Elden Ring - How To Get The Op Legendary Sorceries. Best Glintstone Staff - Comet Azur - Spell Guide

Elden Ring - all sorceries

I am an almighty glimstone sorcerer, and I will distort the gods. Elder Ring included, is, of course, magically. Today I'm going to be guiding you through how to get the two legendary status sorceries; comet azur (actually, this is the first time I've said it out loud) azure (it's not about the e.

I assume dessert, but it might be a jerk either way) and stars of ruin. They are both ridiculously This is a gorgeous-looking and powerful comet reserve. For example, it can essentially one-shot bosses under the right circumstances, and it's a little bit silly. I'll also be showing you how to get a lot of other spells too along the way during this journey because this journey is a quest line, a npc story as you help out your lovely noble sorcery instructor.

Sena. So without further ado, let's massively upgrade our sorcery and prowess. So Azure's body is in Mount Gelmir, and it's quite the trek to get to it if we start from the grace. That's essentially the first taste you will get of the altus plateau. It's essentially just a straight line run, but it's very winding and winding.

Elden Ring - all sorcery spells

On top of the mountain, you want to burst. Forward and pass to the ancient dragon who will lend, via left, either ignore or kill the tibia mariner boss. Continue along after the explosion. At the gas vent corridor of doom, there's a golden seed on the way, and again, there is lots of stuff to explore and get here that's really kind of neat, but if you're just gunning it for this particular spell, this is what you need to be doing.

Keep just following it round and upwards, past packs of enemies fighting, past another boss in the magma lake, past a fortress, eventually you will reach a village that you must essentially just ride through before getting to the final boss that is indeed guarding Azer's body. Either ignore it, run past it, or go talk to said body, at which point you will have a deep, meaningful, and long conversation.

Elden Ring - best sorceries

Queen of the Full Moon, so the second great rune, which I imagine you have if you're here on this article for legendary sorceries, and you also need to have handed the three sorcery scrolls: the academy scroll, the conspector scroll, and the royal house scroll. They are in the graveyard left of the start of the lakes; the magic academy; on the way to Queen of the Moon; and finally, in a little ruin in Limgrave, respectively.

Obviously, if you just want the spell, you're already kind of done, but once you have come to Azer, you can go speak to Senna. It just occurs that I've been calling her Senna this entire article when her actual name is Sell. I apologize for that. Just please imagine selling every time I incorrectly say senna.

Tell her about it and this will begin her storyline. She wants you to go check on Lucite, another primeval sorcerer and the source of the other legendary spell, Stars of Ruin. In order to do so, she gives you a key. So, of course, the question is, where do we use that key? Well, the answer is in Caledon, the Blood Rot Hell to the east and the Village of Sorcery.

Elden Ring - best sorcery

Once you are there, you will notice that there are quite a few magical barriers erected around the town. In order to get by these, what we need to be doing is some horse parkour. You can jump up onto the roofs and run around the various bell towers, and at each bell tower top there is a way to disable a barrier.

Each barrier you disable gives you access to a chest of goodies, and once you've disabled them all, you can actually progress with the storyline proper. The most important item to make sure you get from these barriers dropping is our first new spell that isn't the legendary sorcerer's night comet, an incredibly fast, powerful, and chargeable bolt of energy that is quite an efficient sorcery to use.

Then you want to make sure you do the optional boss located in the village. It's a double fight of what are essentially just normal enemies later on in the game, so it's not too challenging to get by. Once defeated, they give you access to a further chamber with a chest, and in the chest is Lucet's glintstone.

Elden Ring - comet azur

This is the best glintstone staff in the game. It's not the most efficient, and it's not one you want to be using until you are incredibly high leveled, but technically speaking, in terms of raw damage output, it's the best because, quite simply, it boosts the damage of all your spells at the cost of their costing more mana.

It's really not worth using until you have absolutely tons of FP, but it is good to have grabbed this for when you reach, I don't know, level 150 or plus, and you can support it. In any case, with that collected, we can continue on with the storyline, heading north-east out of the village, up the stairs, and through where there was a barrier as you ride down a base slope and get to a graveyard.

Continue on past it further up the slope, and you will find yourself face-to-face with a single enemy in front of a single grave. Defeat him, ignore him, doesn't really matter, and then go slap the wall behind the grave because the cliff is actually illusionary, How could anyone find this accidentally?

Elden Ring - gameplay

I don't know, but hey, thankfully, I'm here to tell you that it's there. This is the Cellia hideaway, and it's here where all the good stuff happens. Explore it forthwith, and eventually you'll want to head in a downwards direction. If you're progressing lower and lower into the cave, then you're very likely progressing in the right direction.

And then you will find another magical barrier protected by a random mook sorcerer that you will kill quite effortlessly. This barrier is what the key Cena gave you to disable, and lo and behold, we have found Mr. Lusat, who with his last few breaths of life will give you the stars of ruin, legendary sorcery.

This thing is just great. It fires a blitz of beautiful little darts of energy that all hit home and decimate whatever you have targeted. It's not got the most damage to mana efficiency, but it is incredibly boomy if you can find a good moment to get it off, and it's a good one to have in your arsenal if you want to finish the actual end of this cave.

Elden Ring - glintstone staff

There isn't a leak there. There is, of course, a boss there. However, if you eventually manage to complete it, your reward will be a new crystal sorcery crystal torrent, which again is actually quite good. It's a hold and charge and for as long as you have the FB to use, it will mini gun out little shards that do quite hefty damage.

There are better spells, certainly, but it is a good one to add to your arsenal. In any case, back to Cena, as we tell her the fate of Master Lucat, and now she will ask you a favor. The favor is to go rescue her real body. This is then fairly simple to do. Her real body is located in the south of Limgrave on the little South Island in the poison ruins area just below the Church of America.

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