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You've got it here. Welcome back to another article. Now in today's article, I've got my top five attacking quick tips that can instantly increase and improve your gameplay. I've released these on reddit and they did very well, and it's very much a requested article, so without further ado, let's get straight into them now.

The first one I want to go over is called the Player Lock Feature, so I'll let you play it on first. It does seem complicated at first, but it's actually very easy to do and is very effective because you can control the player off the screen and surprise your opponent. You're going to see this is going to be very effective this year, especially when you want to go down the wing.

So how would you do it? Let's take this back a little bit. Okay, so going back a little bit here, so you see, when I get the ball I'm ready for the counter attack. I know that I can have that element of surprise by going forward. I know there's a player on a radar and there's so much space over here, so I press the l3, and r3 buttons together.

I fit the player lock, flip my right analog stick to this left hand side, select the player, and then I literally just run into the space, and then I just do a r1 plus train, which is driven through the ball, and that just means that when I make it, the game will automatically pass to that player, and that's why it's so effective, and you can see on the radar that I'm timing my run to perfection.

And that means that he's still controlling this player, and I'm all the way in behind, so the player lock feature is very effective to use. Don't forget to hold l3 r3, in right six switch, to a player, and then you can request the pass either by pressing x, triangle, etc., etc.

Finesse shot

Finesse shot

okay, so the next clip I want to go over is the finesse shot meta. And the key is, you won't do the finesse shot further away than you think. Now you guys know about green tummy finish shots. I've got a article on that on my channel. All finesses should be within this region, so that way you can kind of swing the ball in, but as we know, FIFA likes to define logic, so instead of hitting it in this region, which makes sense.

Just go a bit further in this region. The yellow zone is where you want to hit it. The reason why is that in this zone you can get enough power on the ball that it goes to the top bins. You also get spin on the ball if you take a long finish shot from here. If you do too much power, it will go over to less power and the goal keeper will catch it, but at this distance you've got the perfect amount of spin and power for it to go into the back of the net.

So, next time you get into a game, just try to do a finish shot from a bit further and you will see this is actually an untimed one. You can see the zombie when the ball arrives at my feet. I get it. I move away from the goal. I created the angle, so I'm actually going to take a touch. Take a touch.

Away from God, I don't go close to the goal, much further away, and that's what allows me to get the spin on the shot and the power. As you can see, it's a very simple and easy goal.

Lob through ball

Lob through ball

Now the next quick tip we're going to go over is lob through balls. It's a very simple and effective way of scoring. I'm pretty sure you already know about it, and it's one of the most effective skill meters. People always get it wrong; they do too little power, or they're wondering how it works, but don't worry again.

I'm going to walk you through it. So when you get a player, the most important thing is that you want to have a striker who's got a get-ahead function, and what I'm doing with that is an instruction on getting behind. That means that the player will then signal him to make him run behind. You see, Ronaldo gets his signal and he starts running behind, and what you want to do is this is the most important part.

FIFA 22 - attack

If there is only one player forward, so ignore this player and this player, all you have to do is hold the l1 button plus triangle and double tap it. Do not worry about the pace or the power applied to the shot; just focus on the double tap triangle. The ball, by default, will naturally go on a perfect trajectory.

The game assists you if you try to do that when this player is nearby. Sometimes the game will reconfigure it to a player close by, so the l1 triangle method only works. The aim lock method, I suppose you can say, only works when there's no one else near the ball. Because I've got two other players near the ball, I have to manually apply it.

Now the key thing is that you want to look at the time and timing of the player. Obviously, too far, you'll be out too early and your opponent will get the ball. Most strikers are faster, just when the bat just when you see him about. I would say, two or three characters away, and that's your signal because by the time the ball gets in there (because don't forget a lob through a wall is slower), the player would run onto it and then take a shot, so that is my best advice.

FIFA 22 - attack tips

So just before the ball arrives at your feet, use the l1 trigger to trigger the player forward. Time it and wait till your performance is about two or three steps behind. As you can see, I did the l1 triangle method, and as you can see, the ball goes directly into my path, perfect for Ronaldo, and perfect for a near-post finish.

One last thing I want to say is that if you do a regular l1 triangle, let's say, for example, here. I did a double triangle, it worked because I was looking directly at the angle, and the game didn't help me out here, but if I want to do this with just the l1 plus triangle, you're going to have to apply power.

Remember the left analog stick facing that way to select the power, and you basically want to do a bit more power than you think. So just remember, if there's only one player in front of you, you can do the l1 plus triangle triangle, just literally tap the ball aim lock turn. This player is nearby, it will mess up and in this situation, I got lucky.

If you want to do it manually, it is the exact same thing, l1, plus triangle, but this time you hold the power, and you basically want to do a bit more power than you think. That way, the ball goes in front of the other. Suppose you can see one of your players. You can take a touch, and they can then take a shot towards the goal.

Inside the box

Inside the box

The most important thing is that when you're in this situation, you're going to have to find space for your sentiment. You need to use some sort of dribble or some sort of one too. You want your strikers to be basically alongside the back lines.

You can also use l1 triggers, as I mentioned in the previous clip, to kind of push these players forward. When you get the ball and you pass the ball to a player inside the box, you'll figure out, Okay. I can't do Leicester dribbling here. Well, let's say the zombie is more crowded because a lot of players are in the way.

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