FIFA 22 - 99 Dembouz. 99 Futties Dembele Player Review - Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 - 99 dembele

Awesome here welcome back to another brownie article. So today we have got the new premium footie card for a review of a card that is a 99 overall with a 99 pace. 96 dribbling, 94 shooting, 94 passing, and 79 physicals. He is a five-foot-ten player with high-medium work crates, left-footed five-star skill moves, and a five-star weak-footed Kem style marksman.

And marksman is definitely the way to go because you're giving this guy 99, finishing with 99 long shots and 99 penalties while also maxing out his reactions and while also giving him plus 10 to strength as well, so I definitely feel like marksman is the way to go. 99 acceleration, 99 sprint speed, you can't get better, but that pace is the exact same pace as his foot fantasy card.

That card also has 99 acceleration and 99 sprint speed. His shooting stats look insane. 97 attacking positions, 99 finishing, 99 shot power, 99 long shots, 94 volleys with 99 penalties, and now he has got the finesse shot trait and the outside foot shot trait as well. They actually removed his injury-prone trait.

FIFA 22 - 99 dembele fifa

The passing stats look beautiful. The dribbling stats look at them. You know, just take a second and look at them. How good do they look? I'm expecting them to feel insane on the ball and during these physicals. 91 jumping, 96 stamina, 82 strength, and 75 aggression as well. I feel like Dembele definitely will be a player that gets put, let's say, pushed to the side by someone like Varane, but the thing about them belaying a thing like a player like Neymar, is that yes, they haven't got the greatest of physicals, but because they move so well, they can get away from that contact situation.

Now the links are French and he is a premium fuse. You guys know, premium footage gets a strong link with everyone in their league, so he gets a strong link, sorry, a hyperlink with Fernan Mendy, he gets a hyperlink with Griezmann, he gets a nice little strong link as well to someone like Ben Yell, even though Ben, yeah, is not from the same league because he's French and because he is a premium footie, you get a strong link there as well, so yeah, the links are simply insane.

FIFA 22 - 99 dembele fifa review

Now when it comes down to positions, I'm going to be playing this card in a strike position and a striker position only. I feel like playing him down the line obviously is going to be amazing, but if you're paying that much for the sbc, I feel like you're playing him in a striker position and a striker position only.

So let's get into the games and let's see how good premium 30s are going to be. Then, Bella, you're going to make that run. Yes, you are a nice little touch. Go on, here we go, keep it going. Okay, yeah, near the post he has to go in, it has to go in. He thought I was going to go for that cut back.

You see, he was fully committed to the cutback as well. What a shot towards the far post! I did green time it, but the power, I carried it into the back of the net. Let's go for a quick dummy. Go on then, Billy. That's a beautiful round for Rand. Once again, we're going to go for it with the green time finesse show and it ends up hitting the crossbar.

FIFA 22 - 99 dembele player review

That acceleration he has got just to go through those spaces is crazy, quick, like you see how quick he was to get past someone like Ferran, as we all know that is not an easy thing to do and look at the same maximum, go for a quick ball roll, no way. Okay, we do get a little bit lucky, cutting to the inside green for the finish shot.

Look at that, no dip at all, it was always rising into that top corner. Let's give that a cross into Kim Pembe, nice pass into Yellow Extra Boston, then Billy, good fake shot, he's waiting. Yeah, he's one of those patient defenders. Let's go into that post. I called over the second man to press that the whole time as well.

Good positioning though from Dembele. I liked how he gave me that passing option. He wasn't aggressive there. He didn't make an irrelevant run. Then Bella's not inside the box, I'm going to guess. He is here. He is here. Hold on a second, let's go for a reverse this time, green times. I mean, look at the long shots on this card.

FIFA 22 - 99 dembele review

It's a reverse finesse shot, and it flies in. I'm going to keep it going with Saint. Just keep it going, outside of what he's going to expect. Give it across to a dembele, he's positioned himself really nicely. I like how, once again, he's not too aggressive there, he's not running himself offside, he's still giving me that passing option.

If you're going to catch up, go on Dembele. Get in front of him now. The thing about fear is that he's also got 99 acceleration and 99 sprint speed, but he's got that physical presence about him, so once he does catch up to Dembele Yeah, you can use that strength to just push him off. Let's go for a switch.

I play here. I see Rippery's is open, and that's right there. Yeah, it's an insanely good pass. I need to pass into the inside now and no one is giving me an option. There you go, yeah no, and then he goes behind Kiellini. That pass was perfect, but then after that, not a single person gave me a passing option.

Although looking at them, though, sitting there on the edge of the box waiting for it, he's not controlling Keolini. Let's go for this tight angle green, then it goes right into the corner, keeper. I'll be honest, we still can't take anything away from the finish like that run. Griezmann: There you go.

FIFA 22 - 99 dembele sbc

Let's go for an early cut in the belly. A nice little touch. No, the r1 dribble into the fake shot would have worked perfectly there and then all I needed to do was shoot it towards the near post and it probably would have flowed in. In the box, no, no he's not, he's probably going to be on the edge.

Yeah, there you go once again on the edge of the box, wide open, green-timed on that stronger foot keeper. He didn't even bother diving, like the keeper didn't even move, pretty much like he just watched it go by. I'm going to manually switch into him. That nice good touch could go for another finesse shot, but I think we've seen plenty of those.

Look at this like footwork. The left stick dribbling is incredible. You can honestly take all these little small touches and create an angle really quickly and make that run. Is Keolini going to be able to know he's brought out a keeper? You shouldn't be bringing out the key part in that situation.

FIFA 22 - auziomf

I thought Keolini was going to be able to cut me off, so I was trying to focus on Keolini the whole time. Next thing you know, I see Donnarumma right next to me. There are so many players inside the box. I need to just go for a quick switch into Mendy. Then I can give it back down into yeddah, in the gap to say no, I didn't mean it was meant to shock, and so hold on though, Billy, go on, okay.

99 DEMBOUZ! 99 Futties Dembele Player Review - FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.
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