FIFA 22 - How To Get 25 X Free 85. Rated Players Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 - free 85 x 10 upgrade packs

Hi there, and welcome to a pack tutorial and a free pack tutorial in August. I can't believe I'm doing this yet, but here we are and here we go. EE have just released the brand new promo that is pre-season in FIFA 22, and to be honest, they've actually released the best objective of the year that is completely free to do.

You don't need to go and buy players to complete these packs, and basically you can go and get yourself a free 25 players who are above 85 rating by doing this method. It's amazing i've done it on the main account. It's unreal, guys. I didn't spend any coins. You can do this for literally nothing.

It is so easy, my god, it's amazing. So, as you guys can see there in the top left, you can see that from completing the warm-up challenge, then you do get an 85-plus-times five pack. Same again for the warm-up challenge too. It's most likely going to mean that each warm-up challenge spc will have the same requirements.

FIFA 22 - free fifa pack glitch

Once you complete all three objectives, you will unlock yourself a 10, 85, or plus player pack during pre-season. And again, this is going to be free. I'm going to show you how. All you've got to do, guys, is go to sbc's, and then head over to the live section. Go to the warm up sbc, which is this right here, and as you'll see, you only need bronze players, so that is amazing because you can do this for free and it's super fast and easy to do now on any one fifa account.

When you start a brand new account, you do get a ton of bronze players to begin with, however. For some weird reason, you've got no bronze players at all in your club, which I find hard to believe. I mean, I'd be stunned if you haven't. There are ways to go and get them, so for example, if you've got zero if you have zero bronze players, all you need to do is do guys, and maybe you've got zero coins as well.

If you have any players in your club, go and play a squad battle game to get enough coins to do a few bronze packs. Open the bronze packs, keep those players, and put them into the new sbc. So again, if you've got no coins or no bronze players, go into a squad battle game offline, hopefully win the game, maybe a coin boost on there as well, get yourself some coins, go on to the store.

FIFA 22 - free fifa pack glitch tutorial

Open some bronze packs, guys, and then before you know it, you can have enough bronze players to complete that spc. Now you know the reason why it's also incredible to complete that SPA. Is that basically saying you do get an 84-player pick as well? It's incredible if you haven't got any bronze players, go and get them super easily within five minutes.

You've probably got ten minutes after a game, you've got this pack and objective done, and there you go, one of three 84-plus player pick packs, and the preseason promo has been released late. If you're wondering, ea delayed it by three and a half hours. I think they had server issues. Anyway, can we get it?

Okay, well I just submitted a bronze sbc squad for a 92-rated player. I know it's August, but that is sensational. Look at that, guys. That is the pack and objective completed. So right now, guys, I can go and do the 85, plus times five pack. That is seriously, seriously brilliant. Now, the reason why you want to be doing these as well is that essentially you're going to get yourself 25, plus 85, or well, 25 plus 85 plus rated players for free.

FIFA 22 - free fifa pack tutorial

Why is that amazing? You might ask. You want to go and complete Griezmann, right? You're on like the last few panels. Well, this will help you a lot as you will then get the rating very quickly indeed. You might get yourself enough players in the season to get players there for free as well. If you want to start the mendy grind, then you guys can go and do that by completing these new objectives for free as well.

It's seriously so easy, guys. If you haven't got any bronze players, go play a game or two. Forget the bronze cards, you get this fodder for free. If you're struggling to complete the same task again, go ahead and complete that new objective, and you've got the new pack right. However, with pre-season dropping guys very late tonight, I've actually got the player pick completed there to test it.

FIFA 22 - free pack tutorial

This pack is 46k. We can use those players now. I want to see how good or bad these are. Hopefully, they are good. I mean, I need to work like a mad cardi to make it worthwhile. Right, we got those cards back as well as one of the three pre-season players, and it's Melinkovic-Savage. I don't think these are really worth it in terms of the value of the card.

I really don't. What do you get, though, from the free pack that I just did there without spending any coins on bronze players? The great thing is that it's only 30 chemistry and you might have missed this sbc objective. If you are, you know, hardly even playing FIFA right now, this might bring you back to the game because it is absolutely phenomenally fantastic and special.

I cannot reiterate this enough. I have just submitted a 30 rated bronze squad for 96 rated Louis Suarez, and the rest of the pack can be used for spcs. This is the best spc of the year. It is just an objective right. They could go towards Mendysala. To be honest, they are probably going to go towards Salla's SB 0.

FIFA 22 - free packs in

Now I'm trying to complete his card. As you guys can see, that's my current rtg. Right now, the RTG is looking amazing. I do want to try and get a 99 rated salovo and right now I can do that. I can go into the Sala spc, which I want to say, hasn't got the longest amount of time left. What time is it?

25 days but again, once these spc's come out, guys, come out, release them onto the game, then make sure you go and complete these. Don't ignore these if you can. If you're struggling for fodder like a lot of us are right now, then this is a brilliant and efficient way to go and get more fodder for your account.

All you need to do is complete the warm-up spc. You've then got an 84+ player pick, which, as you saw there, might give you someone good. It looks very easy to do that. There is also a way of getting more player picks, more fodder, and more packs for FIFA 23. You get yourself 25, 85+ rated players in FIFA 22, even in late August.

How to get 25 x 85 Rated Players for Free in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team! Incredible new FIFA 22 Pack Tutorial.
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