FIFA 22 - Rank 1 Meta End Game Custom Tactics & Formations (fifa 23 Tactics Prep)

FIFA 22 - best meta tactics

Welcome back to another article. In today's article, we're going to go over the tactics. As I said, we're dialing back the tactics now, bringing it back to water for 23. Normal at this time of year, I try to go for a balanced layout and I think our foot champs have nothing really to play for anymore, so this is the time now where you can die about your tactics.

Change them because the game's gonna change whether you like it or not, but the basics The fundamentals, the core formations, they never change. The four two three ones, the four one two on the second variations, and the four twos, I'm trying to get on the tactics. Guys, we're still making articles, and we're going to make articles in preparation for 23 and 23 as well, including the nerfing of slide cycles defending and auto attack or defending.

I want to explain to you, for example, content like that. I'm also going to go over the formations, playing formations on balance tactics. When FIFA 23 does come along, you can get right into the action. So what adjustments have we made? We're going to start going backwards this time. There's going to be some reasons why 442, it's always one of the best formations in fifa.

FIFA 22 - fifa

By the way, you could question that last week. Can you use either one? You can use either one you want if you're going to use both CDM to cut passing lanes and cover the center CDM for both of them pretty much the same. The tactics, as I said, we're trying to bring it back neutrally. Normally, in terms of attacking formations, you always have a much wider width anyway, so you may activate team pressure yourself manually.

But normally you'll have a buildup play. Almost like a fastball plane, I always go for the long ball. Long balls have a good take and 35 width. You can leave the 442 at this because, you see, with the 442, you can make it balanced or attack as you want to. Because we're kind of going into more of a, as I said to you last week, this is the 442 for all aspects of the game, not just when you're losing its character, like that the instructions are basically the same.

FIFA 22 - fifa 23 meta tactics

This is basically your core bread and butter for today. I'll explain to you why everyone should have been on a comeback on the fence last week. Don't forget, you want to defend together as a unit, and it's very, very important. You will see this, especially the prominence of the 442. I think in the first week or so, you will be changing between a four two four and a two on two and a three on one.

You will lean towards a four two a bit more because most players won't know how to play the game properly, so what they'll do is they'll naturally go to a more defensive system. So two strikers could be effective. Now we have the four one two one two. What we're going to do—and I'm going to explain to you what we've done to this bring it back as much as you can to about the 50s.

The idea is that we want to eventually get to a stage where we're about 50/50. That's where you want it to be and we want the build up plane the chance creation to be balanced as well from my understanding from reading the picture notes, there hasn't really been much change in terms of tactics, and there are a few things that have changed in custom types as a whole, but that's about it.

FIFA 22 - fifa 23 tactics

There's nothing major; there's no completely new system like in FIFA 18 or like in FIFA 20. In FIFA 21, you saw, of course, the build-up play and all these aspects, so there's nothing major changed in terms of that. Like some slow builder's play, it wasn't there the year before. But I keep playing long ball because longboarding is still very effective.

What we're going to do is we're going to dial that down when we go back to a more neutral system and transcription. The balance is still very good. People always say to me, "Do you have to play direct pass?" You know, people don't realize that balance is kind of the best of all aspects. You know, direct passing.

Yes, if you're going for the meta passing down the wing kind of back on the inside, it's the best way of scoring. If you ask me, I still prefer forward runs. Well, especially on the new gen, I mean old gen, oj prefers forward runs, the new gen more direct passing, and that depends on the defensive line.

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Will it be the same thing next year? We don't know, so that's why you leave it on balance. Balance basically has them all together. But the AI makes that decision for you, but you can always do the l1 triggers yourself, so long as the ball is still going to help you push the ball going forward. It's going to help you in a build-up play, but that's just going to help you in that final third, and I think, as I said, you know, I have very balanced.

I think this is not the correct layout by the other place, if you're wondering what on earth is going on here. It's like this, and then what I do is I put a tile just over here. And then I put Takatito over there, and that's basically the way it is. There is nothing funky going on. What you can do is, as I said, the left and right back, you can put them on to join the attack.

FIFA 22 - rank 1 meta tactics

If you wanted to, you could generally use that. What we're going to do is bring this back to stay back and overlap because, as I said, we want to get used to using them very much naturally. Always put them on overlap. That's a key thing in a four-one-two-one-two Don't leave this on balance. Don't leave it on inverted unless you have a specific play style, which is very rare, but those inverted left back and right back, you must use your left middle and right mid.

Personally speaking, I would never even use a 4 and 20 second variation unless you're using them in a specific way. What I recommend is just going towards more of a pure stay back while attacking system. This is because people ask me about the This is the 4-1-2-2. As I released the other day, people asked me, "I don't know if the formation is going to be different because, don't forget, these tactics will work on our way back to more of a neutral state, so stay back for both the left and mid and the right center mid." As you can see, we're going to have very balanced tactics now.

FIFA 22 - tactics

You know, we've got the striker stay central, stay forwards. Stay forward, get into the box, and come back to the fence. I'm sorry, stay back while attacking. I say this for both the left and right midfield. Nothing funky going on here. You can see what's going on here. The pattern of play here now is why we have two four, two, and three one.

People always ask me this question. It's because you need one defensive four-two-three, I believe, and one attack and one. A four-two-three is basically like a four-four-two except that you have a cam behind the striker. The way I play it, the four two three one is actually a four one, so what I do is I put the strike on stay forward and stay central.

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