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A quick disclaimer here because there's a chance some of you might not actually care about the information in this article. If you want to see what the streets look like, then stick around. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to see what the streets look like, then this article isn't for you. We have a very good understanding of what streets are going to look like already, because we are able to connect a lot of buildings to each other throughout the various teases and screenshots of work in progress that we've gotten over the years, so some people, myself included, have gone and made maps for it because we are completely sane human beings and don't spend way too much time looking into this stuff.

The new work in progress screenshots that we got last week from Tarkov TV showed some changes and even more potential changes to the way we have the map laid out right now, so this article points out those changes and how the layout should look now. So this article is important to the channel so that I can refer back to it in the future, so even though the information is a little obscure and even seen as spoilers for some out there.

I'm doing it anyway. So here we go. I was taking a look at the new screenshots that we got for the streets from last week's Tarkov TV to see where they might fit into the current maps that we have for the location. And I noticed some changes. For those who don't know, we have been able to identify certain buildings over the years from the various screenshots and teases to get an approximate.

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A map of the streets I even made a article where I built up a portion of the map in Unreal Engine, based off of these new screenshots. I've realized that some have moved or BG just wasn't paying attention to the backgrounds, in some cases, but either way, there are definitely a couple of changes, and we now have a better idea of the look and scope of streets.

These are the two 2D maps online that I was able to find, and one of them even uses my old article as a source. However, this other one, I think, shows a clearer picture and is more accurate to help explain things as clearly as possible. I'm going to put down some landmarks. This road here is what I call Main Street, this road here is what I call 2nd Street, and this road is what I'm going to call 3rd Street.

We start the first tease at the bottom of Main Street, then move into what I call Park One. That first tease is very straightforward. You just go into the closest building and look around it a bit, but it does give you good bearings compared to where the high rises are and the main street. At the start of tease 2, you are on the corner of Main and 2nd Street.

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Then most of the time you are moving through the buildings. Around 2nd street. I actually realized while working on this article that there's a large amount of the footage from Second Tee that includes buildings along Main Street and Park One. 3 (aka, Concordia), is all around this area between Second and Third Street.

While at the beginning, it shows us the side street that cuts through what I'm calling "block one," sort of between main street and second street. Some landmarks are high rises, blue tower, dome tower, car dealership, construction, and Concordia, and to recap, we have main street, second street, third street, lock one park, and construction.

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Concordia High Rises, blue tower and dome tower. Using the high rises with their distinct roofs, we can place a lot of these buildings, and things do not add up with some of the more recent screenshots. We've got the most obvious changes around this screenshot. In the building we explore, in tease one we can see the high rises, then we walk into this building with the white and green halls and yellow balls on the sidewalk.

Benches and trash cans with one of the trash cans bent over outside when we walk out of this building on the second tee. You can see this playset, and red sheds across the street, and a distinct, brick building with four t-frames above the door and a blue van out front. We got this screenshot a while back from Nikita and a nikki leak.

I believe, and it shows that same brick building, but the building that we walked out of in Tease 2, but the same building from that first tease that we got the big tour of is gone. This is that first building in question, whether BSG decided to move it for whatever reason or whoever took this screenshot.

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Either they had this building removed, or it was bugged, or something weird happened, or again, this was a change. Either way, that is 100. Where that building was for the first tease and in this screenshot, it is not there and the reason why I am bringing this up is because we don't actually see it in the third teaser or any of these other screenshots.

So there's no way for us to make sure that building is still there. Sometime between the second tee and when we got this screenshot, that building could have been removed and there could have been a lot of changes to the location. The second most obvious change is this tower here. You can see it in the first two teases, along with a dome tower close by in the new screenshots.

You can see the dome tower on its own and the taller one on its own. At first, I wondered if maybe the person had their draw distance too low, but you can see much farther down on the left. Given what we see here. I'm confident that this tower was originally planned to be over here, but was moved over here in this area somewhere, and it possibly was brought over with a bunch of the buildings around it, but nothing certain about that, just a feeling that I will explain a bit later while we're here.

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I did connect this building to main street from the first and second teas, so I think main street has changed a bit as well, since you can't see the trolley in the teases, so bsg are absolutely Putting some time into this area makes some pretty significant changes. Not necessarily a change, but something new to point out is the long street we can see here.

It sure seems like there are a lot more accessible areas down that street. Thanks to Axel TV for the translation. This sign here says "scary movie," so this building might somehow be associated with At the theater, or at least close to it, possibly the next change is something that I discovered while going down this rabbit hole as we walked out of the building from the first, teas.

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On the second tee, you can see the buildings across the way past the park, and you can see the crane above construction. For reference, we use another clip from the second tees, for reference, and we check out the crane, then the distance. To make this building in the middle, a building that should be seen from the beginning of tease number three, but you don't see it at the beginning of tease number three.

I was looking at the new screenshots we got for the streets location in Escape from Tarkov, to see where they might fit into the current maps that we have for the location and noticed some changes. For those who don't know we've been able to identify certain buildings over the years from the various screenshots and teases to get an approximate map for streets. I even made a video where I built up a portion in unreal engine from it. Well based off these new screenshots I've realized some have moved or BSG just wasn't paying attention to the backgrounds in some cases, but either way there for sure is a couple changes and we now have a better idea of the scope of streets.
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