FIFA 22 - All New Celebrations Tutorial. Playstation And Xbox

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I'll be explaining each and every celebration and how to perform them. Trust me, there are new celebrations and some cool ones, so let's proceed. The first celebration in the list is the ambape am2 good celebration, where he runs to the camera and he does this facial movement that I have 99 paces and you can't do to me that type of face he makes and I love the celebration only if I perform it.

I honestly guarantee that this celebration will cause damage to people in terms of real money online. To perform this celebration, run to the camera and don't press anything else. You should see this celebration. Okay, the next celebration on the list is the 42nd. This celebration was performed by Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vasquez in the Champions League match against Atlanta.

Let me show Ramos in a Real Madrid kit for two more seconds for my real murdered fans. In all honesty, the animation of the celebration is quite funny, and it also has a bug where a guy just hangs in the air without a partner, so they need to fix that part. To perform this celebration, you need to hold the r1 button and then flick your right stick down twice.

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This is the finger celebration. This is a celebration that was performed by Virgil Van Dyke, and it was expected that they would add this. This celebration is very similar to what Ronaldo did at the World Cup when he referred to himself as a goat. Hold the ltl2, and press the r3 button, and you should see the finger celebration.

The point celebration: this is a celebration that was generally performed by early players in Holland, but many players point to the camera now and then. I feel like they should have made the camera angle go down like it does in the Bundesliga games. Maybe then it might look good, but we all know who makes this game, so this might be a new feature in FIFA 23.

Who knows so, to perform this celebration, hold the l1 button and flick your right stick twice towards the right. Before we continue, I'm just letting you guys know I've just set up a new merchandise store. Every design was made by me, and every purchase from the store helps the channel grow. The next one is the time check celebration.

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This is a celebration that they've added, and I don't know if it belongs to someone in real life, but if it doesn't, then this celebration is quite underwhelming, and I expect better from a new FIFA game. The celebration would only be good if you wasted the last 20 minutes of the game passing at the back and then scored in the last second to make it one nil.

And then do this in the face of your opponent. Then it might be useful to do this celebration. Press the r2 button and flick the right stick right and then flick left. The picture of celebration This is a human song celebration, but you can do it with anyone. He performed this when he scored the lovely hat trick on the first day of the last season, which was before FIFA 21 came out, and they kept the celebration in the back for all this time only to release it in FIFA 22, and I must say that's a very smart move, and I hope they add celebrations like this in FIFA 27.

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To perform this celebration, hold the RTRR2. And then press the cross button on your controller. The knee slide drags okay. It had to be right another ear and another knee slide. I didn't expect that we would get another knee slide, the fourth year in a row, but you know who makes this game, and when they run out of ideas, they make a knee slide and add it to the game anyway.

To perform the knee slide, hold the l1 button and then flick your right stick down and then flick up. Alright guys, that's the end of the article, and these are all the new celebrations that are in the game. If you like the article, click "like." If you're not subscribed, now is a great time to do so since I'm uploading brand new FIFA articles almost every day and turning on the notifications is a very good way to stay updated until then.

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