Elden Ring - Never Farm Runes Again. Best Way To Level Up

Rune farm introduction

Rune farm introduction

It's not actually having to do it, and that's exactly what we're going to be showing you today. We're going to be going over an AFK roon farm where you can get hundreds of thousands of runes without actually having to do a single thing. This location is easily the best AFK farming area in all of Elden Ring.

Now this is going to be the best spot for you if maybe you're wanting to watch a movie or something on Netflix and you really just don't want to be running back and forth dodging a ball, or perhaps you're working from home and it would be bad if you i don't know we're playing Elden Ring all day while you're supposed to be working, but you can still play Alden Ring and get a whole bunch of xp while you're getting your job done.

Sometimes this afk rune farm will last like 30 minutes, sometimes it'll last 10, sometimes the last two. It is prone a little bit to glitching, but sometimes. It will just last forever, and you can just sit here in your mimic veil acting like a freaking statue and just rake in tons of runes. The last time that I did this, I was able to get a hundred and twenty-five thousand runes before I ended up just leaving the area.

I think it's also broken, but we're going to go over exactly how to unlock this particular rune farm. It's extremely easy because it does involve defeating a rather difficult boss to be able to get here. Unfortunately, to unlock this particular rune farm, we need to defeat the star scourge Radon.

And you're in luck. I've got a way to cheese it, so anybody should be able to beat it with relative , ease.

Cheese radhan easy

Cheese radhan easy

Now, I do have a separate article going far more in depth on how to take down star score to radon. If you want to check that out. From here, you're going to head just a little bit farther south to the cathedral of the Dragon Communion.

From here, you're going to want to go to the altar, and you're going to want to pick up something called "rotten breath." You're going to need to give this altar a dragon heart to be able to unlock it, but it is so good. Now this particular spell causes scarlet rot, and all you need to do is hit Radon two times in phase one with this to be able to take him down to half health and then two times in phase two to be able to kill him.

Elden Ring - best rune farming spot

Before you go in, you're going to want to make sure that you have one of your incantation equipment, your finger seals, equipped on your right hand, so that way you can easily cast the spell when you need to. Now you're also going to want to have a few of your flasks set for fp regen, and once you get inside, the main goal is to just not get hit.

He's going to be shooting these purple arrows at you that you can dodge through or under, and then you're going to start reviving your fallen friends, so keep dodging these purple arrows, and you can also use the weapons that are in the field to be able to actually absorb one of the hits. Once you revive the big bowl, he's going to start shooting arrows up in the air.

You can actually just block these with your shield and then continue dodging the purple bolts or get completely blasted by one. Whatever your heart's desires, just try not to die. It's okay if you get hit by one or two of them, but the shield does work really well for these arrows. If you're very far away, we're going to revive this last friend over here to be able to be a healer, and then from here we're going to hop on our horse.

Elden Ring - early game rune farming

We're going to run in and pick up this last friend, and now we do have our finger seal equipped and we have rotten breath ready to go, we're going to be patient and wait for an opening behind Radon. To run in and apply two levels of this rotten breath, we need to apply two of them so do it and then run away, because sometimes this will cause him to aggravate you more than your friends, and the goal is to just keep running from him.

Until he starts focusing on your friends again, this is basically a game of sacrifice. We're sacrificing our friends to live. This is a game of patience. If you try and rush in too soon, you might just die. So there we go, he's aggroed as a friend again. What we can do now is just run in and get an opening behind him.

We have to apply two levels in each phase. There are two phases to this fight, and each time we need to hit him with at least two rotten breaths. That's all we need to do, two. This is going to take him all the way into phase two, and our main goal right here is to just keep running away until he disappears off the map.

Elden Ring - easy xp

If at any point in time he starts just chasing you again, just keep running away, and once he hits about halfway health or just below half, he's going to disappear. You'll hear the music get quieter, which means he's kind of vanished. You can run around and gather up your friends, but he's going to come like a freaking meteor out of the sky, and you just need to run away from the direction that he's falling.

He's going to hit the ground, and now you have entered. At this point in time, what I do is just keep running away from him, making sure I revive all of our fallen friends, so that way they can be the focus of his hatred. I don't recommend running into him. He can easily one-shot you in this phase.

If you keep running away from him kind of at an angle, then you shouldn't get hit by any of his ranged attacks or anything like that. But the main goal is just patience in this phase. I know it looks like he's almost dead, but he can go crazy in this particular one. There we go, he's focused on our friends, and this allows us to have an opening to apply our first level of rotten breath.

Basically, when he disappears, it resets all the debuffs on him, so we have to reapply the rotten breath we hit him with once. I've just died instantly, so I've learned in this phase two in particular, patience. This is very, very much the key. I'm going to run around the edge of this here just to make sure there's no more friends, and we're going to try and just come at him from the back and apply our last level of rotten breath, which should allow us to easily defeat Radon.

Make the rune farm work

Make the rune farm work

Once Radon's been defeated, you're going to head over to the corner of this particular area to the war dead catacombs.

It's going to be right along the beach here, and you can open up this door and go inside. From here, we're just going to pick up this site of grace, and you can rest there, and then we're going to head down these stairs. The crazy thing about this is that sometimes it'll last 10 minutes, sometimes it'll last hours.

It is very much prone to breaking, but if you're doing stuff around the house and just don't feel like, you know, dodging a ball or fighting things, you can get a lot of other things done while just passively gaining xp, and that's why I really like this, because quite frankly. I like doing multiple things at a time.

Elden ring has a ton of ways to level up and get runes, but this is by far the easiest. today we are going to go over an AFK rune farm that will net you millions of runes without having to do much of anything.
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