Far Cry 6 - Hidden Video Game Details #57 ( Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Deathloop & More)

Far Cry 6 - attention to detail

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of hidden article game details. This series aims to show you things that you may not have known about your favorite games so that you can look really clever in front of your friends. In today's episode, we're left feeling very SUE in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

We take Boom for a drive in Far Cry 6, and we are witnesses to domestic violence in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Without further ado, let's get started. Right, so let's once again begin with the call of duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Modern warfare 2: remastered

Modern warfare 2: remastered

In the last episode of this series, we witnessed a soldier recording a bombing run all for the gram. Of course, today's modern warfare details are a lot more subtle. The No Russian mission is perhaps one of the most infamous article game levels of all time.

Placing you in the shoes of undercover agent Joseph Allen, you join Vladimir Makarov as he launches a terrorist attack on an airport, killing hundreds of civilians in the process. Now the big twist comes at the end of the mission, where it's revealed that he knows that Allen is undercover, and shoots him before leaving him for dead.

That was no message. This is a message from an American undercover agent at the scene of a terrorist incident in Russia. Yeah, it's not a good look. Well, there is perhaps a way that you can tell that Alan's cover is blown before he is actually shot. Take a look at the very opening scene of the level.

Far Cry 6 - call of duty

So when Makarov tells you there's no Russian, the rest of the crew look at you in a very awkward way, with Lev at the front in particular, seeming to know more than he's letting on. Now this could just be me reading way too much into things, so I'm keen to hear your thoughts on this one, but to me, the very suspicious looks aimed at Allen at the beginning of the mission make me think that this was a very subtle way to let players know that they are in a lot of trouble.

Up next is the game that has been surprisingly absent from this channel until now. On paper, Def Loop is right up there. My stream was made by the same team behind the dishonored games as well as the extremely underrated Prey Def Loop. It is all about exploring a rich and detailed world at your own pace.

For some reason, I played the first two hours or so when the game came out, and well, it just didn't grip me. I don't know why that is, but that's why it's not appeared on this channel yet. I just haven't been playing it. Anyway, the details from Deaf Loop are one of those details that make me wish we had more behind the scenes documentaries.

In article game production, you can find a door that requires Colt to say a particular phrase to unlock it. If you head to the door without knowing the phrase, you obviously won't be granted access. That won't stop Colt from trying. Hello, anybody home? Ah, feeling exclusive. You want some kind of password maybe, analog, sp splatoon like that word splatoon, blacklight, schematic barnacle, what's the name of that paradiddle debarking smelter, hardwire.

Swine pox. So I'm not entirely sure how many unique words can be said by Colt, but let me tell you that it's a lot. This detail does make me wonder how this went down behind the scenes. Did Arcane write words for Colt's voice actor or did he just ad-lib some really random words? Now a long-lost article game tradition is that of cheating.



Back in the day, you could buy a game and, nine times out of ten, you were able to enter some form of cheat code. Well, Spider-Man for the PlayStation 1 is one of those games with various cheats ranging from infinite health to the classic big head mode or unlockable at the code entry screen.

Of course, the temptation on a screen where you can type any word that you want is to write some naughty words. Well, if you do that, Spider-Man won't be pleased. So entering rude words will cause Spider to appear and punch the foul language into a much more family-friendly phrase. Speaking of retro games, up next are the details of Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Street fighter alpha 2

When it comes to fighting games, I've never been a Street Fighter guy. I mean, the naming convention alone confuses the hell out of me, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good detail from a Street Fighter game. On the street level, you can find a couple canoodling in the background as two grown men slug it out in front of them.

However, if two female fighters are in action, this seemingly happy couple will do this instead. So the young man seems more interested in Chun-li than his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend doesn't take too kindly to his wandering eye and promptly punches him in the mouth. It's a really cool detail from a game that is over 25 years old, so the latest season of Fortnite is all about The big purple cubes first appeared in season five.



The purple cubes are dotted all around the Fortnite map, with the cube that first appeared in season 5 being given the nickname of Kevin by the community.

Well, mysteriously, the cubes in Fortnite are currently on the move, leaving carnage in their wake. Well, that is, except for Kevin. I mean, he does leave a pretty big mess, but he also leaves behind a little message for players to find. At Steamy Stacks, you can find the building that once held Kevin, and if you look closely, you can find letters on the floor that spell Kevin out.

It's a funny message from the much-loved cube, so the roster of fighters in Super Smash Bros, The Brothers Ultimate is perhaps the most varied fighting game character list ever included.

Super smash bros. ultimate

Amongst the 81 currently available fighters is Steve from Minecraft. Steve wouldn't be Steve if he wasn't able to mine in the middle of battle, and that's exactly what he can do.

What's really cool, though, is that Steve will always use the correct tool for the job depending on the surface that he's standing on. For example, when standing on stone, Steve will use a wooden pickaxe. Finally, when standing on dirt, he will use his shovel; and finally, when standing on wood, he will use his axe.

Ultimately, it's a very small detail and doesn't really make much difference to gameplay whatsoever, but that doesn't make it any less cool. So to end today's article, let's try and clear up a few hidden details that we missed from our Far Cry 6 article.

Far cry 6

Far cry 6

First up is a small detail that made me laugh way more than it should have at the beginning of the game. You have to escape the city using the sewers, streets, and rooftops. It's a pretty intense sequence, leaving you with little time to hang around, especially after landing on one particular rooftop.

In todays episode were left feeling very sus in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, we take boom boom for a drive in Far Cry 6 and we are witness to domestic violence in Street Fighter Alpha 2. NEW MERCH.
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