Elden Ring - Level Up Fast & Easy. Best Early Rune Farm

Elden Ring - best rune farming spot

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you've come to the right place because in today's article I'm going to be showing you a nice little trick to be able to farm up to 2 000 runes a minute, upwards to even 4 000 runes a minute. It's pretty darn good now. If you are just starting off, this is something you can do at the very beginning of the game.

Not only are we going to go over an incredibly fast. I don't even know if I would call it an exploit, but just this little farming route that I found, as well as how to get an item called the Flask of Wondrous Psych, which you can get at the beginning of the game if you know where to look for it, and this will give you a nice, not only 50 health recovery, but a plus 10 strength bonus for three minutes.

To kind of orient you to where we are, you start the game here on the first step. You can travel here and unlock the little blacksmith and Santa Claus. You can run through the forest here and at the gate front ruins, you can unlock the lake north camp and then also this gate front cap. From here, we're actually going to run up through here on our mount, to the storm hill shack.

Elden Ring - early game rune farming

If you haven't unlocked the mount yet, I've already recorded how to get it, but it's actually right here. When you rest at this particular spot, you'll be able to unlock this mount. We can use this to travel around incredibly fast. We're just going to run right through this area. Now if you watched my first article already, I did show you how to get this vial, but it really helps out with this particular farming method, which is why I'm going over it again.

Once you go through the gate, just watch out for the big face that's going to jump down. You can avoid them and just kind of plow through these gates. You can jump over them with a double jim. I'm just really terrible at this, but the goal is basically just to run through this area without fighting anybody.

Now, as I mentioned in the first article, if you grab This item that's going to be right here is going to be very useful. Grab it right next to the tree. Watch out for the big doggos falling from the sky right next to this camp. And this gets us right into the area where we need to get the first item to upgrade our vial.

Elden Ring - easy xp

So just go ahead and unlock this site of grace. Once you do that, there's this giant that's up on this ridge. Now just to orientate us on the map here, once I de-aggro this, I can show exactly where this location is. There we go. We unlocked the storm hill shack here, and we're going to run up to this little cliff edge.

For now, you don't need to fight anything for this early part; it's just important that you pick up some of these items beforehand. At the edge is going to be this little bowl, and you're going to grab the item out of this particular bowl. It's called something like a strength knot crimson tier or something like that.

Once you get that item, go ahead and fast travel back to the lake north camp. Once back at the lake north camp, we're going to head south and we're going to go across the bridge and then down this road, all the way over to the third church of Maria. If this is your first time in the area, you might not have unlocked that part of the map yet, so you can't see where the road is, but you just turn left right after the bridge and follow this road all the way down.

Elden Ring - experience points

We're going to be doing two different things at this church. This is where we start the main process for the XP farm. Now, once you're at this particular church, you're going to want to go to this thing right here. There's going to be an item you can pick up, and then inside of this bowl is going to be another item and the vial that we want to be able to upgrade, called the flask of wondrous physic or psychic power.

I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce it. My words are hard to pronounce, but once you do that, you can rest at this site of grace. From one of the upgrades that are here, you can go to mix wondrous psychic, and you're going to add the crimson crystal tier that we got and the strength knot crystal tier that we got to temporarily boost your strength and give you a new potion that recovers your total HP by half.

Elden Ring - fastest rune farming

From here is the sneaky part of the open world. But I have been enjoying exploring the map and finding all the little secret things that I don't suck at. If we go behind this church into this little water area here, there's like this little portal that we can travel through, and that's exactly what we want to do.

Now there's going to be some creepy music here and what looks to be some kind of tentacle monster inside of there, or at least its mouth is full of tentacles, but that's not where we want to go anyway. What we want to do is hop on our little horse, if we have one, and we're going to run down this little path.

Now you'll notice there's another glowing tree down here for one of those sacred seeds. So you're going to want to collect it from this particular tree. And once you grab that, we can continue on. If you haven't upgraded your flasks or anything like that, you can use those to do that to run past all of the dudes, and there's going to be one of these lost grace sites right down here, on the left.

Elden Ring - gameplay

And don't go fight the dragon. I know you're probably tempted, like I'm going to go stab that dragon, but you could, you're probably going to die, or at least I know I would anyway, rest here at this grace site. Now this is where the fun begins. Even if you screw up the sneak attack on these, these mobs are pretty darn easy, so allow me to kill one of these just to show you how relatively simple it is to murder them and just bash their heads in.

Even for somebody who absolutely sucks at this game, it's pretty easy, so once you kill that guy, you're going to run down to this one that's going to be kind of roaming through this area over here. There it is. There's a cat in front of my screen, which is making this rather difficult. Now let's actually sneak up on this one.

If we stop and then hit L1, we're going to do the sneak attack, and then as it's getting up, we're going to lock on and just pimp slap it to death with our giant sword, and there's another thousand xp. Every single time you kill one of these, you're going to get a thousand runes. I keep calling it XP, but I guess I shouldn't because it's both currency and XP.

Elden Ring - guide

So yeah, there's another guy here. He saw me, but yeah, I highly recommend if you're doing this first starting out, then yeah, it's probably a good idea to make sure to not fight these because they can one-shot you. If they hit you, there's a solid chance they will one-shot you, so just keep that in mind and go for the sneak attacks.

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