Elden Ring - These Two Summons Make Easy Mode. How To Get The 2 Best Summons

Elden Ring - 1.03

Now we're going to be going over two different summons today. The one on screen is the black knight tish, and then we're also going to be showing how to get the clean rot knight finlay, both of which I believe to be the two best summons currently in the elden ring. The thing I like the most about the Black Knife is the incredible speed at which you can move around the map.

It is incredibly elusive and it can deal a ton of damage, so not only is it going to survive pretty much the entire fight, but it's also going to do a ton of damage while evading all of the attacks and, quite frankly, is capable of soloing many bosses in the game, like Loretta. I was dumbfounded that I was able to kill Loretta the first time with the black knife, and honestly just kind of let it just wreck her face, which was a lot of fun to see happening because, especially when it does the attack that causes these like blood flames or whatever that is on there, it does a ton of damage.

Finlay, on the other hand, is pretty versatile in the fact that she can attack at range with these holy disks, can do physical damage with her sword when up close, and then can also buff you with a physical damage reduction boost that lasts for 30 seconds, which she will reapply throughout the fight.

Elden Ring - best

She can also do a sprinkling of rot that will cause rot damage over time to your enemies, which can burn them down even after she's dead. While you just run around and wait for the boss to die, she is pretty amazing, and both of these summons are going to be great to have in your arsenal. The only real downside to these two summons is that they do cost the most of all summons in the game.

The black knife teacher costs 132 FP, whereas the clean rot knight finlay costs 127. But fear not, you can actually cast these for free if you are playing a build that does not have a lot of mana. This is done by using the cerulean hidden tier, which eliminates all FP consumption when you consume your flask of wondrous physic.

Even though my character does have 160 fp and I can cast both of these summons, let's say I only had 10 fp on my character, somehow you could still summon all of your summons by using the flask of wondrous physics. For the cerulean tier, to be able to get this tier, we're going to need to defeat the boss at the minor herb tree.

Elden Ring - best spirit ashes

You can get to this on the northwest side of the map near the volcano manor, and the closest spot here is the road of iniquity. From this road, we're just going to want to hop on our spectral steed, and you can follow this road down the edge here. Through all of this, past the weird tentacles. I don't know what this deal is, but that's a thing, and then down at this dead ered tree is going to be a boss that you need to defeat for the cerulean tier.

It comes in super handy for various other builds as well, like the infinite FP build, but just kill the tree here and you'll be able to get this cerulean tier. Now it is a lot of fun to be able to use the black knife ties to be able to just solo bosses. It is so freaking agile and does so much damage, it's really hard for the bosses to be able to kill it, and you can almost solo them.

Elden Ring - best summon

Like, look how much damage it does when it finally gets that, like, blood flame effect on there. And it's just a magnificent summon to have, so let's go ahead and get into exactly how to get the summon and how you can use the boss to be able to easily get it. Now, to be able to get to the location of the summon, you do need to have defeated Estelle.

Which means you need to have gotten this far in Rena's storyline, and if you have been having trouble with this boss, I highly recommend Radon's. The great swords because they do a ton of damage to this thing and honestly made it super easy. It only took me two tries to be able to kill this thing, and I know a lot of people have had trouble with it, but the radon's great swords are actually really amazing for this fight, as well as the death poker worked really well, but once you defeat Estelle, we'll be able to get to the location where we need to be able to get the black knife.

Teesh i just realized I accidentally called Ronnie. It's a bit of a long quest line, but it'll give you access to all of these underground areas, and then you'll eventually be able to defeat the boss here at the estelle natural born void, which will then get you up into this location at the moonlight altar.

Elden Ring - best summons

Once you get to this area, you're going to want to head west, and we're going to go down this road all the way to the ringleaders' evergel. There's going to be a couple of dragons through here that you can run right past. Before we go into the evergel, just get familiarized with this particular area.

When you're in, you're going to be able to spawn the boss right here, but what we want to focus on is this little corner right here. You can actually see where all the blood is in this little corner right here. So the goal when we get inside of here, and I'll be showing you exactly how this works in a second, we're going to run up here.

We're going to spawn the boss and then we're going to kite it over to this direction, and we're going to get basically stuck right here where it can't even fight. Once we get it spawned, let's just do exactly what we talked about. We're going to bring them over to this corner. Once you get here, you can kind of hop up and see how it gets stuck in the corner.

Elden Ring - black knife tiche

You're going to take a little bit of damage, but the goal is to just slap him right into this corner. Don't rush it. Patience is key. When you see him fall to the ground, just let him stay there. Once he stands back up, start slapping him again. And just take this nice and slow. You don't want to accidentally hit him.

Push yourself to one side or the other, allowing him to get out of there because he can easily one-shot you, but the key is to make sure to not do damage to him when he's on the ground like that, on his knees. You don't want to critically hit him because sometimes it'll reset him and it'll allow him to do damage to you again.

So really, just take your time here. Using a great sword seems to work really well for this, and then just keep stun-locking him into the corner. If you take your time nice and easy, you can do this without getting hit maybe once or twice, and that's really about it. It's just a patience thing. I am using the Death Poker for this.

Get These 2 Summons In Elden Ring Now! These are 2 the most powerful summons in Elden ring post 1. 03 update. The Black Knife Tiche And Cleanrot Knight Finlay are incredibly powerful and can make elden ring easy.
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