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Farthest Frontier - beginner guide

It truly is greatly appreciated when starting the new game. You have the choice of a lot of different settings. Essentially, this here is an easy trailblazer. is medium, and Vanquisher is of hard difficulty. On top of this, you can choose the map size and the name of your town, which you can just randomize or you can type in a name that you like.

If you select pacifist mode right here, then it will be more focused on the city building and you won't get raiders or angry animals trying to kill your citizens. You can also choose the terrain, and as it tells you on these different ones, these terrains all have different difficulties. And different numbers of resources, if you select advanced settings, you better go through and choose the different difficulties.

For each of the different areas, such as raiders and resources, you'll also be able to enter a seed here if you want to play the same seed as one that you've found online, but do bear in mind that the seed, whilst geographically the same, will not have the same resources in the exact same place or numbers.

Farthest Frontier - beginner tips

Once you load in your map, you'll have to choose where to place your town center, and you can have a good look around the map and see the resources and the terrain. If you're unhappy with the map you've been given, you can press escape, and click right here to re-roll the map. If you feel you've messed up with your building placement and things like that, you can also do this restart map right here to restart the exact same map over again.

When looking around your map, you may want to make a note of any interesting resources you find, as once we do place down our town center, the fog of war will creep in around it. This will, of course, reduce the visibility. So it might be worth just taking note of anything that is nearby that you might want to build out or go and explore.

As for your town location, I recommend an early game. You are near the water, and if you can find a shoulder fish, that's even better. The water will provide you with the ability to fish even without this shoulder fish, so you could just fish in these areas right here. I recommend that you're definitely near to the water, but the shoulder fish will provide you with an extra amount of fish from that area.

Farthest Frontier - best tips

Other good things to have nearby include deer, because, of course, they're going to give you a lot of food, and also the animal heights, which you can use for other things. This willow right here is also quite useful as it is used in making baskets, meaning all your citizens will be able to carry more resources.

And being near things like the greens here and berries is also very useful. Just looking at the early game food in far this frontier, you do have to build on flat, areas so if we were to start our town around here somewhere or try to you see that you know it's all red around here so what i wouldn't want to do is go ahead and put my town center like right here and then i wouldn't be able to build anything, around it so do make sure when you build your town center you've got it on a nice flat area with a lot of flat land around it so you can get started quickly.

Farthest Frontier - farming

Two other things that can help you with your town location, is if you press, you can bring up the fertility levels. The greener an area is, the more fertile it is. So I wouldn't want to build my town center right on top of this green area, but I might want to build it nearby. And then I could have my farms in that area where they're still near the town center and they're on fertile soil.

If we press, we bring up the water tables, which again, have a decent amount of water available nearby, which is going to be useful because many buildings need water. Not least of all are all your houses for your citizens, so having good water levels nearby. This means you'll have more options as to where you build your wells and your buildings.

Once you've settled on a location, you can see here You'll see how the fog of war comes in, so you won't then be able to see the resources that you previously could on the map to harvest resources. You can click hotkey h or click down at the bottom right here where it says harvest resources. You'll see here You have the option to uncheck as many of these as you like, so you select what it is you want to harvest, then simply drag it over the area that you want to harvest the resources.

Farthest Frontier - guide

These resources will then get a white outline around them, showing you which ones you're going to harvest. If you want to prioritize a certain resource, So, for example, this rock here, if I was low on stone, I could go ahead and click it and click prioritize. You can also remove it as a target if you don't want to harvest it.

In the early game, you just want to harvest all the resources that are near your town center, and then they will bring those resources back to your town center and get on with constructing it if you press F4. You can get a more detailed view of the resources, so if I zoom in on this area right here, you'll see that we've got eight willows there, 16 there, we have 25 greens here, and so on.

If I press F4 again, they go off completely. Press it again to go back to the default view, which shows you the resource but not the number, so having this view right here can be useful for you to see exactly how many resources there are in an area. Planning out your town with a road grid can be useful.

Farthest Frontier - hacks

If you press n, you can open up the building roads tab, and I like to build roads just around my town centre when I get started. This means that your citizens will move faster around the town center, which will always be the busiest place in your town. It will also help with building a road grid from this initial building around the town centre.

I can go off in this direction; here I can go off in this direction over here; and so on and so forth. At this stage, you end up playing a bit of tic-tac-toe. To start building, you can click the button down here for the building menu or hot eb, and you will have the option to select what type of building you want to build.

Farthest Frontier - help

One of the first things you're probably going to want to build is some food production buildings, such as hunter's cabins and forager shacks. When you want to place a building, you'll see that there's a little arrow right here pointing in the direction. It recommends that it face the road. You can rotate the building by pressing Tab by default, and you can select which way you want it to face.

You'll see the arrow here points towards the road. If we press r twice, it's now facing away from the road. This does not affect the productivity, or efficiency, of the building. It's merely an aesthetic. As I move my foreign shack around the screen, right here at the top, you can see all the different resources that it's showing me I have.

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