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Hello and welcome back to racing gaming articles. This is my first time rating the weapons of Eldon Ring. What I've done today is go through several different weapons for strength. I actually brought quite a lot of them to plus 10 or plus 25, and then I got my strength to 80, which is the soft cap, and then I checked the ar.

I went through all of these weapons with both one hand and two hand to determine which are the top five strongest weapons in the elden ring based on raw damage as well as the movesets and what I think of them now for you to understand how we've worked this out to work out the highest numbers. For the actual damage numbers of these strong weapons, I need to explain to you what ar is and how you can do affinity scaling to make your strong weapons better.

Ar is just the term that we use to refer to your true damage, so if you look at this weapon, it's a standard great sword, it's a plus 14, and so currently it has 297. The base damage that comes from it being a great sword is plus 14. If I were to make it a plus 15, then that base damage would go up the number next to that, two to two.

Elden Ring - best strength build

That is the scaling number, so that damage is coming from the attribute scaling. Right now, this great sword gives me a c scaling on strength and an e scaling on decks. The higher the grade, the more damaging that number is going to be. It's also interesting that it matters whether you're 100 or 200, because you're going to do more damage if you two-hand a weapon.

So instead of having 222 damage, I'm going to two-hand it and now it's gone up to 248. Now what you can do is actually go to status and then check your armament in your right hand slot, the first slot, and if on one hand it's going to go down to 519, then it is awesome when you have a standard weapon like the great sword here because that means you can change its scaling, its affinity, and also you can change the ash of war itself to perhaps something better right now.

It starts with this stamp with the uppercut. Maybe I want something different, so let's go to any grace and then use our whetstones to change the affinity. So I'm going to pick the great sword. I'm going to pick any single thing doesn't matter, and you can see all my different affinities here. So naturally, I have 80 strength right now.

Elden Ring - best strength weapon

I want to do a strong weapon. The base damage is going to go down to an e, but the scaling damage is going from 248 to 350. So yes, if you're doing a strength build. If you can make your weapon a heavy weapon using its affinity scaling, that is what you should do. As you can see, I can do this with any of the ashes of war.

It's quite interesting. So what I do is I take this and I change the scaling. It's going to want to make it a sacred weapon, right, but that would mess up all my scaling. It's going to take my strength scaling down to an e, it could be some faith and dex. We don't need any of that. We want to make it heavy, so it's just scaling with heavy.

Elden Ring - best weapon

There we go, it's staying the same damage as it was with the other ash of war at 350, and now I have this ash of war. Let's try another example. Instead of having the holy ash of war, I have the stomp. So that's how it works and you definitely want to make use of it. Let's get into the top five strongest AR weapons, and at number five, we might actually surprise you with our first fifth-strongest AR weapon.

It's a humble halberd. It's the gargoyle's heavy halberd. In fact, at plus 25, we have a physical hit of 275, which is very low. Honestly, that's very low, but from the scaling we are getting 500–550 damage thanks to the strength scaling set at an s rating. So, through its ridiculous scaling, the humble gargoyle's halberds are actually one of the stronger weapons.

Just because something's ar is high doesn't make it a good weapon. Ultimately, if a weapon is good because you enjoy it, it's effective when you use it, or you like the moveset, then use it just because the numbers are higher technically. You know, the difference isn't that much; it's what you enjoy, and now I'm going to go against where I was leading you with that and say, yeah, the moveset of this weapon's actually pretty good and underrated.

Elden Ring - build

The four hit r1, which I think is solid. You've got nice wide slashes and then an occasional slam at the beginning. It's not bad. The r2 is a spin attack which you can combo into, of course, another spin attack, so you've got pretty nice range. You can catch people out in pvp with that and it's running.

R1 is much like a spear, which is incredible for catching people who are running or spamming. The sprinting r2 is similar but more of a wide swing, so maybe you could hit multiple targets with that and when you think about heavy strength weapons, you know, with the big ar hits. I imagine you weren't thinking of a pretty quick attack.

Halberd. You know, we've got range, and we've got speed at which these attacks come out. It's shockingly effective. And you're probably wondering, "Okay, maybe if you're interested, you like halberds, where do you get them?" Well, you're going to want to come to the west capital rampart, and out here on our right, there's going to be an enemy that's pretty hard to miss, to be honest.

Elden Ring - gargoyle halberd

I don't have him right now, but I'll show a clip of him alive. He's a big gargoyle. You're going to have to kill him, and when you do kill him, he will drop it, so that's how you get the gargoyles. Albert. And again. I can't believe a weapon that is pretty damn quick like this with the range that this has as a strength weapon and being one of the highest ar strength weapons at that, so if you're into this moveset, not a bad pick coming in at number four, then you might be surprised.

It's the ruins. Greatsword I think this is an interesting one because when we actually go to look at the status right now, you're not going to see a number two spot, you're going to see 959, meaning this is actually not the fourth best or fourth highest, rather ar. It's number one for strong weapons, but that's why it's deceiving.

Elden Ring - giant crusher

It's important to be aware of how it works. The physical damage is 303 at the baseline of plus 10, and then the scaling damage is 554. Not 957, but 857. Where's that extra $100 coming from? It's coming from the magic damage, which is 100 total. You'd expect a weapon like this to not scale as well if it's got dual damage like that, but despite that, despite all logic, it's scaling at an S strength.

So yes, ridiculously strong weapon, 857, ar for physical, and they got an extra 100 from magic. If you're able to combine these and you're dealing with an enemy that's either not resistant to magic or even worse, weak to magic, your base r2 costs no ashes of war, sorry no FP, and you get some magic damage.

All these Elden Ring weapons are incredible powerful and unique! Enjoy.
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