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The basics

The basics

Crafting for profits in your hideout is a relatively easy way to supplement the income from your scav rates and successful pmc rates, so if you're somebody who only has a few hours a week to play and you're not cranking out 20 or 30 hours like a streamer or a hardcore gamer, for me. I can make about 500k in a six-hour stream with just crafts alone.

If you're someone that just wants to craft one thing each time you log in, if you craft the right thing, you can make over 300k just in that single gaming session. That's why I make these crafting articles to help you figure out exactly what to craft. This way, you can take the guesswork out of how much you pay for a component or how much you sell a product for, and you can still get the most out of the time you do spend in your hideout.

It's just a great interface, but I don't just use average prices, I dig into each individual craft and their components. And find something that makes more sense, a goal if you will, for where you should buy stuff and where you should sell stuff. And this works out this way because there are swings in prices on how much stuff you sell, essentially, so red gun powder can run anywhere from 25 to 30 k and a pile of meds can be anywhere from 9k to 13k.

Now the profits I'm going to provide here with the math are assuming that you have a level 3 intel center, which is important because of the flea market reduction. And at least, level 10 crafting and hideout management which most people should have if they've been focused on crafting even for a short period of time now if you aren't there you don't have those don't worry these crafts will still be profitable for you unless i specifically name them but you should really push to at least get into level three because it's so important when it comes to making money on the flea market, so for the first time in a long time, we're actually gonna mix things up here a little bit.



We're going to go over to the workbench first. I've always done this last in the past, and the top craft here right now to make the most possible money you can make is actually vogs. So it's this craft right here, the VOG 25, where you get five fuses and five grenades, It takes an hour and a half for me.

It's probably closer to two hours for you. Now your goal here is to get fuses and the 40 millimeter grenades for $11, 000 or less, and then once you get them, you can sell them in stacks of eight, but some people sell them for more than that. Sell them for at least $25,000. This is going to net you almost 35k an hour, or about 54k on the total sale.

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Right behind this is a much easier craft and one that if you want to do only you want to do this one, I don't blame you. You make about $30 an hour and it's round pliers. Yes, simple, straightforward craft. The key here is to get your yellow pliers for 10k or less, or just pull the ones out of the raid that you find, and the beauty of this is that it doesn't matter if you have intel 3 or not, because you just sell them to therapists for 17 000 rubles, or 17010.

But right there at 17, 000, there is no flea market fee, so now the next craft is one of my favorites for a long time and it's made a comeback, and that is the hawk gunpowder craft. This is the one that uses matches. Don't do the one that has an ofc shell in it. So the goal here is to get your blue gun powder for less than 13 k, your greens for less than 12 k, your matches for less than 12 and, when you get a big enough stack, sell your red gun powder and your hawks for $27, 000.

Now you can push this even higher. I have been able to push 29 or 30, sometimes even 32, with the hawks depending on the time of the night or which day it is, but 27. Even at 27, 000, it's going to eat 30k an hour almost now. Along with this, I want to point out another craft that is pretty good and we've got to change prices here real quick because you buy, you buy low and sell high, and it's the eagle gun powder craft.

Now to do this, you need to have a level three piece keeper and have spa tour part two done. You can buy the grenades from him in dollars, but it's 88 dollars, so 800 rubles. Same thing with the M18 smoke grenades at 3 900 because it's 39 or 3 900 rubles because it's 39. Then you sell your eagle your green gunpowder for 34 000 rubles.

This is going to net you about $26,000,000. The thing that's so nice about this craft is that you can just buy the components off the traders and prices won't ever fluctuate. It's kind of a lazy man's craft, if you will, and that's why I like it, because it's an easy cycle. You buy the components, you turn them into eagle gun powders, and every three or four days, you sell your big stack of eagle gun powders for 34, 35, maybe even 37k, and you can make a bunch of money doing that.

Nutrition unit

Nutrition unit

Now with the workbench out , we'll continue this whole process of shuffling things up, and I'll run over here to the nutrition unit, and this one sucks. I'm gonna lie to you, if you don't have three, you might as well not even bother crafting here unless you're looking for tasks or you get like a non-found and raised sugar or some other non-foundry.

But if you have intel 3, there are a couple of things you can get away with here, and it is primarily the max energy and vodka. And vodka requires a little bit of work, but I'll show you what it takes. So, with max energy, get your tarcolas for less than fifteen thousand, your coffee for less than twenty.

I buy your products from therapists, and I use used ones all the time. So your price is technically a little bit lower, but we won't get into that with this, and then sell your max energy for at least sixteen thousand. This is going to actually net you about 3K an hour, or 5000 profit for each craft, but at least you're doing something here.

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If it's just, let's say, if it's just sitting still now for me, the primary craft I'm doing is vodka, but it takes patience and quite a bit of work. Try to get your mooshines for $220,000 or less from therapists again and then sell your vodka for at least $32,000. Now I know a lot of people are going to be like, "You can't sell for 32,000." Trust me, I do it every night.

Let me go look here at my character screen real quick. I crafted this holiday cup and all I do is pile it full of vodka and I'll sell it anywhere from 40 to 60 each night. I kind of look and see where the market is. Sometimes it's 33. There have been nights where I've sold it for 38, and you can see here if I go to 38, 000 on this, you know now you're making.

I analyze every craft in the hideout and show you which ones are the most profitable regardless of the level of your hideout or trader rating. Crafting in Escape from Tarkov is one of the most under rated and under utilized tools the developers give us. Patch 12.
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