Fortnite - 10 Youtubers Who Disappeared

Fortnite - 10 youtubers who disappeared

On October 26, 2017, insane sniper shots were posted on YouTube by a small creator known as Fearless. Within a year, he would be one of the most famous Fortnite youtubers of all time, gaining almost 10 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views until one day he vanished. His disappearance was a complete mystery on the surface, but a pattern had slowly been emerging as 2018 came to an end, where Fortnite began to transform, and so did Fearless.

Throughout 2019, fans realized that the gaps between uploads got longer and they would go months without seeing a new article. This period of time was just the beginning of a bizarre and sudden change to the Fearless channel in 2020. He uploaded a total of just two articles, with no explanation for why he slowed down, but Fearless had one more surprise in store.

A Minecraft compilation that was released in the early days of 2021. The fans didn't know it at the time, but this would be the last article uploaded to his YouTube channel. As the days, months, and years passed, there was radio silence from the youtuber. fearless and vanish without a trace, leaving no comments or posts behind, never to be seen again.

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You would leave behind a respected legacy, but that can't be said for the most hated fortnite creator. It's Owen who disappeared. He has been accused of doing something like this quite frequently, that being the click baiting of unfortunate tragedies that have recently happened, and people are absolutely going crazy over the fact that they are so excited that this channel has been banned from YouTube.

Owen started out slowly, boasting horrible click bait and entirely faking tragedies for views. Slowly and surely, they would continue to pile up, making Owen rich. He decided these numbers were worth it no matter the cost, but this would be his downfall. At the end of June 2022, one of Minecraft's biggest creators, Technoblade, passed away, and all of us were devastated.

paying tribute and reminiscing on the amazing memories he left behind. Because of this, articles about Technoblade's passing were getting a lot of views, and Owen decided that this was the perfect opportunity to capitalize. On July 30, he posted a article to his channel named Mr. B's Final Goodbye to Technoblade.

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He made up a fake story to earn money and views from his death. This would go on to hit number 5 in trends for gaming. This is horrifying. The decision actually paid off, but these few days of fame were not worth what was about to happen. This 52-second article would result in three years of uploads.

The next morning, his channel was terminated by youtube, and after replying to him on twitter, they confirmed it wasn't a mistake and he is banned from youtube for life, so let's get some w's in chat. Thankfully, there are plenty of people in the Fortnite community who make incredible articles, and one of those was Day, like Fearless.

He was known for his fortnite moments, with an emphasis on new items and seasons in 2018. c-Day was considered to be one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube, but sadly, he couldn't keep up on July 7th. Day disappeared, with nobody knowing what happened to him. Everyone was pretty confused, but a month later, he returned, explaining the situation.

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I haven't uploaded in so long and I think I can finally say that I have no more excuses in front of me. I've seen a lot of people tell me that moving does not take this long, and you're right, it really shouldn't have. I can finally focus now and get back on that grind, and I think that we should be able to get back on schedule.

It was an innocent break, but secretly a glimpse of what was about to unfold. Between 2018 and 2020, Cede vanished three more times, occasionally with an explanation about how the game wasn't really fun anymore or that he had fallen out of love with making articles. It's a pretty relatable story about burning out, and I feel like everyone understood.

From that point, though, it seemed that CD had quit YouTube entirely. For over two years since he released a article when the Fortnite community had moved on as the world changed, so did YouTube until Christmas Day 2021. The state of the game, plus what was happening in the world at the time, was the perfect storm to keep me from coming back to youtube, and obviously that wasn't all of it.

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It was apparent I was falling out of love with YouTube and making articles and stuff like that, and don't even get me started on Fortnite. Can we please, as a community? Just act like chapter two didn't happen. It seems like this reason still holds up. Over six months later, he left his accounts behind.

A lot of fans still hold the hope that this Christmas he might check in and upload again, but only time will tell. CD and Fearless weren't the only Fortnite players due to pack up and leave for years. Daequan and Hamlin's were two of the biggest streams in the world. Living under one roof made their content so enjoyable.

The duo eventually drifted away from the spotlight, vanishing in 2019. Due to problems in their personal lives, both of them had private issues to deal with, and those were a lot more important than making content, but that wasn't going to be the end of their story. After almost two years away from the internet, one of the most ambitious comebacks in YouTube history was about to be revealed.

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Billboards appeared in cities showing Hamlins and Daequan, with their t-shirts blurred out. I hope you're all doing well. If you notice, behind me is a bit of a billboard. Yes, and certainly something sticking out first about this billboard is the blurring out of logos on both of their shirts. It seems to be an organizational change.

Not only did the duo leave TSM and join Energy, but they were about to drop a bombshell announcement. We're back welcome to the NRG Thumb House, baby, and we brought the game. The new through house was revealed to be a 24, 000 square foot mansion worth over seven million dollars, handling today's quantities.

They were coming back with new streams, podcasts, and weekly articles, but usually, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. For the next five months, the energy ii mouse would begin its content journey, and Daequan and Hamlet's were finally bringing salsa back to the community until, sadly, things took a turn for the worst on October 4, 2021.

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Daquan wrapped up a Twitch stream and logged out. Several months passed and nobody had really heard anything from him, and eventually hamlets did the same, disappearing until January 13, 2022. In this eight-hour long stream, he revealed the thumb house had been shut down for good. Why no more thumb houses?

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