadow cubes, as we learn, the final trick is less about defending yourself and more about humiliating.

Not only can these indestructible boxes help you in certain situations, but you can simply place the armored walls all around an enemy's box and it will lock them inside. People have done this to trap enemies in storms or simply put pressure on them. It is a genius move, but if you consider yourself dropping randomly in Fortnite and not getting the greatest loot, then you have to listen to the best loot routes when crafting.

Best loot routes

Best loot routes

Okay, so we have two insanely overpowered There are routes on the Fortnite island that take you through places with all kinds of chess floor Luton, items where you don't have to rely on the crows.

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