Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - How To Win All Of The Final Rounds

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - blast ball

Here's how to win all of the finales. First let's talk about hexaring, the new finale that was just released today. Hexa ring is really easy once you learn the basics, and sticking to them is the best way to play hexaring. This is being as far forward as you can on a cylinder. If you're far ahead and looking down, you can see what's ahead of you, and in doing so, you'll have so much time to react.

If you're in the middle of the cylinder and a rough patch of tiles comes up where you need to jump a lot, then you'll be too slow and dragged down into the slime. Also, if you want to save tiles, you want to jump across one tile and one diagonal, one tile, because if you just jump from tile to tile, you'll be way too slow and fall off the map, but if you're constantly moving forward and jumping one tile across and one diagonal, you'll keep the perfect pace with the spin of the cylinder.

Next, let's talk about the cutting strategy, and this clip was from my friend centric, so go check them out. What you want to do is start walking on two tiles at the same time to cut off three to four tiles of land from everyone else, and in order to cut people off from your three to four tiles, in between.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - fall mountain

There needs to be three to four tiles of space. That way, all the tiles to the side will be yours, and everyone else on the mainland will be stuck wasting their tiles. And then, after enough time, they'll run to you because they've run out of tiles. And then the gap is way too large and they fall right into the slime.

Next, let's talk about blast ball. The best mode in the game by far. The chaos is so much fun, and the gameplay is really unique. Now for blast ball, there are two ways to play: passive or aggressive. If you're a passive player, you want to try and stay as far away from other players as you can so they don't throw balls at you.

If some balls manage to roll towards you, run away as fast as possible. The other way to play is to be aggressive. It's a little riskier, but 10 times more fun. However, winning blast ball is the easiest. Once you learn this one simple trick, all you have to do is grab a blast ball, hold it up to someone, but don't let go of your ball.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - first win

There's a small bug in the game where when you're holding a blast ball and it blows up, you only get moved a couple feet, or literally don't move at all, so when you bring that ball next to someone, when it blows up, you may not move very far, but they will go absolutely. Our next finale is the jump showdown.

It's super fun, but also super hard when you're up against good players. One more tip, number one: never try and grieve other players. If you try and grieve somebody, then the whole lobby is going to go after you, and then you will end up being the one who gets grief. So instead, focus on the easy part of the game, which is surviving the pulls by timing your jumps.

It's very difficult when you first start out, but after a couple of games of practicing and custom lobbies with one or more of your friends, you'll be good at it in no time. Here's what to do when someone else is grieving for you. Let's say you're in a jump showdown and the poll is speeding up and then you spot a griefer, literally.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - hexagone

If all you have to do is keep spamming the jump button, then it's 10 times harder for them to grab you, and it makes you able to grief them. For example, if they think you're just going to keep jumping, then you can surprise them with a grab and they won't see it coming. Tip number three is for when the two poles line up and make a wall.

To avoid that, you want to predict where the poles are going to line up and act in advance in order to avoid it, but if you still do end up getting into that situation, the best way to survive is to dive through the two poles. That's because there's still a very small gap in between them, so maybe, just maybe, your fall guy could squeeze through.

And lastly, tip number four: stay away from large groups of people because you could be jumping just normally, and then all the people bumping into each other is going to make you fall over and possibly get hit by the slime. The next is hexagon, the most liked finale, eight layers of hexagons, and the last player left wins.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - hexaring

Let's say you find yourself on an island of hexagons. What's the best way to make sure you get the most time out of them? Well, one thing you could do is the hopping strategy, where you jump to the next one and then repeat; or if you're a better player, you can jump and dive. It works the exact same way; jump and then dive to another tile, and then, once you land, spam jump repeatedly.

If you don't jump fast enough, you'll fall down to the next layer. Next, let's talk about griefing. In hexagon, griefing is kind of stupid, but if you really want to, it's simple. It's really simple but super random; either you're gonna fall, they're gonna fall, or you could both fall, but if you practice enough, it might be useful, and lastly, don't always stay on the highest layer possible.

Ninety percent of the time, you do want to be as high as you can be, but in some scenarios, you want to drop down early. Cut them off and take all the tiles for yourself while they fall down, making the game go faster. Next is Fall Mountain, the quickest finale and probably the most hated. Every time you get to Fall Mountain, you want to take the exact same path with some small variations.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - how to win

If you need to dodge a ball once the game starts, you're going to go straight through the middle and then to the right spinny thingy because it opens up 95 percent of the time, or if the game has treadmills, you want to go through one of the treadmills and then jump up to the ledge. You will be met with two hallways.

I usually take the left one because fewer balls come down there and then after that you make your way to the diamonds. You want to use these diamonds as a shield, so stay close to them because they're going to save you so many times from getting hit by the balls. Once you make it past that, you'll reach the hammers, and you want to go through these two hammers because even if they do hit you, they'll hit you forward, and then this next hammer, you go through it on the right side for the exact same reason, and then you make it to the crown, but you're not done yet when you jump for the crown.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - jump showdown

Make sure it's grabbable. We all know how painful it is to jump too early and then end up losing the game, so work on timing so it's just right, so you're the first one to grab it, but you're not too early and fall off. Also, sometimes, at the end, there will be a yiddish, but it's not what you think.

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