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we love huge immersive worlds, but you've got to have a little danger in there, otherwise that's not particularly Hi folks, it's Falcon and today on GameRankings 10 open world games with the most dangerous.

Day is gone

Worlds starting off at number 10. Its day is gone. What makes this game more dangerous than some other open world games out there is the survival element.

It's not just that getting around can be dangerous because of all the zombies. It's that you've also got to be prepared. The main thing you really have to maintain is your bike, which takes damage. If you can run out of fuel. If you're not careful and you run out of gas, you'll pretty much be stranded.

Getting stuck is not fun, so keeping your bike gassed up and repaired is absolutely essential. There's your standard bandits, there's zombies (they're called freakers in this game), but you'll also have to deal with wolves, crows, and, of course, the marquee feature. It's not some random zombie out on its own, but the hordes of them that infest certain sections of this map.

The hordes are basically the boss fights. There are so many of them that whittling them down requires a strategy and a lot of resources. Of course, being a zombie apocalypse, games are in short supply. It's not the absolute hardest game out there, but they do a really good job making the world feel dangerous, and playing somewhat cautiously is almost required at first because there's a whole lot of stuff that just wants you dead.



at number nine is Valheim. A hot new thing in the world of survival games, it's easy to see why. It's got a really distinct style, it's generally pretty user-friendly compared to other games in the genre, and it's just fun to play. Yeah, and you can't die from hunger, but while it makes things easier in some ways, it gets downright brutal in others.

Enemies will mess you up right from the start. A simple boar can take you down in a few hits, so it's absolutely essential you go into any fight prepared. In order to progress through the game, you have to take on some nasty bosses, so learning the combat system is essential to survival. There's plenty of stuff that wants to kill you.

Far Cry - challenging open world games

Wandering the world and the penalty for death can be especially rough for players just starting out. It's a game that forces you to play somewhat cautiously. At first, death can hit you fast, and there's a lot of stuff that wants you dead. It's not the most brutal survival game out there, but it's no cakewalk, and it definitely earns a spot on this list.

Dying light

At number 8, it's dying light. It's a zombie apocalypse, so it's no surprise that the world is dangerous. The whole point of the game is that you've got to parkour around swarms of zombies rather than kill them because they just keep coming, and even though one zombie by itself isn't all that dangerous, add in a few more along with some of the nasr variants, and you'll quickly find yourself in trouble.

The game is dangerous during the day, but it's downright lethal at night. That's when the real danger of this world comes out: the volatiles. These things are hyper-aggressive and relentless. Trying to fight them at close range will probably just lead you to disaster, so you're pretty much forced to avoid them.

They've got pretty narrow vision cones, but if you're close, they approach you non-stop, so trying to sneak around them can be a nerve-wracking experience. The night in Hurran, the city the game takes place in, is just the worst. It's almost pitch black, and while you can equip a flashlight and the volatiles don't react to it, it can still be pretty confusing to try to get around the sometimes maze-like streets.

And while the night is bad, there's still some pretty dangerous stuff out during the day. Boss monsters wander around, there are bandits who will ambush you, and basically the whole city is one big death trap. Once you get enough skill under your belt, you'll be able to deal with a lot of this stuff way easier than at the beginning of the game, but it doesn't stop it from feeling dangerous, even when you're a total zombie killing badass by the end.

Far cry 2

Far cry 2

And number seven is Far Cry 2. Unlike most of the other games on this list, Far Cry 2 doesn't have any monsters or zombies or even any survival mechanics. The danger in this world is more mundane, but it's all still incredibly dangerous. Set in an unnamed African country in the middle of a civil war, you play as a mercenary who rolls in to find this arms dealer named the Jackal to let you know what kind of game this is.

You immediately fail and then get malaria. That's the first danger of this game, malaria. Unless you manage to get some medicine, it'll eventually knock you out and just force you back to the clinic. The other danger is, of course, the enemies. Soldiers from both sides basically want you dead at all times, and they do not quit.

One of the biggest complaints people had about the game were the constantly respawning checkpoints, and yeah, they are pretty bad. Basically, if you want to go anywhere in this game, you have to drive by a few enemy checkpoints, which without fail will refill with enemies, even if you just cleared them out.

The Far Cry games made their own clearing outposts to remove the enemy presence, but not here. And unless you manage to buy your own weapons, enemy weapons are total junk. These things are prone to jamming at the worst possible moment, and even though it's a cool detail, it's super annoying in the middle of a firefight.

Enemies constantly attack you, your guns can be total junk, and yeah, you've got a life-threatening situation. Disease, I'd call that dangerous.



And number six is Subnautica, basically an open world survival game where one of the biggest dangers is the environment itself. The planet you're stranded on is basically just one big ocean, so anything, literally anything, that requires you to dive under water. That means you're basically always in danger of running out of air.

And while you can do things like increase your oxygen tanks or use vehicles that generate their own oxygen, there is always that danger of drowning. That's pretty bad, but there are also nastier horrors. I am hiding in the depths. At first, a lot of the surface sea life doesn't really mind you or is kind of annoying at worst, but the deeper you go, the farther out you explore, the nastier stuff you will find.

Far Cry - dangerous open world games

Some of this stuff can really mess you up, and, unlike some of the other games we're talking about here, there's usually very little you can do about it. It's not really a combat game, and while you do get a few offensive options, they're not that great, so it's usually better to just run and hide when you encounter some of these deep sea monstrosities.

Some video game open worlds are just harsh and unforgiving. Here are some gaming worlds where almost everything is a danger to the player.
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