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Elden Ring - best rune farming spot

I've made a lot of articles on how to farm runes in the best ways possible. In today's article we're going to be going over one of the best boss fights in the game to get over 500, 000 xp in a minute as well as one of the best mid-range rune farms you can get in the game. This is probably going to be one of the best rune farming articles that I've made so far, and I've been trying to make these all in such a way that you will kind of progress through the game, so that way no matter how you're playing, you'll always have a room farming article for where you are currently in the game.

Well, at least I think it's a prerequisite for what we're about to do, because I only got this particular spot here after defeat. I've heard others say that you can do it after defeating Roderick, and it might be just after a certain boss fight, but what we need to do after defeating Godric or Radon is head back to the first step where we're going to see a message where Vare used to be.

We're going to read this message, and we're going to go seek him at the Rose Church. Now, getting to the Rose Church is pretty dang easy. You can take the shortcut around the castle if you want and get to the lake-facing cliffs, and then kind of run down through the water all the way through here, up to the Rose Church.

Elden Ring - early game rune farming

There is no sight of grace here, but once you get here, you'll see our lovely friend covered in blood standing outside. Now when he asks you a question, just make sure to pick the top choice and then continue through the dialogue. After you're done talking to him the first time, talk to him again and he's going to give you some bloody fingers.

Once you get these bloody fingers, you're just going to go into your inventory, and you're going to use one of these to try and attempt to join another player's world. It doesn't matter if you win or lose that fight; you just need to do this three times before returning to vary. Now once you get these bloody fingers, you're just going to go into your inventory, and you're going to use one of these to try and attempt to join another player's world.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose that fight; you just need to do this three times before returning to vary. After doing your three invasions, you should be able to go back to Vary and have them anoint you, and you're done with what you're doing. After you do your three invasions, you should be able to go back to Vary and have another conversation where he will anoint you and provide you with the lord of blood's favor, which means we need to go get the blood of a maiden, so that's fun.

Elden Ring - easy xp

Now to get our maiden's blood, we're going to go to the church of inhibition. To get here the easiest way I've found, there are actually two different ways. You can go up through here to the mausoleum compound and then jump down the stones here to get to this highway. Or if you can go from the east Raya Lucia gate, you just run along the edge of this, and you just make your way around the mountain all the way around and then up into this particular area, avoiding madness along the way.

Right before you get to the church, you will be invaded by an NPC. Just take that one out and then we're going to head over to the maiden that is sitting right here where we get the finger maiden armor set and we can get the blood as well. We can dye the cloth with the blood of the maiden. Now we can offer him the finger, and he's going to provide us with a medallion that's going to take us where we want to go.

Elden Ring - experience points

Now we just have to go back to the location where we're going to get the bloody finger, and he's also going to give us a medallion that'll allow us to go to the location that we actually want to go to after talking to him again after getting the bloody finger. Once we're here, we just need to run through this particular area.

You can pick up the map from the dead guy on the ground, and really it's just a matter of avoiding all of the fights along the path here until, well, you can pick up these sites of grace as well. Once you pick up the site of grace, then we can continue. Go through don't bother fighting all of these guys.

They are literally just going to explode on you, and it's just not worth it. Just don't get stuck in the middle of them either, because that would not be fun. Just run right past all of them. Hopefully you won't get stuck. And then we're going to go, "Man, are they like worshiping that blob?" We're just going to keep rolling right through until we get to this cave.

Elden Ring - fastest rune farming

Now you're going to need a light, whether you have a lantern or a torch, whatever your heart desires or whatever you have. We're going to run through here, and then we're going to take the right turn once we can. It's a little bit of a maze to get through here. We're going to go to the right, pick this up, and we can keep running right past.

We're going to follow these stairs up through here, at which point we're going to keep turning right, and I'm going to grab this just because it's good to have those ghost glove warts, and we've pretty much made it out. We've got the exit right up through here, and we've almost made it to the location for all of the rune farming.

Just outside, there is a site of grace for you to be able to get, and then there are two things we can do here. The first thing we're going to do is get 500, 000 runes very quickly. I'm going to go into my equipment. I'm going to make sure I equip the gold scarab, which increases your xp gained by 20, and I'm also going to go into my inventory and I'm going to make sure I have one of these gold pickled foul feats available for me to be able to use.

Elden Ring - gameplay

I would like to equip it. Once you have your golden scarab and your gold pickled foot equipped, we can kind of start with the rest of this process. We're going to ask the boss if he is available back here. It's incredibly easy to defeat with this method. It's only going to take, well, it's going to take a very short amount of time.

Once the elevator is up, we need to do two things. We need to purposefully dive first, so if you have a lot of runes at this point, just make sure to use them if you can, but you'll be able to pick them up anyway. We only need to purposely die once for this to work, so we're just going to run in.

We're going to get the cutscene and then we're going to die. Now obviously, if you want, you can just try and kill this guy on your own and it'll give you a lot of xp, but I want to show you the actual way to be able to do it. But running from me, there we go. When we die, we're going to choose to be revived in the state of or stake of America.

Elden ring has a ton of ways to level up and get runes, but this is by far the easiest. More Elden Ring Videos. Defeat Radahn Easy.
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