Elden Ring - Top 5 Best Faith Weapons ( Where To Find Them. Early-midgame) Guide

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I'm here with another Elder Ring article, and today we're going to be going over the top five faith-damage weapons in the Elder Ring. Now there are a lot of choices to pick from, but I wanted to come up with a list of the top five based off of their base damage, their scaling with the faith stat, and their usefulness in their move set.

Also in this article, I'm going to be explaining how damage scaling works and how to get the most damage out of your weapons in El Dorado. I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope you find it informative. And with that, guys, let's get right into it. Before we jump into the weapon list. I just want to explain damage scaling because there are a lot of new players jumping into the Soul Series for the very first time, and these numbers and these letters can be really confusing.

So if we take a look at my plus 8 sacred scythe, I've got 136 base holy damage. That number is influenced by the plus eight. As I use whetstones to level up this sword, that base number will increase. However, that random floating 59, you may have seen it on your weapons, is my bonus damage from my attributes.

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As a d-faith scaling weapon, I am going to be getting 25 to 50 percent of my faith stat added as extra holy damage. If we look over at my wing scythe plus six, this has a c faith scale. Notice, my faith hasn't changed. I am still at 45 faith. However, I am now getting 94 plus damage on this weapon as opposed to the 59 before.

And that is how you're able to scale up your damage more and more. As you get better scaling weapons, you'll get more damage on them and be able to hit enemies way harder and melt those bosses faster, so I just wanted to explain that first all. Let's get into the weapon list. Coming into our number five spot is the golden halberd.

Now this weapon gets faith scaling, so even as you rank it up, it'll keep its defense scaling, which is solid, and its ash of war allows you to increase your attack and defense for a while, which is super helpful. It increases your attack and defense. Its moveset is solid. The only downside to this weapon is its 30 strength requirement.

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If you plan on doing a faith-strength build, this is a really great start. There's a better option later on in this list, but a really solid start to number five, so coming in at number five is the coded sword. Now this gets a faith scale at rank six. I think it goes all the way up to s and it starts with b, which means it's the highest starting faith weapon.

In the game, at least so far as I've found, it does a crazy ash of war holy blade slash and it's a super great pickup as well as this attack being unblockable. I could see this being a strong pvp weapon as well. The reason this is not number one is because it technically should be because it has the best face scaling out of any of the weapons on this list because of its attack power.

Even with high faith, it takes so long to kill enemies with this thing. There are so many slashes, and I think that's because it's missing physical damage. At least some of the other weapons on this list have holy damage plus physical damage, and I just found this thing wasn't really cutting it in the damage department.

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Especially for how small the openings are. If you're going to use this thing, I'd strongly recommend dual-wielding it with another sword that does holy damage. That way, at least you can kind of make up for a little bit of that lack of damage originally. With another sword so that is my suggestion if you're going to want to use this thing, but having an attack that is unblockable is very, very nice.

To get the coated sword, it's a little bit complicated, so I'll just explain it. Not only do you get the coated sword at the spot, but you also get the sacred whetstone, which allows you to apply sacred scaling to any weapon and use any ash of war, as well as a new prayer book that allows you to get new incantations.

So it's kind of an important spot to grab. You're going to need to get to the capitol first from the lower capital church, the spawn point. You want to scale up the side of the dragon. There's a dragon lying there. If you go up the top of it, you'll eventually go through some more things, and then you'll see some wooden shacks.

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Jump up on top of these shacks and then you'll get to an area that's kind of like the round table area from where you actually spawn. So this is a ton of items, and a lot of them are faith-scale items or good for faith building, so really good spot to be able to find. So in our number three slot, and you could even argue this for number two or even number one, are bleed weapons that do not come with an ash of war.

Now let me explain this because it's a little bit complicated, so just stick with me. When you get a weapon that does not come with an ash of war, you can apply one to it. So for example, I have this. Let's just use this hammer as an example. This is a great war hammer; it's got strength, dexterity, and causes blood buildup.

We're using blood buildup weapons because bleeding is an incredibly strong mechanic. When you build a bleed on an enemy, a bleed explosion is going to happen that deals a percentage of their max health, which is extremely effective against tankier, beefier enemies, such as bosses, because that bleed explosion will deal more damage.

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I've had bleeds hit for 13, 000 damage. Now, what this allows us to do is put bleed weapons on and not only get physical damage and holy damage but also bleed damage, which is incredibly powerful. Early on in the game, you can get a sacred blade, which will allow you to apply sacred scaling to weapons, however.

Once you get a sacred wet stun, which I'll show you at the end of the article, how to get, you can apply any ash of war on any weapon, so for example, this uchigatana, which causes blood buildup. I could put on this bloodhound step. Now Bloodhound Step is going to give it a b-dex scale. However, if I want to use the ash of war but change the scale, I can now change it to sacred.

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What this allows me to do now is to have an uchi gatana, which is a crazy weapon, and do things like dash around. I can apply any ash of war and turn it into my perfect weapon, and it's now going to be doused in blood. I can dash around and it's got holy scaling. This is an incredibly strong strategy and, honestly, one of the best ways to use what you should be using to get yourself through the game.

My favorite two bleed weapons to put faith scaling on are the scythe and dagger, which can be found in the cliff bottom catacombs. When you're in the catacombs, you'll see a shrouded door that you need to use a stone sword key on. Ignore that, run up the stairs and just keep going. You'll get to a little area where you'll see a bunch of goblins.

Yooo guize, today we go over the Top 5 Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring.
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