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Many people consider the artist to be merely a myth, and it makes sense because when you hear the stories you would think that something that is so deadly, brutal and destructive cannot possibly exist and it all just must be a figment of someone's imagination, but those who have gone the distance to research the artist and the associated stories know for certain that he's real and, under the same group of researchers, his way of fighting has netted him the nickname of "blink once and you're dead." Why, well, it's simple.

Give the artist a single second to do what he wants and whatever he's fighting dies. This is because the artist is proficient and an expert in using a quick-oriented sword type that excels at precise timing and outmaneuvering opponents, namely the rapier and the esto. The artist has completely mastered the trusting sword weapon class 280 and knows exactly how and where to strike his opponents to completely break, destroy, and eliminate them.

The artist is the late game and evolved version of my cold-blooded flame build, or rather the continuation, of my get op early guide for the bandit that focuses on broken frostbite and blades infinitely while using twin blades and different types of ashes of war. If you're starting a new playthrough, make sure to watch the article as well because it is the strongest bleed and frost build, or a build that focuses on multiple status effects, that you can also make at the start of the game and is a gold-tier build for the early and mid game.

Elden Ring - artist

However, if you thought that procking 2 status effects at the same time was crazy, well, wait till you see the rest of this article. So the main status effects in aging are poison, scarlet world, frostbite, and bleed, and I call these the main status effects because these four status effects are the ones you can commonly find in the game on weapons and actually consistently.

This builds up a lot of enemies in the game. The same is not true for madness or dead light. Since most enemies in the game are in fact immune to these status effects, these two status effects do not make the cut to be a part of this build. Finally, sleep is more of a setup status effect. It doesn't really fit this build, as this build is extremely fast-paced and by the time you get the energy to start killing your opponents, you will have already killed your opponents.

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It also just doesn't fit from a practical point of view to include it on a weapon, as it's only found on two weapons in the entire game, one of which is a torch. However, if you really want to include it, however, for the role play and to have the feeling that you've included all the status effects.

I would rather just use sleep bolts as an additional tool, as they are quite easy to make, but like I said, it's definitely not necessary. However, applying the four mainstay effects in the game all at once is definitely extremely destructive and fun. The most powerful and best way to achieve this is through using the trusting sword weapon class.

Because in the trusting sword weapon class, there is an extremely powerful rapier that goes by the name of the ansper rapier, and you'll want to get this rapier as soon as possible for this build. And you can pick up the ansper rapier right next to the shaded castle outside of this place to the west, there will be a hostile npc that if you kill will drop the ends per rapier for you.

Elden Ring - elden

This thing is amazing. A monster Whatever positive word you want to use or can't find in the book you want to go with, go with it. The spur rapier comes with an innate scarlet road, but it's also a weapon that you can customize, so you can actually change its affinities. This is great because it gives you the opportunity to either give it the bleat affinity with the poisonous mist ash of war or the poison affinity with seppuku to get a second and third status effect going on this sword.

Which option you want to go with is really up to preference. You can do either option as the scaling distributions are exactly the same either way. My personal preference, however, is to infuse it with the poisonous mist ash of war while giving it the bleed affinity. Because poisonous mist actually has an interactive component, you can hit your opponents with your sword while doing it, and it also releases a poisonous mist.

Elden Ring - elden ring

Who would have thought of that name? And when the enemy is standing in the mist, it will already start building up poison on them. It's actually really easy to inflict poison on your enemies with this mist at the very start of a fight before ever even hitting them, so this route definitely gets my preference.

Most importantly, your blade itself can now also inflict poison on your enemies when you actually hit them with it, as it's coated with poison. Meanwhile, going the other route with sepuku is a lot more boring in my opinion, as sepuku is just a buff ash of war that you'll always have to preemptively cast and you can't actually do anything with the actual 4 itself in combat.

Make sure to apply the ashford with the right affinity on your nsp rapier and your ends per rapier will now be able to apply three different status effects on your enemies. But this imposes a new question: where do we get the frostbite from to complete the building well? In this article we will continue the trend of part 1 and use pretty much the same stats.

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That means that this build is, at its core, arcane dexterity. In addition to that, the ansper rapier actually skills the hardest with dexterity, so dexterity is our primary damaging stat and we will want to use another rapier, or a trusting sword that actually also scales really well with dexterity.

Or I will find you a trusting sword. Which trusty sword could it possibly be? Well, let's just jump immediately to the conclusion that the best sword to pair up with the ants per rapier to get frostbite going and maximize your raw damage output is going to be the stock The s-talk is the best stock because it scales the hardest with dexterity compared to all other thrusting swords in the game, so it harmonizes well with the ants per rapier thanks to its high scaling with dexterity.

So definitely get the s-dock. It is also a very easy-to-get weapon. You can buy it for cheap from a merchant in Lerner right here. We have done so, so put the cold affinity on it and pair it up with the chilling mist. Chilling mist is basically the frost equivalent of poisonous mist, so you want to get it for all the same reasons.

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In addition to all those reasons, the stock already gets a pretty high frost build up when infused with the gold affinity, but chilling mist will coat your weapon and increase this number even more, making it very easy to proc frostbite very early on in the fight. Now that you have both weapons, you definitely want to put the answer rapier in your main hand when power stancing.

This video shows an extremely powerful build in Elden Ring that you will want to use if you want to completely destroy everything in Elden Ring while applying Bleed, Frostbite, Poison Scarlet Rot at the same time. Welcome to the Artist Build. The Artist destroys everything and everyone within a second or two, and that is not an exaggeration. Just check the video out for yourself.
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