FIFA 22 - Best" Skill Moves Tutorial. Effective Skills

FIFA 22 - amazing skills

This is a list of all the effective skills that work online, and anyone can learn them because they're quite easy.

Mcgeady spin

Mcgeady spin

So the first kill move we'll be checking out today is the mcgee, or spin. This skill move has been in the game since FIFA 11, and it is one of the most effective ways to change direction in a second. If you do the skill move with a 5 star player, then you'll see a mageiri spin, but if you do it with anyone else, you'll see the berba spin, which is the dimitar verbitov spin, which works similarly but it's slightly slower, the mcgee spin is very effective in changing direction in a flash, and you can turn into the 90 degree angle in a second to perform the magiri spin.

Flick your right stick forward, then towards the left or right of the player. The next killer move I'll talk about is the ball roll. I can't emphasize enough how good this skill move is. You should be starting to use the skill move right now in your FIFA games because this skill move gives you better control of the ball even in the worst connection matches.

When you're playing online and you face lag, if you do ball rolls, you'll feel more control of the ball when you're in the last third. Ball rolls always make the game more responsive, and it is highly recommended to use them to find space to perform the ball roll. You have to hold your right stick towards the left or right of the player, and you should see the ball roll on your screen.

La croqueta

La croqueta

The next one we'll talk about is the La Crocetta. This is a skill move that helps you take on defenders head-on. Once you start performing the la croceta at the perfect timing, you'll see how dumbfounded the defenders are when you do it against them. The best way to perform the crocetta is to have all the confidence.

You're going to face the players that you're going to take on and then perform the lacro keta at the last moment of the tackle, and you'll just slip through it to perform the lacro ketta. Press the l1 button and then hold your right stick towards the left or the right of the player and you should see the la croqueta.

The next killer move we'll talk about is the flick up, or the flicking around that you do with your right stick. This is one of the most effective skill moves when you do it anywhere on the pitch, even in real life football. Many players just flick the ball around to surprise defenders around them.

One of the most effective ways to use the flicking mechanic is when the ball is coming at you and you do it on the first touch, so your touch is actually an elevated flick which causes chaos around you in the defense. So, to perform the flicks, just flick your right stick anywhere. Whenever the ball is in the air around you, the next kill move we'll talk about is the open-up fake shot.

Open up fakeshot

Open up fakeshot

I don't know how many times I'll add this in a article because I still don't see people using it online. Open up a fake shot. People just use this skill move because it's so op. You can use it anywhere on the pitch.

It just adds a speed boost. It adds value as a space creator. You can get into trouble with it. You can take out people with it. You can not mix it with it. Just try and do the open up fake shots and you'll see how your world changes inside the game. To perform the opening fake shot, press the l1 button and then perform a fake shot to do the opening fake shot.

Directional nutmeg

The next skill move we'll talk about is the directional nutmeg. There's a slight change to this skill move this year that you can do it in multiple directions now, and the directional lunchmaker is quite widely used in terms of changing direction. It's generally used to create some space and get out of somewhere.

For example, if you're trapped between two defenders and you want to escape that situation, you can directional nutmeg out of there. Note that the name says nutmeg in there. You generally don't use this skill move to do nutmegs, but you can do it with them. So to perform the directional, let's press the lb rb or the l1 rb and flick your right stick in any direction, and you should see a small nocon that looks like the directional nutmeg.



The next skill move we'll talk about is the cr7, or stepover. You have to think about it the way he uses it in real life. You have to use them in the same way. The whole mechanic behind the stepovers is that you do a step over to make a duke or a dummy in front of your defender, and then turn into another way.

In FIFA, it's slightly different though, because a step over will actually give you a little speed boost, it will accelerate your animations, and it will also add between two skill moves, so it's very good to combine with other skill moves. So, definitely add a step to your skill arsenal. To perform this skill move, you have to perform many semi-circles like this with your right stick and then change direction with your left stick eventually.

when you're satisfied with your movements ).

Strafe dribbling

The next skill move we'll talk about is agile dribbling. This skill move has been quite popular this year since the left strict dribbling is completely broken. So to get more control of the ball and find some more space, take some more time on the ball and make decisions in the final third.

When you're facing huge connection issues online and you know you're not in control of your players, agile dribbling will add a little bit more towards your dribbling side of things. This is also a very good skill move to use when you're using very bulky and tall players, so this does very well with the low dribbling stats.

Players to use the agile dribbling press and hold the L1 button and you should see your player doing the age alter.



Now we'll Proceed and talk about the skill move that's called the Roulette. A very old classic skill move does wonders in defense. So what you have to do and keep in mind when you're doing the roulette is that your player will spin around and keep your back towards one direction, so if you are facing the defender and you know he's going to be slightly towards the top, you do the roulette from the below side, and if you think he's going to be slightly below, you do it on the top side.

So when you spin around with the roulette, keep in mind that your back will be against the defender, and you'll use it in a way that you'll escape the situation completely. The roulette will always be loved by those who have full confidence to face the defenders and take out the goalkeepers with their perfect timing.

So, to perform the roulette, flick your right stick in a semi-circle from the back to the front and you should see a player performing the roulette on your screen.

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