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Here we welcome back to another eldon ring quest guide walkthrough article and today we're going over the entire quest line for sorceress selling I made you meet at the waypoint rune seller in Limgrave, who, after a long quest, will eventually award you the eccentric armor set, the glintstone Chris weapon, a new spell called charred spiral, and the witch's glint stoned crown headgear.

There are lots of rewards for completing this quest, and we're going to go through each of the stages step by step. First I speak to the sorceress Celine at the waypoint of Roon Cellar. In your first conversation, she asks if you want to be her protege. And basically, we need to find scrolls for her in order to learn more spells, and there are three to collect.

The first scroll is next to a gill lake in the south, the second in the graveyard next to the church of Irith. The third is in a classroom in the Riley Carrier Academy, but you don't really need to do these to continue on with the main part of her story. You can just do them if you want to get more spells from her.

Continue on with the game until you reach this part of the map. The primeval sorcerer is Azul, and it's quite a journey to reach him. He's close to the hermit village before reaching the volcanic manor, so it's a fair way into the game, but when you interact with him you will receive an item called the comet azure.

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Take the comma azure back to Celine and talk with her. She mentioned you spoke with her former mentor, and when you speak to her once more, she will ask you if you want to journey together to restore the primeval current. Accept this offer and talk again about a favor. She will talk about needing to find someone else in a game called Master Luette.

She will give you the salient seal breaker needed to reach him and mention that he's somewhere in the wilds. From here, we're going to go find Master Lesat, and there are two ways to get there. You can go the long way through the city of Celia, where you can do another quest here involving Gauri and Millicent.

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It's not too difficult. You just have to light the flame in one of the towers, and that will allow access to the back streets and the church of plague. But there's an easier way, and that is to head to Fort Farith, where you kill the giant dragon for 75, 000 ruins. From here you can go west to this big white stone, which is actually the back of a giant skull, and you can drop down to the graveyard, defeat the enemy, and behind the gravestone is a secret entrance to the Celia hideaway.

Travel through the hideaway through false walls and across crystals until you reach this area. It's just before the room with the giant crystals. If you come to a boss fight, then you've gone too far. Also, don't go into the boss fight because they're very tough. On the crystal, look down to see a sealed room.

Use the ceiling seal from selling to reach Master Lusak, who will give you the stars of ruin. Find your way out of the cave and back to Saline. Speak with Saline and she has a favor to ask. She mentions this is not her body but only a projection, and she asks you to find her body for her. Which is what we're going to do next.

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Also ask her about Master Lussa, and she will reward you with the starlight shard incantation. So we're going to travel to the fourth church in America and to the witch's being ruined to find a salon shackled in a cellar. If you hit her and she has turned against you because a lot of people have found her already and tried to free her, you can restore her back to normal by praying at the church of vows.

The one with the giant tortoise in it. Talk to her and she will give you Selen's primal glimstone. From here, travel to Rani's Rise. Head just a little bit down to the left and you'll find some ruins. You will have to jump up and down to reveal the secret staircase, and inside of these ruins, behind another secret wall on the inside, is another sale.

Give her the primal glimstone now for this next part. You're going to have to have beaten General Rodan. After he is defeated, speak with Harold Jeron at the church in Castle Red Mains Plaza. He mentions that he is no longer bound to the castle and that he will be on his way. Travel from here back to the Witch Bane ruins and meet with Gerund next to the chained up seller.

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He tells you the truth about selling, but nothing happens right now. The last part of this quest requires us to travel to Rio Lucari Academy and reach the Grand Library. Just outside, you will have a choice to make. There is a red sign where you will be siding with Geron and a gold sign where you will be siding with Salin.

Personally, I will side with Zelf, or else you won't get the shard spiral incantation. That's available to purchase from her after all this is done, so it's definitely worth siding with her. So pick your side and then you will be in a fight. During the fight, styling loses a lot of health pretty quickly, and I'm not sure what will happen if she dies, so keep in mind before you go into the fight that you need to kill him quickly enough before selling dies, but either way, defeat Jaren, and after your fight you'll be awarded the armor for defeating him, a dagger that you get from selling, you'll also receive her crown, and you can purchase the incantation.

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That's available from her after all of that. So that is all of the questline, finished for selling. She mentions the end of the game a lot when you become an Elder Lord, so I'm not sure if this has any impact on endings or anything. We'll just have to wait and see. So guys, if you want to see more useful guides for Eldon Ring, then like and subscribe.

And I'll catch you all in the next one. Bye.

A Complete Sorceress Sellen Questline Guide Walkthrough and how to do all the quests for her.
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