Elden Ring - How To Get The New True Best Spirit Summon - Dung Eater Puppet Spirit Ashes Location

Elden Ring - best spirit ashes

The Dung Eater is a disgusting and horrifying character as part of the world and law directly linked to the Omens, and one of the main endings for the whole game. I'm standing here in the game at the place where you can find him under the city of Lindell, trapped in his jail cell. The reason he's not actually here is because he's actually part of my squad.

He is now my puppet. He is a summon. The dung eater is a summon. He has high resistance and a high health pool, so he's very tanky. He has a little bit of range with his unique scream. He does this with a burst of fire and fires these curse bolts at enemies. He also has the streak of Milos, which for him costs no FP, so he can infinitely do it.

Enemies who are hit by it will now be debuffed, taking more damage and gaining a faster status build up, which is great for bleeding when he does this raw like a war cry. He'll get a new moveset where when he does R2 or heavy attacks, he'll do a multi-hit combo, which is a lot of damage, and, of course, he's going to get that bleed build up.

Elden Ring - best summon

I've seen his AI be pretty smart. It does remind me of Purina Matic, actually. He's tanky, he's got range, options He's got bullied, he's got that incredible debuff and he's got powerful combos, as you can see in these new games plus examples. He's able to solo certain bosses through the use of his bleed and attacks when you stop faffing around and actually fight with him like you'd normally would.

This is incredible because he's going to be providing that debuff, he's going to help you build the status if you've got any bleed or any kind of status build up, and he's a super tanky target to distract the enemy as well as just be super. Cool as a summon so he's certainly one of my favorites, and if you want to know how to get him, let's talk about it.

To begin your journey to getting your own puppet, Dungy, you're going to need to speak with the puppeteer, Silvis. He's part of the Ranny questline, which means you're going to need to come to Ranny's Rise or the Rani Tower here at the northwest point of the Leonia Lakes. To do this, you'll need to go to the Carrier Manor and progress through this area until you reach the boss fight.

Elden Ring - dung eater

After defeating the boss fight, you've got three tower areas, and again you need to go to Rani's Rise to the Ranny Tower. We go inside and we go speak to Rani, and we basically tell her, "Yeah, we're looking for a job." We'll work for her. We'll join her Merry Little Band, at which point she'll say, "Go speak with my band then," which is Izzy the Giant Playth, the awesome half-wolf, and Silvis the.

He'll mention to you that he wants to speak to you privately in his tower. His tower is just to the southeast, very easy to get to, so just run over there and go speak to him. He will give you a mission. To give this blue potion, we want you to make sure that a character called Nephily drinks it naturally.

This guy is a jerk. We don't care about him, but we do want his power and his purposes. So we're going to use this potion for ourselves. What this potion does is it's going to transform that person that you give it to into a suitable puppet. Now the Dog Eater has a storyline that's very important and, as I mentioned earlier, is part of one of the main endings of the game.

Elden Ring - dung eater puppet

We don't need to worry about that too much, but there are some requirements to get that all going. For example, we're going to need to come to Lindell and go into the sewers to meet the dung eater. Right, meaning we must enter Lindel. Therefore, you have a requirement to defeat two shard-bearers.

Whichever one you want to go do, that could be God free or that could be Ranella, you're going to go kill her. You will now be able to enter the city through this side passage at the rampads and progress on. You're going to reach this first grace, which is the East Capital Rampart, and you're going to be very close to your first seed bed curse item.

As part of the Dongito storyline, you actually need to get five of them and feed them to him, but we're not going to worry about that all. We need one for this, so the easiest one to get is very near to the East Capital. Rampart is in a tower down here. If you follow this route from the grace that I'm speaking of, we can just lead you straight to it.

Elden Ring - dung eater puppet spirit summon

So follow this path. On the way to that item, and here we are, there's the body, and on it is the item, the seed bed curse. Now we have that, we can go speak to the dog eater who should have appeared in the round table past, the twin Maiden husks on my right here, and he will be in this room right here, and you can speak to him now, if you haven't spoken to him yet.

Before, he'll assume you've never seen the curse or he's just not really interested in you, but once you have that curse item, he'll suddenly perk up and be interested in you, so speak to him when you've got that and he'll suddenly say, "Here's this key to free me." Go free me and I will kill you, which is a really nice offer, but yeah, we're going to go do that now while the sewers are generally a very complex and annoying area to wander around if you don't know your way fortunately.

Elden Ring - dung eater puppet vs mimic tear

How we get to the Zone eater is quite straightforward. I'm here at the Avenue balcony, which is down the main road of Lindell, and we've got to get down there to the underground roadside. To do so, I'm just going to run down these stairs and run straight forward until I'm in line with the wing of the dragon here.

I'm going to turn left at the wing and sort of just jump over the side here and there's going to be a well. This is the entrance to the sewer that you're looking for, and on your left is going to be a door. You can push it open, drop down, and proceed through the sewer area. And now you're in the area where the grace is, so we turn left at this ladder and hop on down, straight ahead of me on my left.

From the underground roadside, grace, that we needed to go to now. From the underground roadside. Grace says that we're going to leave that room and turn left to run to the end of this corridor and drop down here. We're going to run down this route. All these rats, there's going to be a sewer entrance on the right, we're going to ignore that like I said.

Elden Ring - dung eater quest

We're going to turn left. There's going to be three flowers and then a ladder. That's the ladder we're going to climb up this morning. We're now up the ladder. We're here now. I would recommend you hold the wall on the right to avoid the hands that are going to ambush you here. They're quite annoying.

We're just going to ignore them and not get angry with them at all. This is the doorway with the dung eater. You can use the key and you'll be able to enter and speak to him. All you need to do is tell him you're free now. Just get out of here and try not to think about what he was doing when you got here and the horrible, horrible things that he was saying.

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