Far Cry 6 - 10 Things The Game Doesn't Tell You



far Cry 6 has landed, and although we're all very familiar with Far Cry at this point, there's some stuff that isn't as obvious as usual. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today's game ranks 10 things. Far Cry 6 doesn't tell you to start off with number 10.

Treasure hunts

The Triota treasure hunt gets you some of the best rewards in the entire game.

There are some treasure hunts dotted all over Giada, and they have some pretty decent rewards. The ones you're really going to want to finish are the three triata treasure hunts, though. You'll get a ton of stuff for finishing these things. A resolver gun, a supremo, a new amigo, and a whole armor set if you're through with every other resolver gun supremo.

In the game, it's just something you have to buy, so this stuff is really unique, and it's crazy powerful, yeah, and it's beyond simple to do. You can easily find these spots right after getting access to the main island, so there's really nothing stopping you from finding them. To make this simple, just go to the alua, which is east of Clara's camp on the starting island, Ila Santorio.

If you read the note in that place, it'll mark the locations of three treasure hunts you need to finish on the map. All of these places are enemy free, so there's basically no danger in checking them out. It just might take a while to get to some of the more remote ones. They're all pretty fun, especially the ghost house hunt.

The objective here is to find three statues and then bring them back to Alua Cave. Do that and you'll get your rewards. All of this stuff is really good, especially. So yeah, who can take down enemies and make their bodies disappear? So yeah, pretty easy to do and tons of rewards. Completing this mission as early as you can is totally worth it.

Scan vehicles

Scan vehicles

And number nine, you can scan vehicles using just your camera. Here's the thing the game bizarrely never tells you about, even though it feels like a major feature. Whenever you get in a car, the game tells you that if you want to keep it, you've got to take it back to a vehicle station, but there's actually another way that's a lot easier to do.

Just whip out your camera, line up a shot, and scan the car. Wait for it to finish, and you'll immediately unlock all the parts and the entire car for your collection. Why do they make you have to figure this out yourself? I have no idea, but knowing about it saved us a lot of time.

Rocket launcher location

And Number eight is this great, unique rocket launcher location.

Far Cry 6 really showers you with guns, but the one thing they can be kind of stingy with is explosive weapons. It can take a while before any rocket launchers or grenade launchers show up for you to buy, which can be frustrating when the game has you dealing with stuff like helicopters and tanks pretty much right from the start.

So you want a really good rocket that's easy to get early in the game. Here's our tip for that. There's a treasure hunt that's hidden in pretty high-level enemy territory, so it's not a place you're probably going to normally, but it's a relatively safe journey as long as you avoid checkpoints. It's this place found in the northern part of the Novementas region called the Star Rocket Brewery.

Because it's a treasure hunt, there's absolutely no danger here, so just solve the simple puzzle and get your reward. The in-orbit rocket launcher This thing is awesome. It's one of the best rocket launchers in the game, and it's also one of the easiest to get as long as you know where to look.

Gorilla camp upgrades

Gorilla camp upgrades

And number seven is Gorilla Cam Upgrade Tips. The first is so obvious we hardly even need to say it: the hideout network unlocks the wingsuit and the ability to airdrop into locations, so that's completely awesome, Get that first.

So having that available early in the game is beyond helpful. The Bandito Bear X is good for two reasons. As well as unlocking Los Bandidos missions, which is obvious, it also has a store where you can buy armor and sets. Trying to find a complete setup in the wild can be a pain, so having some place where you can just buy this stuff is, of course, quite nice.

The hunter's lodge is another one very much worth thinking about hunting down. This game isn't as important as in Far Cry 3, but it can get you a lot of supplies pretty easily if you find a good hunting spot. Even better are the rewards you get for upgrading this place. You get a unique weapon every time you upgrade it, and these bows are really great.

Best loadouts

Best loadouts

And number six, the best loadout options. There are a lot of options when it comes to building your loadout in Far Cry 6. It can even be a little overwhelming, so here are a few general tips for one of those rifles they give you at the start with the silencer and armor-piercing bullets. Yeah, honestly, that is a great gun.

You can carry that for the entire game if you want. Of course, you can swap it out for something else, but having some kind of rifle with armor-piercing bullets and a silencer is a must. So how about trading that starter silencer as quickly as possible for something better, because the upgraded ones are way better, but otherwise.

Like sticking with something that works with this gun, along with some kind of machine gun that's good against soft targets, having something to quickly deal with that annoying flamethrower. Or, poison spraying enemies can also be very helpful. I know it sounds a little weird, but I think giving some pistols some explosive ammo is probably your best option here.

Even if you give it explosive ammo, then it can one-shot any enemy that shoots flames at you, so it does good damage against armored vehicles as well. One thing about this game is that all your secondaries are unlocked by your supremo weapon, so some of these are almost essential. For some reason, healing syringes have to be unlocked and equipped as a gadget in this game rather than just something you can get normally. If you're wondering what healing is, that is, that's how you deal with that.



And number five, where to get an old friend. One of the furs for hire you could get in Far Cry 5 was a pretty good dog named Boomer. He is back in this game, but he's one of the harder amigos to hunt down. To find him, head to the Balacreas region and go to Camp Maximus, the gorilla camp for the area.

Now find a ship, though, in there. I spent way too much time looking for this thing, but just follow the purple quest marker. That is where it is read. That will start the mission "Boom or Bust." When you head to the mission point, you will find the container. You can hear barking from inside that unlocks Boom Boom, the name your guy comes up with, as well as a few easter eggs from Far Cry 5.

He is pretty much the same as he was in that game. He'll fetch his stuff dropped by enemies, which is especially handy if you want to do a little farming by hunting animals.

Far Cry 6 PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne is here and it is as massive as you'd expect. Here are some good tips before jumping in.
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