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The free kick system, after being changed in FIFA 20, has completely evolved into a much smoother experience, so let's proceed.

Basic free kick

Firstly, we'll discuss how to take a basic dipping free kick before we jump into the more complex ones. Before you take any free kick in FIFA 22, this year you can change the standing position of the player.

You have three standing positions to choose from, the first being the wide standing position; the second one being the default standing position; and the last one is the straight one to change your standing position. You need to flick your right stick left or right and make sure you don't flick your right stick downwards accidentally, otherwise you'll start the free kick animation.

To take a basic free kick in FIFA 20, the first thing you need to do is aim your circle at the goal using your left stick. Once you get the circle to the desired position, you press the shoot button. Remember, as soon as you press the shoot button, the circle locks into place. Once you've done that, it's time to add the new spin mechanics with your right stick.

These are the new controls, and I will explain them later in this article. Remember, the speed at which you move your right stick affects how much spin you add to the ball. Let's see, if you move your right stick too fast, then there will be more curve to the ball, but if you move it slowly, then there will be less.

The last thing that you need to do is time your free kicks. Though this is completely optional, it will give you a more accurate shot if done correctly. To time your free kick, press the shoot button again as soon as the player's foot touches the ball, and you should see the color go green. If the color goes red or yellow, that means you missed timing it and it will most likely miss the gold.

Top spin free kick

Top spin free kick

The top-spin free kick This is basically a dipping free kick that you should take around the 20 to 30 yard mark. To perform this free kick, you need to aim at the top of the goal and then press the shoot button.

The power of your shots should be slightly more than two bars of power, and this will lock your target into place. After you do that, flick your right stick up and then flick it back down. This will enable the top spin trajectory. You'll see the ball go up and then dip back down to the goal. To take the top spin free kick, use the straight line or the default standing position.

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This free kick was known as the "curved free kick" back in FIFA 19. Anyways, to perform the side spin free kick, you need to aim outside the wall so the ball can curve back in. After you have aimed your circle, press the shoot button. The shot should have about two bars of power. Then perform a half circle on your right stick to add the curve to the ball.

Remember, the faster you move your right stick, the more curve you'll have on your ball. And make sure you switch to the wide standing position before you take this free kick. The mix spins free kick. This is basically a mix between a curving free kick and a dipping free kick. Sometimes you need to dip a free kick with a curve in a process, so to achieve the mix spin, you need to aim your circle outside the wall just as far as the side spin free kick.

Once you do that, load around two or two and a half bars of power and lock your target into place. As soon as you see your player starting the animation towards the ball, move your right stick in this motion. This will enable the mixed spin trajectory on your free kick. Make sure you use the wide or the default standing position for this type of free kick.

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Knuckleball free kick

Knuckleball free kick

The knuckleball free kick is This is one of the hardest free kicks to execute this year, and I have a full dedicated tutorial for this one if you want to check that out. To perform the knuckleball free kick, you need to be in the straight or the default standing position and aim near the corner of the call.

Then power up your shot for about three or three and a half bars of power. After you do that, flick your right stick down, then flick it back up, and then flick it back down again. Make sure you try to time this free kick since it's really random and the ball will literally go anywhere.

Trivella free kick

Trivella free kick

Oh chip, the truvela free kick The trivella free kick has also changed this year, and they only work in the straight stranding position, so to switch your standing position as shown before, flick your right stick and select a standing position. Once you're in the straight standing position on the ball, you need to aim outside the goal for a reverse curve, press the shoot button to lock your target, and then flick your right stick in the reverse direction of the curve.

For example, if a right-footed player is taking a trevelaphy kick at this angle, he will flick his right stick in this direction. To make the traveller free kick, do remember that the amount of speed you put on your flick does depend on the amount of curve you put on the ball.

Driven free kick

Driven free kick

driven free kick This is one of the easiest stars of them all, and it requires you to aim at the bottom of the wall. Once you aim at the bottom of the wall, the game registers it as a low-driven free kick and it goes right under the wall. You need about one to two bars of power in this shot, and it works well with the wide or the standing default position.

The second man, or the third man, Free kick If you want to take free kicks with your second man or the third man in the wall, these are the controls to call them for a free kick. Once you have them standing next to you, you can take all the free kicks we just talked about by holding the respective button.

Let's say if you want to strike a second man with a free kick, hold the left leg and then shoot. The last one we're going to talk about is the layoff free kick. Sometimes you need to add some variation to your free kick, and to confuse your opponents, you need to lay off the pass, and these are the controls for that.

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