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This is GFE Gaming here, and welcome to a tutorial series for FIFA 22. Today we'll talk about all the skills in the game that are the easiest to perform and only require a button or two. These skills are the most effective when you use them on the field, and they help you find some space in crucial situations.



The first kill on the list is the roulette. This kill move has been in the FIFA franchise for about 17 years now and is still the best move when it comes to taking out your opponent.

When to use the skill: whenever you feel like you're about to face your defender at full speed, perform the roulette head-on. This skill move is the best when performed aggressively since your player will use his back if timed correctly and the ball will be shielded from the tackle to perform the roulette.

Turn your right analog stick in a 180-degree motion from the player's back to the player's front in a semi-circle. This motion, when done from the left or the right, will decide which direction your player turns his back, The ball roll is another classic that still rules the FIFA franchise.

Ball roll

This skill move is performed multiple times in a typical FIFA game and even in real-life football.

The concept behind this is simple but effective. The skill move is just to drag the ball out of the way. That's it now it can be either to take the defender on one on one or drag him back, turning away to analyze the situation, or even perform another skill move just after it to add more unpredictability.

Throughout your attacks, the best FIFA players in the world always involve a lot of ball rolls throughout the attack to make the opponent guess where they're going to pass to. To perform the ball roll, just hold your right stick towards the left or the right of the player and you'll see the ball roll.

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The bridge was added last year in FIFA 21, and it's used by everyone in the community because of how good it was last year. The bridge is there in the game and it works the same way when the skill move is performed. The player knocks the ball around the defender and catches the ball on the other side of the player.

This skill move has been in FIFA for years, but you could never control it until last year. The skill move can also be used as a speed boost since the players literally start running fast to reach the ball. The skill move is very good for drawing files in the penalty box, and you can even use the skill move to outrun your opponents in the midfield to make some extra space for your attacks.

To perform the bridge, press the r1 rb button twice and you should see your player performing the bridge on your screen.

La crocata

The lacrocata was added in FIFA 19 and is one of the easiest to kill in the FIFA franchise. This kill move was performed by Di Maria in the Champions League final to assist the goal that helped Real Madrid win the match.

This is a straight-up and powerful skill move, and even the most novice players can learn this and perform it instantly. The way you use this skill move is that whenever you're ready for a 1v1 situation, you go close to the player you are facing and then you perform the lacrocata. You can also stack the lacro ketta since it's a present holds button skill move and to perform the lacro-keta Press the l1 button, then hold your right stick to the left or the right of the player.

Open up fake shot

Open up fake shot

The open-up fake shot is the skill move we will talk about now. This skill move is used by Kilian Mbappe in real life when he tries to take out the goalkeeper. This skill move is also used as a speed boost, as it helps you go through the defense of the enemy forcefully. The opening up fake shot surprises your opponent since it's something that happens in a flash, and the opening fake shot is quite scary since it's slow in the start and then it accelerates, so it's really hard to defend at times.

This move is really good if you want to do it one after the other, and it's also quite useful to take out the goalkeeper. To perform the opener fake shot, press the l1 button and then point your left stick in any direction and then perform a fake shot.

Step over

Step overs in FIFA are not a new thing, but in FIFA 22 they are quite easy to perform.

The use of step balls is to make your opponent guess whether you're going to turn to the left or to the right. Whenever you start doing step overs, make sure you analyze your opponent's movement so that you know where to turn when they get close to you. To perform the step, you make a quarter circle like this with your right stick, then turn the left stick in any direction to exit where you want to.

Standing fake shot

Standing fake shot

The standing fake shot is an easy skill move that you can perform in your FIFA games to surprise your opponents, and it only requires two buttons.

This skill move is used to come to a stop, basically, when you're running down the wing and you're opening things that you're going to keep running. This skill move helps you to come to a stop and make your next move before they tackle you. The standing fake shots are used to slow down the pace of your attacks so that you can perform a skill move just after it.

All the skill moves that I mentioned in this article are performed and combined very well if they are done just after the standing fake shot. To perform the standing face shot, press the shoot button and then press the pass button, and make sure you're not holding anything, and you should see your player come to a halt instantly.

Flick up

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The Flick-ups are the best move when you want to play with your opponent's minds. You can use the flicks when you're winning the game, like 2-3 nil, and you want to frustrate your opponents so that they make rash challenges to you. You might even want to do flick-ups when you're in the penalty box so that you can make your opponent value it and you can get a free penalty out of it.

Flick-ups are generally frustrating to defend against and very unpredictable. The best part is that they are very effective and require minimal skill to perform. To perform a flick up, click your right stick, that is the r3 button, and then flick your stick towards any direction to perform the flick up.

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