Elden Ring - The Best Way To Level Fast. 585,600 Runes Per Hour - Rune Farm

Elden Ring - best rune farming spot

Today we're going to go over one of the most ridiculously good rune farms available in the elden ring with this insanely easy rune farm where you don't even have to fight anything. You'll be getting about 10,000 runes per minute, and you can do this from the very start of the game. Let's go over exactly where you need to go and what you should have with you.

If you're going through this at the very beginning of the game, you're going to want to head over to the church of Ella to pick up that lost grace point and then head over to the lake north grace point just right over here to acquire your rideable horse torrent. Once you finish talking to the mysterious lady and have acquired your noble steed, we're going to head in a southeast direction across the bridge.

Now the location we're going to be headed to is the third, the Church of Maria, and all you need to do is just run across this road and follow the road to the left all the way until you get to the church. Now this little fork in the road is kind of hard to see when you cross the bridge, but you're just going to head in the direction of the tree and then follow this road all the way down.

Elden Ring - early game rune farming

One thing I do recommend when going through this road, especially if you're very early in the game, is to do this road during the daytime. If you do it at night, you're going to run into bosses and bats and all sorts of things that you can still run past, but if you're unlucky, they might one-shot you as you try and get past them.

As you approach the third church, you're going to be able to see it pretty clearly next to this giant. You can run right past the giant, run inside, and just pick up the lost grace points. If you've never been here before, there are going to be two really great items strewn around. Just pick those up.

They will unlock the flask of wondrous physics for you, as well as a sacred tier to level up your health potions. Now here, I highly recommend resting at the site of grace and passing time until morning if you have not already. There's a very good reason for this, so don't think I'm crazy. Because of the route that we're going to take to get to this farming spot, you're going to want it to be morning and not nighttime because you might get clapped.

Elden Ring - easy xp

Right behind this church is a little portal, and I'll mark it on the map here. It's just in the corner of this. Water can run right out of the area that I went through, and if you go up to this portal, you can actually teleport to a new location. This is going to take you to Dragonboro, which is going to help us get to the new farming location.

This is actually right next to the old one, and you can farm about two to four thousand runes per hour in this particular location. We are going to head down this road, and there is a site of grace here that I'm going to recommend you pick up just in case. There are a couple of different ways to actually get to the location we're going to.

We don't want to go across where the dragon is. This is the sight of grace you can pick up just in case. Now we can get there by crossing this bridge, which is crazy, but we're actually going to cross this little bridge here which has a boss on it at night time, which is incredibly strong, and that's why we want it to be daytime when we do this, so from this site of grace, we're going to go up and around.

Elden Ring - experience points

We're going to turn left to right here. And then we're going to go down this little turn bit. Now there's going to be a ton of poison traps throughout here. You can kind of just run through them; they're not going to kill you; or you can kind of run on the side, but regardless, you're going to hit a bunch of them on your way.

You'll be perfectly fine. And there's actually another xp exploit that we can do here to get 45 000 runes instantly, and I'll show that at the tail end of this article because it's just a nice little bonus for this area, and since you're in the area, you might as well do it anyway. But once we cross this bridge, we're going to see another site of grace next to this building, and we're going to synchronize with that.

I don't know why I call it synchronized. I know it's light up, but it just feels better. I guess I don't know. Now this is where things get spicy. You don't have to fight anything, and you're going to get a ton of experience. So we've got the sight of grace unlocked and we're going to run down this road.

Elden Ring - fastest rune farming

We're going to hop on tour and we're going to run right down here. You can do this as fast as you want. And right when we get to about here, there's going to be a giant ball that spawns behind us, and we need to sprint away from that ball. It's going to fall off the edge and we're going to get 1950 XP.

Once that happens, just fast travel back to the site of grace. You're going to hop back on your horse and you're going to do it again. It's absurd and you can get I tried to see how many times I could do this in a minute and I got about five, so it's about 10,000 xp per minute. You're just going to roll right off the edge.

You're going to get your 2000 XP, and you're going to fast travel back. You can optimize this because there's a certain point where you think once it goes off the edge, you're going to get the xp anyway, so once you see it roll off, you can just initiate the fast travel, and just keep doing it, and you can get so much xp for this it's absurd.

Elden Ring - gameplay

If it hits you, there's a solid chance it will kill you, so just be careful about that. Yeah, it's the simplest way to get xp in the game or runes or whatever you want to call it. Now that's easy enough to do. If you do this for an hour straight and you average about five times per minute, you'll get right around 585.600 runes an hour, which is absurd.

And if you want a little added bonus, if you go to your site of grace or it becomes night time during this process, you'll be able to spawn a boss here. Now this boss will only be available once. Once you kill it, it won't be back. Now you need to make sure to do this at night because the boss will only spawn at night.

Do not engage this boss. For a fight, we're going to be on our mountain. We're going to run past it, and you don't want to sprint either. You might need to sprint like this initially, just so that he doesn't one-shot you. There we go. Just initially get past him, then don't sprint and just kite him up this hill while hitting all of these gas traps along the way.

Elden Ring - guide

Just keep running over all of the gas traps. If he gets up on you, then speed up a little bit. You definitely don't want to let him get too far behind or out of order, so if he gets up on you, then sprint, but otherwise just try and run along. What's crazy is that all of these poison traps are also going to poison him.

Elden Ring has a lot of ways to farm runes, but this might be The BEST Way To LEVEL Fast In Elden Ring! 585,600 Runes Per Hour - Elden Ring Rune Farm.
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