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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - henke

So you probably clicked on this article thinking that I'd beat this challenge once, but somehow, I managed to beat it three times in a row, back to back to back, so today I'll be sharing this miracle. Experience with you, let's go with experience. My first round is the whirly gig, a classic from season one.

One of the biggest factors in this challenge is my starting position. I start the round, and as you can see, I start pretty far back. This is usually very risky, but we'll need to take these faster, riskier paths to get the dub. Then I can use this conveyor belt to quickly get above the ledge. Now we have some separation from the crowd, but there are still a few people in front of me.

There's still one more guy beside me, but they were unable to pass through the middle. I'm out in front now, but I could still lose if I fall off the level. I memorized the timing of the last obstacle, and jumped across right before it hit me. If I had been 1/6 of a second slower, I'd have gotten knocked off and the challenge would have been over, but with that I claimed the first gold medal.

Next we have knight fever, another race level from season 2. I got a much better spawn this time, but now we can't get launched forward like we did in the first round, so instead of going out of our way to avoid obstacles. I have to keep running forward and trust that the obstacles will stay out of my way.

A lot of people struggle with these pink spikes, but the best way to deal with them is actually to run straight through them before they can bump you off. We gain a lot of speed here by jumping on this decline and jumping again to avoid this bumper. However, this is when things get tricky because these swinging obstacles force you to slow down.

You either have to stop and wait for a window big enough to run all the way through, or dive before it hits you to minimize the impact. I actually used both strategies here. Finally, I aim for the bridge that's currently unavailable. Under the notion that it will be available by the time I get there, we now have jump club, which is a survival round.

So the challenge doesn't come into play here. However, I had a really close call with this one. As I was running clockwise to reduce the number of times I had to jump, someone decided to take me down with them, so they suddenly grabbed me and pushed both of us into the obstacle. Somehow I managed to slide over it and remain on the platform, but you can see how close I was to getting eliminated here.

The swiveler is a new level in the most recent update, which is also a survival round like Jump Club. This time we need to complete a lap around this circuit before the fan blows us off. I found this one to be pretty easy, but other people got eliminated quickly because no one was really familiar with the level.

That's why I made sure to get this footage on the day the new update launched. Finally, we always end the match with a hexagon. I've gotten really good at this final level since it always comes through for me when I need to finish a challenge. It starts off pretty normally, with everyone scrambling around the first few floors without much of a plan.

I follow this orange and blue guy for a while until I find a nice group of tiles to jump down on. Of course, the guy I was following had to jump into the same group and ruin it for me. I'm on the third floor, and they jumped down to cut me off again. So I didn't exactly have a great start. A lot of times, people will stay on their current floor as long as possible, but then they fall three floors down because they didn't think about what would happen after that.

This is how I started to separate myself from the other 10 players. Once everyone falls below me, I can stay above them for a really long time if I have the floor to myself. Even so, I eventually found myself on the second to last floor with two other players. One of them fell through completely.

While on the last floor, the rest had to fight each other when they dropped down, which forced them to deplete the tiles more quickly. While I could stall for time above them, eventually, they all knocked each other out, and I took the crown without even touching the last floor. As you can see, that's five gold medals in a row.

I wanted more. I can't explain why exactly, but I wanted to see if I could do it again, so I queued up again and got a roll on as my first round. I spawned in the very back corner here, which is going to make things a lot more interesting. Even with a pretty optimal path here, I'm still in the back half of the group by the first checkpoint.

However, like always, we have to trust that the players in front of me will mess up, especially since it's very easy to fall off, so by the second checkpoint, there are only a few other players in front of me. Some of them will fall over, some will fall off, and eventually, I will gain some distance on everyone else before the final checkpoint.

However, if you look closely, you can see someone's shadow behind me, so even a flawless My run allows me to finish only two seconds ahead of second place. Something interesting that happened here is that only 20 players were able to finish before the time limit, which drastically reduced my competition.

I got into Jump Club again after that. This was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that I got grabbed again right before I was about to jump. I don't know, maybe people target me because of my diabetes or something. However, tiptoeing was a whole different problem. This is one of the hardest levels to get a gold medal on because you don't just have to be good at platforming.

You need to pay attention and have the deduction skills to figure out where the right path is before everyone else. For example, at the start of this, we know for sure that the first three tiles will be in the same column, and that the path expands horizontally. After that, this ninja guy tried to grab me here, but I decided to let that slide for now, so I'm looking at this third column from the right to see if the tiles shape up.

Once it does, I know that we need to go left more before advancing further. Then we get a lot of new information after these three columns. After we started going vertical again, I almost got pushed off the path, but luckily, this section of it was two tiles wide. Now this is the most critical moment right here, because we need to find these final three tiles before anyone else.

Someone ran off ahead of us, so we know that we need to go left or right here. The leftmost column is shaken, which narrows it down to either the column directly to our left or one of the many columns on the right. After some time, someone eventually falls off the right side, which leaves only one possible.

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