Escape from Tarkov - This Trick Made Me Spot Enemies Faster In Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov - how to spot enemies in tarkov

This shot right here became one of my proudest Tarkov moments, and today I'm going to show you why in my last couple of articles. I'm talking about tracking your opponents like hunting down prey in the wild. Tracking an enemy begins as soon as you spawn on the map. We get the pmc spawn right next to the tunnel and ruin road, and if you notice, we have a lot of potential enemies spawning to our north, and my plan for this raid is to make it to the resort area, but as I move.

I have to make a conscious effort to keep an eye on this direction. I have a high chance of coming across any of these spawns. That's exactly what I'm doing here. I'm scanning the horizon as I'm moving forward, expecting any of those spawns to show up. I'm ready for a fight at any time. I can easily spot any movement at a distance when I have a mental image of where enemies could potentially be.

Yes, it is really loud. There's a guy right there in front of me, left to right shot left to right. Two guys, two guys. Let's get the guy behind us down. Let's go left to right here. I don't know where the other one is. I wanted to get the guy behind first because I'm using tracers. If I shoot the guy in front, the guy behind will be like, "Tracers are coming from that side." Hopefully the guy in front didn't see my tracers.

Escape from Tarkov - how to spot players in tarkov

I've got one down. One more to go. The second guy has no idea where I am. The plan is to use this to my advantage and hopefully get a clean snipe on him. There he is. He's running; let's just follow him. I don't want to take the shot there because if I shoot I don't think I'll get a kill shot, so let's see if we can wait a little longer and get him to stand still somewhere, but I don't want to lose him.

I still see him right there. I don't want to spook him yet. We'll wait till we get something like the perfect shot. I kind of lost them. I was holding off on pulling the trigger until I had the chance for a clean head shot. I didn't want to compromise my position and potentially have him turn on me.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance and I lost him. But I felt like he was still in the area. I spent the next five minutes literally searching for him. Based on his path, I assumed he was headed for gas, and I was right; we found him. Wait a minute. I think this is the guy. I think that is the guy in chat.

Escape from Tarkov - ramenstyle

That's the guy who's someone else here. I think he died to this guy. We not only found our initial target but we also killed who I assumed was his killer, so I went on to loot the guy on the hill first. Yeah, this has to be it. I feel like this is the guy I saw earlier. He had a sniper scope. I remember seeing it, but he died too, SB98.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, there's a sniper one second away. It could be this guy. Do you think it's this or this AK guy? This guy has to have an sp98. If not, we still have an sp98 lurking somewhere. Things just got sweatier. I found that our dead pmc on the hill was killed by an SV98, but the guy we just checked and gassed only had an ak.

This confirms that we have another PMC lurking around somewhere with a sniper. I think I assume we got sniped from somewhere here. We have an sp98 sniper somewhere on that side. We'll do it. We'll go power and then flank towards the gas side. I'm assuming that's where the sp98 came from, so for reference, this is gas right here and this is hydro, or what some may call power.

Escape from Tarkov - tarkov

We found our dead body somewhere in this area, and we killed the AK guy in this area. I'm assuming this sniper is sniping from this angle. I feel like this is where you have the perfect angle of this area. I also have to take into account that this sniper did not have an angle on this AK guy that we killed.

My plan is to cross, through power, and try to see if I can flank this sniper. I just like my thought process right now. I just want to. I enjoy these fights, so I don't want to lose the opportunity to get a nice fight over loot. Although I could, you know, there's a huge chance maybe the guy killed has a decent amount of loot, but yeah.

I'll maybe lose a few, maybe a couple hundred thousand, maybe less, but the thought that I can make that money, and I mean, that's kind of what was on my mind. It's like a couple of farming runs, only fine, Sb98. And this became one of my favorite moments in Tarkov. No, it wasn't a flashy flick or a crazy squad wipe, but the satisfaction of finding our mystery opponent, without ever seeing him or hearing him, was surreal.

Escape from Tarkov - tarkov advanced pvp tips

You know what's nuts is that the body is somewhere here. He definitely saw me running around, but he couldn't nail the shot. I checked the angle from his point of view and found that the fog might have helped me survive there. It was really hard to find that body he dropped in this next raid. We're still on shoreline but with a completely different loadout.

I'm using a USP and a Benelli Super 90. We're about seven minutes into this raid and I'm headed to the bus to kill scavs, but then we get some info on some pmcs nearby. Yeah, someone's throwing grenades. I can see them right there. They're fighting so far, so good. We just got some big information here.

We heard a loud aks and an m4 pop off, so that's two pmcs fighting confirmed, but I'm going to tread carefully and set myself up for a closer range kill if I want to join this fight since I'm on a shotgun pistol loadout. There's one right there. He's up on the rocks. You can barely see him though.

Escape from Tarkov - tarkov beginners guide

He's like he was hovering over those rocks earlier. Let me get him closer. I got this opportunity to move a little closer, but I'm still not happy with my position. I need to get even closer. It's been a little quiet for too long, so I don't have a good and reliable mental image of where this PMC might be, so I decided to just anchor here and wait for any movement, but then we get info again.

Let's get closer a little bit. That M4 guy killed whatever gun that was. I think he's just behind this rock in my head. He's looting the gunshots are gone. So the fight seems to be over. The M4 guys seem to be the last ones standing. As I mentioned, I have a good feeling this guy is still looting his kills.

So I slowly move up and try to get within shotgun range. Okay, switch to shotgun. We're close enough here. I got him. The audit cues in this engagement gave me the full story without ever properly seeing any of my opponents. In this next raid, we're using tracking as a defensive play. I'm just outside the medical camp in the woods when I start getting shot at.

Escape from Tarkov - tarkov beginners guide 12.12.30

I have no idea where this guy is shooting. I make a beeline straight for the trees behind me, and once I feel like I'm out of this guy's line of sight, I do a big juke and flank wide to the side. I'm pretty confident our opponent didn't see our detour, so now all I've got to do is wait for my opponent to look for me in my last known position and expose himself.

This trick helped me spot enemies faster in Tarkov. It's an essential skill that can improve your PVP a lot.
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