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Elden Ring - all incantations

Hello and welcome back to Race Gamer articles. We're talking about some of the most popular and most effective, whether that's in pvp or whether that's in pve. Whether that's both because there are quite a few universal incantations that could be considered the very best We're going to take a look at these.

I will break them down, showcase them, and show you how to get them. Let's begin with what I would recommend. The flame grants me strength and the golden vowel is an aoe buff for yourself and those around you. It will increase your attack and defense for a period of time for a reasonable 50 or 47 fp.

Meanwhile, the flame that grants me strength is a more specific one. This raises your physical and fire affinity attack power, so it's great for any pyromancy really, and then any physical damage. Certain weapons aren't going to be affected by this. Take the coded sword here. It is a purely faith weapon; it is not a physical weapon, so I cannot increase its physical damage because it has none.

Elden Ring - best build

Most weapons have some physical damage, and it will increase that. So with this little dagger, let's take a look. We have 102, and Ar when I'm just holding it. It's a plus-zero weapon, very low numbers, obviously, but this is just an example. When I use flame, grant me strength. That takes me from 102 to 122, so plus 20.

That's roughly a 20% increase. That's a lot now without that buff. Let's try "golden vowel." So we're going from 102 to 117., so flame grant me strength is going to give you more physical damage than Golden Valve can give you, and flame grant me strength is also going to give you some fire affinity if you have that.

However, golden vowel is going to increase your defenses, which is obviously a perk and is aoe, so it can affect allies in multiplayer. Let's try both of them at once. So we're going again from 102 to 140. Therefore, they do in fact stack, and that is a 40 point increase. That is significant, and it should come as no shock as to why people are doing this before all of their jewels.

Elden Ring - best faith build

This applies in pve as well, so before entering a boss room, you could double buff up and go in there extra strong to get yourself flame grant strength. You're going to need to come to the early area of Cale on the west side. You need to go to the fort. Gale is actually round the back on the outside.

So as we approach it from the front, you're going to turn to your left and go around the outside of the foot until you come to the back. There's going to be these two turret guys, and between them is a body that has the incantation. On it, it's pretty easy to get on. On the other hand, Golden Vowel is going to require you to come to Mount Gilmore, here near the Volcano Manor, and you need to come here to the Corp Snitch Shack.

So, approaching from the Altus Plateau, the main road that leads you there, we can just walk down the main road to get to the shack. Here's the shack. Do note that you'll be invaded by an NPC here, and upon defeating them you'll also get a weapon, but that's not too relevant. This is the corpse with the incantation on it.

Elden Ring - best incantation

Just pick it up from this guy, and now let's talk incantations. They are great for both pve and pvp. Starting with the lightning strike for 28 faith and 21, fp, you can spread out some lightning at a reasonable range. great damage, And absolutely spam this out whether you're in pve or pvp. As you can see, this is quite a spammable ability, so on a target like a boss or a big enemy, that can be ridiculous.

The fact that it spreads out in the way that it does, as you can see, is great in a pack of enemies for cleaning them out at reasonable range as well, but when it comes to pvp, the reason why I really like this spell is a two-step stage. It's the first proc, which is the one right in front of you, and then the lightning as it forks out at range in that cone.

Those are two different hits, so they have to kind of be aware of that and dodge both, and you can free-aim it so they end up running into it. The range is really good in a jewel or pvp in general, and, of course, the damage, as you can see, is very respectable. It's something you can spam out and really harass people at a range.

Elden Ring - best incantations

It's very effective and really fun, and just like any incantation, you just have to be careful when you're actually casting it, but when they step out into that range where you can get it off a few times, it's seriously dangerous, and it's also literally easy to get. It's here just in the middle of this valley or ravine just west of the castle, rampart grace.

You can run up here and then you're going to be here. There are these sorts of gravestones sticking out of the side of the ravine. Once you kill it, that is what gives you the incantation. If you want another pve and pvp option for your incantations, then we're talking about pest threads. This disgusting and irritating incantation may have been used against you by those really irritating enemies and the various caves and caverns, requiring an incredibly low faith at 11 and only a 19FP cost.

Elden Ring - bestial fling

This is a very effective spell. The home in the threads was hit many, many times, I think. What is staggeringly good about this spell is how far away it is. You can actually cast it and see how it just homes in and deals the damage. You can do it with some serious safety. It's a fact that they track as well.

You see how he's rolling around and it just curved around to catch him and it actually staggered him as well. That is really spammable and really effective compared to what we consider in pvp. My god, the range is just the entire dual area that you're playing in, in that pressure that it creates because you can spam it out and in the tracking of it.

You can see people just trying to roll it and messing it up, or as they try to roll it, you just go for a melee, catching the two different frames, and it really catches people to get yourself pest threads. Then you're going to need to come here to the east side of Caledonia to Gauri's shack, and inside of the shack will be an NPV.

Elden Ring - black blade

At that point, he should be far enough for you to actually start learning from him. Now we're going to talk about one of the most popular and effective bleed incantations in the game, which is, of course, a swarm of flies. This is a slow-moving swarm of flies that people often refer to as the "blood bees." And as you can see, when it reaches its max range or its destination, it sort of does a mini explosion, and then around that circle, where it's going, it will deal stacking damage very quickly, building blood status.

These are the strongest, most useful universally good incantations! Enjoy.
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