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Elden Ring - best spirit ashes

There's actually a better summon that you can get. Hello, my fellow tarnished. It is no secret that the mimiktia is ludicrous and ridiculous. After all, there is nothing better, supposedly, than summoning in what amounts to essentially a whole other player without increasing the health of the boss.

A summon that can copy your build and if you're facing a boss that's just a little bit under your level, it can solo it for you or indeed carry you through some of the harder ones, so once you get it, upgrade it, use it forever, and you're done right. Well, not necessarily. The mimic deer obviously costs health, so it's down a potion at the start of each fight you summon it.

So I was looking at all of the various FP summons and doing some testing, having a kind of averagely difficult boss summon them in at plus six, which is about right for the boss, seeing how far they got trying to solo it and nothing really came close to the mimic tier, not even the two, well, what I would say, best non-mimic summons or at least two of the best two other legendary.

Elden Ring - best summon

Renowned ashes. They're both pretty good, but they are not mimicked here. And here's a fun little side fact: the archer that you can get after beating Redan from the cave that is north of the Redance Desert Arena fires gravity arrows from range and does a lot of damage if the boss is distracted by you.

There's also a secret interaction where if you use the war cry that you can get as an ash of war on certain weapons, it will trigger them to do a raid of gravity arrows, which actually does a lot of damage. But still, how neat is that? But again, it pales in comparison to the mimic. So I was going to give up.

Essentially, I'd gone through so many summons, but the final one that I tested truly saved the day. Hello, black knife tash teacher, T-shay black knife, that's the name. In any case, this is another legendary summon of renowned ashes, and this time it really earns that title. Before we go into what they do, let's actually go over how to get them.

Elden Ring - black knife tiche

You have to all but complete the Ranny Dachman Greatsword storyline. For instance, you get access to the south-raised mountain area of Lyonia, and from there, up to the north west, there is a prison. Enter the prison and then do glorious battle with the inmates. This fight is intense. Electo Black Knights Ringleader What do you need to do in order to beat them?

One really simple trick that I have found is incredibly effective is For real though, they are very easy to stagger lock, but other than that, they're insanely aggressive, and they actually use the move that makes the summon so powerful, but once you manage to get past them, you will indeed claim the summon.

So why exactly is it so good? Well, first and foremost, it's the most expensive summon in the game, at least that we know about, but I'll be very surprised if it ever gets topped at 132. Fp, which is understandably. So let's establish the ground rules for this test, then I'll summon the mimik tier first with my nightmare greatsword and have it mali.

Elden Ring - black knife tiche location

These lovely test boss volunteers But it did okay. It kind of injured the first one a little bit, but that's about as far as it got. However, mimics are obviously best at cloning your actual build, so when I summoned it as a sorcerer, it did. Almost killing the first and entering the second, that is the bar that is pretty good.

I ran these tests numerous times and these are the best results that each summon got. So then when we swap over to Miss Black Knife, well, you can really see the power straight away. First and foremost, she is quite hard to kill for an enemy because she spends a lot of time dancing around, dodging, drifting through the air and generally being a nuisance.

The same kind of moveset that the boss used against you works wonders against the bosses and enemies that you summon her against. But the piester is his stance, and the reason that this summon, above all others, competes and, in a lot of cases, bests the mimic, is the red-black flame projectile. When she sends this out, it afflicts targets hit by it with a dot, a debuff, and some damage over time, but the damage of that dot is percent.

Elden Ring - black knife tiche summon

So the more health the enemy has, the harder this hits, and obviously, bosses have the most health, so it just melts their bars down. Against normal enemies, this tickles, because normal enemies again have a really much lower health pool, but then again, you don't really summon against normal enemies anyway, so that's kind of a moot point.

In any case, not only does it melt boss health with percent damage, it also passes through enemy stroke, so it can hit both bosses in a double gank fight at once, melting both of them simultaneously. This means that our black knight friend managed to end up here, with this much damage done to gargoyle one that much done to gag oil too, collectively.

Just as strong of a showing as the mimic, more damage on gaga one, less on two, but overall pretty similar. That right there is, as I'm alluding to, incredibly impressive, but this is kind of a mid-game boss with a plus six to keep things fair and balanced when you start getting to the end-game bosses that have much higher health pulls that start actually requiring a lot of killing from you yourself and your build.

Elden Ring - er

That weakens the mimic's effectiveness because it is you yourself, your build, that will do more damage the more health the boss has. This just gets exponentially better the harder higher health bosses you face. So basically, the black knife is going to slowly start overtaking the mimic, at least in certain cases.

Your build might be particularly well transferred to a mimic, but I think it's no coincidence that this is a high FP summon because, generally speaking, the best mimics are strength-deck melee mimics as opposed to casting mimics that just get continually crushed and interrupted by the bosses, at least the more active and difficult ones, so for the sorcerers out there, when you get to the hard stuff, having black knife t-shay here is a very solid and strong choice, as the data would suggest.

Elden Ring - gameplay

You might very well outdo the mimic and, at minimum, equal it in performance and let you have a little bit of variety. So there you go everybody, that is my little look test on summons. As a result. I am happy to share that the only summon in the game that competes with the mimic on a direct boss damage effectiveness level is Black Knife, which is something you should definitely consider getting as you progress later and later into the game.

I very much hope that it was. Subscribe for more old ring tips, tricks, guides, and funny things to build. It really does mean the world and keeps us going until we meet again. Cotton and Hollow with the articles. Dropping the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes, bringing entertainment on a daily basis to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment.

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