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The invisible wall is a strange thing that we already know about in article games, but there are some particularly odd ones out there. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today on gameranks the 20 craziest invisible walls in article games, starting off at SpongeBob SquarePants.

Bikini bottom

Battle for Bikini Bottom, where it's actually pretty easy to go out of bounds in this game.

You know, most of the main locations from the show are accurately represented, and they're pretty much all just buildings sitting in the middle of nowhere. Most players eventually try to wander past the little dotted line showing where the barrier is, and if you stay outside for too long, a literal live action hand will appear and take you back to the checkpoint.

It's called in the credits. Hans, the live action hand, and it's appropriately surreal for the show, and it's used perfectly in this game, actually making an invisible wall that, while very weird, makes sense.


And number 19, "Splashdown." Normally, you can't go too far out. If you're playing Splashdown, if you wander too far from the track during a normal race, you just get a wrong way warning, but if you're playing in free roam mode, you can go out as far as you want, just going off on your own little journey, driving a jet ski, you know, out on the open water, but then a giant tentacle appears and throws you back on track.

Far cry 6

Far cry 6

Number is 18, which is Far Cry 6, a game with a pretty clever solution when you go too far out. Instead of just putting a wall or automatically teleporting you back, they actually make it into a story thing. Whenever you take a boat or a plane to the edge of the map, you get a message warning you that you're leaving Yara, the island the game takes place on, and they're not kidding about it.

If you keep going, you'll trigger the secret ending. Your character is just relaxing on the beach in Florida while the radio talks about how the resistance has been crushed on yada. As far as invisible walls go, it's probably one of the funniest and best in terms of connecting it to the actual story of the game.

President Anton Castillo announced that Clara Garcia, the leader of the terrorist group Libertad, was killed by his special forces and that her number was.

The family guy

17 is the Family Guy game. Early on, you run into an invisible wall that blocks you from going down the street. Pretty standard stuff, but there's a mime nearby acting like there's a wall there.

Get close to it and Peter Griffin will complain about stupid mimes and their invisible walls, which is actually a pretty funny way of playing with the invisible wall. You obviously can't go past the mime's invisible wall.

Motocross madness

Motocross madness

And Number 16 is Motocross Madness slash, MX Unleashed slash. ATV off-road Fury 2 MX, Vs ATV Untamed, all by the same developer, all with the same features, ridiculous, invisible wall. If you do manage to get past some of the steep inclines from around the edges of certain races, an invisible force will just suddenly throw you back onto the racetrack while a cartoon bomb dropping effect plays.

It's actually a borderline Easter egg because it's genuinely funny and also sometimes more fun to screw around with than the actual race.

Sunset overdrive

and , number 15 is Sunset Overdrive. For a game as irreverent as this one, it's no surprise that they poke fun at the concept of invisible walls. When you get close to the edge of the map, either near the city walls or just by swimming out in the ocean, an actual force field will materialize that literally says it's an invisible wall.

Of course, the fact that they're literally called "invisible walls" is, of course, a joke.



Tina's Subnautica is a game that seems like it goes on forever, but there's actually an end to the explorable area called The Crater's Edge. You're actually on top of a volcanic crater, meaning the whole game area is sort of strewn on a big plateau. You know, when you get out, the whole thing just leads to an endless expanse of open water.

One or two out from there, and the game will spawn these ghost leviathans, which are incredibly dangerous and there's basically nothing you can do about them. The only way to avoid getting eaten by them, in fact, is to leave the crater's edge. They immediately leave you alone if you enter a new biome, which makes them very well-behaved and very scary sea monsters.

Gold and sun

And number 13 is the Golden Sun. Most invisible walls are either unexplained or have some kind of danger to keep you away, but not in this game. Instead, your path is blocked by puppies early in the game, in the starting town. There's a direction they don't want to go in and to stop you, instead of putting up a warning sign or a villagers or something, there's a group of puppies and when the player approaches, they say something like, "There are some puppies playing over here." We should let them be.

It's probably the cutest and also one of the silliest invisible walls ever made.

Sea of thieves

Sea of thieves

And , number 12, is the Sea of Thieves. The border in this game isn't quite so friendly. If you ever take your ship and sail off the map, the water slowly turns red and the skies turn dark. If you keep going, your boat just starts to break down and eventually sink, and it leaves you exposed to the shark infested waters, which are demonic at this point.

There's not really any explanation offered, but it is not something that I would want to live through.

Far cry 2

And number 11 is Far Cry 2, which has a pretty obvious explanation for why your character doesn't want to do a lot of wandering around. They have malaria, so you need access to medicine if you want to, you know, actually live occasionally.

Your character suffers malaria attacks during the story, which also seem to happen if you wander too far outside the map. If you're on foot, you'll just collapse and wake up back in the map area where, if you're driving, the game sort of just awkwardly fades out after a while. The same thing happens; you wake up in the map area but the vehicle is gone and number 10 A, Serious Sam 3, a series known for really large open areas.

In previous games, they liked to hide secrets in the distant corners of the map, so it's likely somebody playing this game might want to see what happens when they walk out into the Egyptian desert. They probably did not expect what happened though; a giant sand worm busts out of the ground and just kills you instantly, and there's no way to actually fight it; it's just there to kill you and that's it; but, the game likes to hide secrets that are just outside the edge of the map, so if you want to get all those secrets, you've got to be quick.

Invisible walls are a game developer's way of keeping you within a game's boundaries, and oftentimes they can be pretty clever.
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