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FIFA 22 - 97 futties saint

Awesome here welcome back to a brand new article. So today we have got the new premium footie, the Maximum card, to review. A card that looks incredible He has got 99 pace with 99 dribbling, 95 shooting, 91 passing, and 87 physicals. He's a five-foot-eight player with high and low work crates, five-star skill moves, and he's also got a five-star weak foot.

Just to let you guys know, if I do sound a little bit weird, it is still because I'm trying to recover from Corona still. That's why I didn't upload for like four or even five straight days. It's still hitting me a little bit and it's hitting my throat a good amount, but we move on. It is what it is.

The chemist stall that I've decided to go for is the Marksman. The marksman chem style for Saint Maximum looks incredible because you're maxing out and he's finishing while also increasing his reactions a nice amount while also maxing out his strength as well. The other chem style you could go with is for the maestro to stop.

The maestro cam style looks very good because you are giving him 99 reactions but you are not touching his finishing, or strength, at all, and I feel like 95 reactions with how his other dribbling stats are set up, it's going to be more than enough, so yeah, the marksman cam style. I do feel like it's the way to go.

FIFA 22 - 97 saint

His pace is incredible. You can't get better shooting stats. Four out of the six are 99. The only two that are volleys and penalties are at 85 and 89. Is he going to shoot traits now? Yes, he's got the financial trait and the outside foot shot trait as well, and keep in mind that he has got a five-star weak foot.

His shooting ability is about to be unreal. His passing looks solid. His dribbling ability looks very good. Even though he's got a stocky body type, he's still going to feel good on the ball and the physical look good too. He looks like an unreal card now with the links to French premium footage as well.

I will be playing St. in two positions. Yeah, two positions. I'll play him up top, obviously, to see how many goals we can score with him in that striker position. I am going to play him in his natural position down the line as well. So let's get into the games and let's see how good premium 30 Saint maximum is going to be.

FIFA 22 - 97 saint fifa

It's controlling that middle of the year when we are around them saying maximum nice dummy as well. Keep it going, beautiful shot cancel No, I did a little bit too much. He got around Kialini there really well. I didn't expect him to get like in front of Keolini, and the shot came off nice. It's just that it looks like I went to the wrong side.

I should have gone to the right side, not the left. See, if I get driven into Saint there, there you go, nice good reverse elastical as well. He is not controlling. The center back you see him drag is it Marcelo? I think it is right that he dragged Marcelo from the midfield to cover that gap and we still did him with the lack of kettle and Saint used his outside foot there just to slot it home.

I need a passing option. I need that to pass into the inside, same maximum. came from the other side. Our sun is open. You cannot leave a shapeshifter box that is open inside the box. It's always going to end up in the back of the net. I do like Saint Maximum's movement that moves them there, though.

FIFA 22 - 97 saint fifa review

We're good i would like to say maximum movement there, though. I like how he came from the other striker position into something like a cam position just to give me that passing option. Son come feet there, there you go, let's give that a cross in the same maximum is he on the side. He is on her side.

He made a run there. I think he pretty much pushed the defensive line back, but then he ran back onside very quickly, and what a finish. Trying to get this into his feet, there you go, an extra pass into Saint Reverse, Alaska. That's beautiful that needs to be a goal once again. The positioning, in the striker position, just sitting there in front of the defensive line waiting for the ball and the reverse elastico to come off so quickly.

FIFA 22 - 97 saint player review

This is a three-week-two-week break. Getting behind there, you go wide open. Keep it going near the post. Beautiful, beautiful finish. I was thinking of going across gold there, but I saw the center back like slowly catching up, so I thought maybe he would get like a leg to it if I went across goal there, so I just went near post, believing in Saint Max's shooting ability, and as you can clearly see, it went top.

I'm going to try to accelerate into that space, keep it going, and say near post as well. I yellow-timed it, I mistimed it, it if that was green that was flying in, but you see the jam, you see that jam, I don't think he should be getting through that gap, but he did. Let's see if I can get a flick on with Kim Pembe here because, well, I can see it's on the edge of the box, Go on, flick it there, give it on to a finesse shot angle and it flies.

Yeah, and the financial trait. How can I forget about the finesse shot trait? Saints' burst of pace is simply incredible, like just look at the way I can just go for the turn and then accelerate into the space there, go for a ball roll and then just shoot her across goal like that acceleration he has got is unreal and once again the positioning, in the strike position just waiting.

FIFA 22 - 97 saint review

For the ball, that's the movement I want to see there because I know I can give it to him on the edge of the box and do something like that. There's no passing option in the middle. Give me an option there. You need to pass it across. I see the same maximum. He's wide open. He ain't going to miss.

He ain't going to miss. That's the thing I love about this card: the fact that I can turn either side. It doesn't matter if I turn on the left side or the right side, it's going to be a good shot because he's got a five-star weak foot when you have to get on to that. There you go. He is up against someone.

I have no idea who that centre back is. I got how do you say is it brassy or brassy? I'm not sure how you say it. It's the icon, the Italian icon. He's using him in August, which is questionable. Very questionable st louis won the header there. It was a good header as well. We just pull the keyboard out nice and safe.

FIFA 22 - 97 saint sbc

I kind of want to go for another finesse shot, so let's see if we can maybe get him into a financial angle. He's not coming towards us at all. I might as well go ahead and do it. You need to be close to the same maximum. You can not give him that kind of space on the edge of the box. You're going to be punished.

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