Elden Ring - The Most Powerful Mage Build (get Op Early) Ultimate Astrologer Guide

Elden Ring - astrologer

I've been hearing people say that mages suck in eldering because of the scaling of spells. You get one shot all the time, and that's basically just spamming Flintstone Pebbles all game long. which is your starting ability. Well, in this article I'm going to show you how powerful and busted being a mage actually is as an elder and that it's a lot more fun than just spamming pebblestone.

The best thing about this is that you can become very powerful quite early on with the build that I'm going to show you first. First of all, when you make a character, you want to pick up the Astrologer class. It's the most suitable class for a pure mage and has the highest intelligence of any class in the game, and it gets two pretty great starting abilities as well, so for the Keepsake, there are two great options really.

The first one being the Crimson Amber Medallion, so you have a bit more HP and you have more leeway versus some enemies that would otherwise just one-shot you. The other great option is the golden seat, which gives you an extra flask at the start and can be very useful as it means you get more FB to spend on sorceries.

Elden Ring - build

You'll find that at the beginning of the game you will run out of FB quite easily, so having an extra flash will make things a lot easier in that regard. Just choose whatever you prefer between these two. It doesn't really matter that much as you get plenty of cool seats in the open world, and you can also just buy a crimson Amber Medallion from a merchant at some point for In a match, you really just want to pump as many points into intelligence as possible.

Ultimately, you want to get it all the way to 70 at least, so you can use all the sources in the game for your secondary stats. You want to spend it on mind and figure, so you have more FP and more HP, meaning more sorceries you can cast before running out of FP and more survivability. You can also spend some points on dexterity as it reduces gas speeds a little bit, but so far I haven't really found casting speed to be too bothersome, so I have not done that myself now.

Elden Ring - early

Let's get into the actual build and the play style. When your character enters the world, you'll see that he will start the game with Glenstone Pebble and Glenstone Arc. Both are very decent spells that you start with. Pebblestone hits one target at a time for decent damage, and Glenstone Arc is your AOE spell and can take out entire groups of enemies when positioned next to each other.

By moving around, you can usually just make the mobs angry in such a way that they will form a line so you can hit them with your Glenstone Arc. But in the first hours of play, you will see that playing a mage will get repetitive rather quickly as you will just spam Pebblestone over and over. You only have two memory slots, meaning you can only use two spells at a time, and your other spell, the Glenstone Arc spell, is only really good in certain situations.

If you explore a bit, you will find a sorceress that is relatively close to the starting area at the waypoints. Rune Cellar Grays interact. With her and intimately, she gives you the possibility to learn a whole lot of new spells. There's even one sorcery that requires 23 intelligence, so it must be powerful and exciting.

Elden Ring - elden

Right Well, no no, because all of these new spells suck and you should just avoid getting them since these sources are probably the first new options you'll see after using Pebblestone for hours and you have started creating something else by now. You will be extra disappointed when actually trying them out because they barely do any damage and their FP cost is way too high for that damage in the first place.

Thankfully, this is only the start, and it only gets better from here. Mages usually in Souls games, it tends to require some time to really poke up, but even here, if you follow this guide, you can become very powerful, but only by spending a few points on intelligence as an assaultier. Thankfully the sources that we will use don't really require that much of an investment in your intelligence, so this sorcist has GARP spelled right but.

Elden Ring - elden ring

If you provide her with scrolls, she will add more spells to her repertoire, and fortunately for us, there is a scroll nearby. Go a bit to the north of her, exactly to this place on the map, and you'll find a body laying on top of this structure with a Royal House scroll that you can pick up and present to the sorcerers again, and she will now know two extra spells to teach you.

These are the glen blade fellings and the carrion slicer. Now we are starting to talk because these are both useful. The Carion Slicer is a really good spell. First of all, it only costs 4 FP and it does insane damage in return for it, so definitely get it. The only problem with this spell is that it's melee range, and you don't really want to be in melee range as a mage right now.

On the other hand, it has very fast attacks that, versus many enemies, will just prevent them from attacking at all while you kill them with fast and powerful attacks, and if you're mounted, you can kill mobs relatively safely if you time the attacks correctly now. Regarding the other spell, the glint plate fellings, it's not that great in terms of damage, but it has a really unique benefit that makes the world while in some situations, sorcery has a delay in applying damage.

Elden Ring - get

What this means is that you can kite away or run away while casting the spell, and then when you face the enemy again, it will automatically let the swords rip through them. This prevents you from being locked in the casting animation while also having a guaranteed way of dealing damage to the enemy.

It's definitely a useful spell in some situations against some enemies. Now that you have a lot of dashes or are like hyper or aggressive, and you don't really have the time to stand still and be locked in a casting animation, now that you've got two new actually useful spells quite close to the starting area, it's time to go to the order areas and really start making your mage powerful.

Elden Ring - get op early

It's time to pick up something very important, a huge upgrade to your staff that you will actually use for quite a time. This is the meteorite staff, and you can pick it up pretty much at the start of the game. You can find the meteorite staff exactly. This is in a swamp near Celia Crystal Tunnel, and if you're still in the starting area or you don't want to go all the way to this place, you can teleport to this area.

By the way, just go to here on the map and interact with the chest. This is actually a trap, but in our case it is very beneficial as we now get to go here. Just avoid all the mobs on the way and quickly move towards the spot with the meteorite staff, because if you're doing this at the very start, the mobs will completely destroy you.

This video shows you how to get very powerful with mage in Elden Ring and the best thing is you can start doing this extremely early in the game. We go over sorceries, build, staff, gear, summons, tips, extra buffs and everything you essentially need to know to dominate any and every boss in Elden Ring. Also, this way mage becomes much more than just spamming glintstone pebble and makes it incredibly fun to play in Elden Ring. Enjoy.
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