Elden Ring - Sorcery Is Overpowered - How To One Shot Any Boss - Best Magic Build. Comet Azur

Elden Ring - best glintstone staff

Hello my fellow tarnished, my fellow masters of the ways of the primeval currents, sorcerers one and all, hear me for today I instruct you in the ways of unlimited power. The ability to one-shot any boss with one single spell. Well, as you essentially break the Elden Ring in order to achieve this incredible feat of sorcery, well, you're going to need eight things.

Yes, eight specific things. Think of it like assembling the pieces of an exodia. Ah, impossible number one, you're going to need 60 inches. That is their simple requirement, though it might take a bit of farming runes to make it happen, at least 60 inches. You want as much as possible, so any talismans that can raise it, any gear that can raise it, anything that can just pump it as much as possible with a minimum of 60.

The second piece of the puzzle then is the magic boosting talisman, which is found in the school of sorcery. From the wolf boss fight to grace Head out the way you came and there is a series of bookshelves, or on the right is a fake wall. Yes, that's right, real fake doors. That's us, and then once you go up the ladder, you can go to the back of the room, jump over the railing, drop down, drop down again, and nestled in some crystals is the talisman of our desire.

Elden Ring - best magic build

Following that, you need a very specific glintstone staff. Lucas glintstone staff In fact, this glenstone staff can be said to be glenstone staff loads of time, even just english does that i look i'm trying my best here, and this can be found in the village of Sorcery, over in the east of Caledonia.

Once there, you're going to want to take on the optional boss, the double fight with what becomes just a normal trash enemy later on, and once you have beat them, the room at the back that will unlock contains a chest, and within that chest you will find a blue sats glintstone staff. We want this one specifically because it increases the damage of all sorcery, but it does make them cost extra mana, which won't really be relevant for this, so it's just a free damage amp, of course.

Elden Ring - best sorcery

Then you want to upgrade this staff as much as possible. I got mine to plus nine, which you can do just from the first free zones, and that is plenty powerful, so pump that staff next up. Then you want Azure's glintstone crown. This is a helmet that you can grab after completing Selen's questline, on the spot where Azer's body was originally.

The reason you want this hat is because, well, you guessed it, it boosts the power of primeval sorceries of the azure nature, and indeed, since its comet is Sir that we'll be using to pull this off, this is just free extra damage. Which, of course, means that a key piece of the puzzle here is the spell itself.

From comet Azur, you get this spell, which costs 60, hence that being the minimum requirement. And it's quite a winding run, though pretty much just a straight path as long as you keep well following it, and you will get to him, have a rousing chat of complete silence staring at what is quite clearly a cop, and then you will learn untold power just like you know a normal Tuesday afternoon.

Elden Ring - best sorcery build

Finding this spell, indeed, is actually the key component in the beginning, the sorceress Selen's questline, which will then take you to eventually getting his helmet. If you would like to know how to do that entire quest line, the requirements, the steps where you go and what you get, well just yesterday I released a guide for that very purpose.

So if you want to go as far as the absolute minimum here and get Azure's hat for that tiny extra boost, then do that. Just come to his body and get the spell, then after that we are after another spell entirely, to synergize with this entire strategy. And that spell is known as Terra Magicus. It will place a large zone on the floor, and if you stand in said zone, your spells get a massive, and I do mean massive, boost.

Damage, boost So this is very much needed. So you get it from a cave somewhere in the lakes. You unlock the cave with a stone sword, and once you get to the end, you beat the boss. There will be a lift that can take you up into the academy itself, but on the outside, follow the path up the ladder and you will find it in a chest on a lonely tower top.

Elden Ring - build

So we're almost there now. We must address our flask of wondrous physics because there are two specific tiers that we need to mix in as the final spark for this powder keg. The first is a simple damage boost for sorcery. You get that from the earth tree again at the lake zone right here, and it drops along with a couple others from this urge tree boss.

Nice and simple, nice and easy. The second, after the mage's shrouding is cracked here, is an even more potent, even more special. And it is the cerulean hidden tear, and hidden it is back to Mount Gelmere for the urge tree that is there, located quite centrally over to the right of Volcano Manor.

This is the closest grace site and you just head up and fight yourself, not so much a little tree this time but a full-on flesh slug. Once you have bested him in battle, you collect this tear, and why this here is so important is for 10 seconds. Your spells, your sorceries, will not cost FP, which means you get to hold the laser of doom for 10 seconds.

Elden Ring - cerulean hidden tear

Mix those up in your wondrous physics and you are ready to go along with all the previous steps. How this basically goes then is we have a 60 inch, we have a spell damage boosting ring, we have a spell damage boosting hat, we have a spell damage boosting staff, we have the spell itself, we have our spell damage boosting spell, we have our spell damage boosting physic, and we have our mana-eliminating physic.

You cast terramagic on the ground, you drink your physics, and then you fire. reactor online, sensors online, weapons online, all systems nominal. And that is one hell of a recipe for destruction. And don't get me wrong, if a boss is very agile, very flippy, very mean, if he is fully focused on you slashing your face off as you try and set this up, you're going to have problems, but with any single boss that you can keep distracted with either a summon or something else for long enough to get this going, and it's not like it takes that long.

Elden Ring - comet azur

You have to cast a spell, drink a potion, and then fire it. You will just kill any boss where you can sneak up on them and the first attack that starts the fight is you firing the laser. You will just kill me. It's hilarious, it's powerful, and most importantly, it is just purely fun. Become a primeval master sorcerer glintstowed god with me and show those apes of strengthened decks that they're just not quite at our level.

I hope you feel inspired to make it happen for yourself. It really does mean the world. Until we meet again, then a good boy. Josh Cotton, and hollow with the articles, dropping the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes, bringing entertainment on a daily basis to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment.

Here's how to use Sorceries to kill any boss in one single spell! Enjoy.
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