FIFA 22 - The Only Skill Moves That You Should Know

Skill bridge

Skill bridge

Reverse toe bouce

These are those skill moves that I generally tend to use, and I really like them in the higher divisions of play.

Reverse toe bouce

And currently I'm in division one in two of my separate accounts, so I definitely know what works inside this game.

Ball roll somberero

The first skill move that you are seeing in this article is definitely not used by any casual player, but if you try and learn them, they're not that difficult, and can change the way you play the game.

The first one I'm going to mention here is the heel to heal. This skill move was very popular back in the FIFA 12 and FIFA 11 days to take out the goalkeeper. But then it lost its charm, but I still have the habit of using this skill move because it gives me a speed boost and it's extremely unexpected and very good to do between two skill moves, so when you do this, it's very easy to slip away between defenders.

So to do the heel to heel, flick the right stick forward and then flick it backwards towards the player, and your player should do the heel to heal, and you can get away from players quite easily. The next skill move we'll be talking about is another heel-to-heel. That's the lateral heel to heal.

Lateral heel to heel

Lateral heel to heel

This skill is used to turn 90 degrees very quickly. You can do the skill move while you're standing still, but I really like to do this skill move completely unexpectedly. Wherever you are on the pitch, it's very good to do a lateral heel to heal and then take a finesse shot because this skill move is generally very good at turning 90 degrees, and if you have ever played FIFA, you know how effective it is to turn that quick.

This skill move is also very good for drawing files. Whenever you are on the pitch, since you turn so quickly, it is very lucrative for people to just follow you since you're not expected to make such a move, so lateral healing to heal is something that I really recommend you do. Then you hold the L1 button and then you flick your right stick up and then down over the player that is on the left or right of the player.

When you're facing left to right, you can do the lateral heat to heal. The next one is the double touch spin, definitely.

Double touch spin

You would have seen this skill move being performed by a lot of skillers in the community. This kill move is definitely not for people who play this game casually. But look at the controls.

It's extremely easy. What this skill move does is that you can turn around at a 45-degree angle, so you can expect it's extremely difficult to defend against. To do this skill move, all you have to do is flick your right stick towards the downside and then flick your left stick or hold your left stick slightly towards the 45-degree angle of your player, and then the player will just turn around.

Then the next kill we'll talk about is the ball hop.

Ball hop

Ball hop

It's also called the blanco hop, and it is one of the most fun skill moves to do in the game. The effectiveness of the skill move is unmatched since you can just create something out of nothing. I've scored some bangers using this kill move all these years and I've always done it and I love it.

This skin will be so much fun. Try and do this kill move l1, and then click the RS button and you should see the blanco hop.

3 touch roulette

The next killer move on the list is called the "three-touch roulette." This was a skill move that was introduced in FIFA 18, and is very effective because you have to turn around without losing the ball, so if you're shielding the ball against a player.

FIFA 22 - amazing skills

I would recommend when you receive the pass with the three-touch roulette. You can just turn around and so many things happen when you do this. The defender that's chasing you or shielding you generally confuses, as completely, completely loses track of you on how you're going to turn and where you're going to go because this touch roulette has three touches, as it says, so it's definitely very difficult to keep track of what's going to happen and where you're going to turn with this and you can trip people with it very easily.

To do this skill move, you need to hold the LTL2, that's the shield the ball button, which is very complimentary in the action of the skill move, and then flick your right stick in this motion, and you can turn around instantly. The next one is the drag back, a very famous skill move. The whole point of this game move is to step back or change direction.

So the drag backs make your attack so unpredictable that it's extremely hard to perform in the lanes where you're going to pass. This skill move is generally used to get the CDMS off the passing lanes. So, for example, if you're facing a player and you have to pass somewhere else, the CDM is always going to track in between your players, so you can always perform the drag back and then drag back again to change direction and let them guess where you're going to pass through, and you can find new spaces and new gaps in the defense of the attack.

Drag back

Drag back

So to perform the drag back, hold the l1 r1 and then flick your left stick back and then towards the right or the left to change direction anywhere. Okay So the next skill move on the list is the one-foot spin. This is a very funky skill move, and it looks very good on camera.

1 foot spin

The one that would spin is basically a mageeri spin but it's way smaller.

You know, mostly four-star players can do it, so if you're expecting that your player is going to get tracked when you do the barber spin or the mcgee spin, you can mix and match with a one-foot spin sometimes. And it adds a layer of shield to the ball because whenever you turn with a one-foot spin, they have their back around the defender, so in case you get tackled, at least you have one backup plan to step away and then take a shot, maybe for a finisher or something.

One-foot spin helps you to even go away from the central position and add some dynamic width to your attacks. To do the one-foot spin, you have to flick your right stick in this motion, and you can see the one-foot spin happening in either direction of your player. Have you ever seen anybody explain this skill move?

That's the v-drag move.

V drag move

V drag move

It is very effective if you know how to do it. At first, when you have to do it, it is quite difficult, but once you can see the hang of all the angles, this is very effective. Look at this. Look at this. I face the top and then I do the v-drag move towards the right side. It's so hard to catch this skill move because it's way faster than the Mcgee spin.

To do the skill move, you have to hold the RT button, and then do a fake shot with the diagonal left stick. The next skill move on the list is the tornado.

El tornado

This is the skill move that was shown in the FIFA 18 trailers all the time, and they used this kill move to sell the game, but it definitely had its moments in FIFA 19.

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