Elden Ring - How To Get The Best Sword Early. The Sword Of Night And Flame

Elden Ring - best sword

Well, hello, you wonderful humans, and welcome back to Eldon Ring. In today's article, I'm going to be showing you how to get the best sword in the game without even having to fight a single soul. If you were disappointed that there was no easy mode option for the Eldren Ring, well, this is in fact your easy mode option.

If you go to this location and get this weapon, you are going to be astounded at how good it is. It's called the Sword of Knight and Flame. It's a straight sword with a standard and pierce, but its attribute scaling is actually off of intelligence and faith, so you do need intelligence of 24 and faith of 24 to be able to equip it.

If you've been watching my previous articles, you know how to level up fast, so you can scale your attributes in this way to be able to equip this weapon. This is considered one of the legendary armaments in the game, and it comes with a unique skill called "Knight in Flame Stance." This allows you to hold the sword level and prepare to cast a sorcery.

Elden Ring - easy

So you use your skill button, which is l2, and then you can follow up with a normal attack, also known as r1, to cast the Knight Comet Sorcery. Or you can follow up with a strong attack to sweep forward with a burst of flames. Now I'm going to show you how to access this weapon very early in the game, and you don't even need to have defeated Marge to be able to do it because there's actually a way you can sneak around the entire castle to get to the second area.

Now for this, you're definitely going to want to have unlocked your mount already, but once you get to the storm hill shack here, we're going to run straight up this road and under this bridge. When you get to the top of this, where it turns left, just go straight through the woods here and you'll be able to go through the woods and then you'll see a bridge on the other side.

Once you get to the end of this bridge, we're just going to hop our way down, and then we're going to head around to the left, and this is going to take you down this little canyon that goes around the entire castle. As you emerge from this path, you can just keep going down this little road, and you're going to see a sign of grace on the other side.

Elden Ring - easy runes

You're going to want to bookmark this site of grace so that way, if anything bad happens, you won't have to do that whole run again. From here, we need to get to kind of the other side of this area, and I'm not going to show you the full route because it's pretty self-explanatory. You're just going to follow the road and you're going to get all of these sights of grace along the way.

Just in case. I wouldn't fight anything here because a lot of the stuff is strong or annoying unless you're farther in the game, but it's just kind of a waste of time to fight it if you don't need to eventually you're going to make your way up into here, you can go up here or you can go up. I believe, right over here, so you can go all the way through all this water area.

There's a couple different ways to kind of get back up onto this road, but you're going to run up through here until you get to the northern lure of Leornia, lake shore, Something like that. Now, once you light this site of grace, we're going to continue heading north-east up the map. We're going to follow this road into these ruins here.

Elden Ring - get op early

Now, this is where things can If you're coming here for the first time, it may seem a little confusing because you're running through here and I'm like, Well. I've got to get to the other side, but I don't know how, and you're going to see something different in my particular game right now, but there will be a wall here. To get rid of this wall, all you need to do is just smack it and the wall will disappear, allowing you to actually continue running through it.

There'll be a sight of grace on the other side, and then we need to run up to that keep all the way up at the end of this road. Now there's going to be terrifying things falling from the sky as you run through here, so just to avoid those, it seems like if you kind of just run in different directions, they'll kind of stay mostly on the road and just try not to get hit by them.

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I find that if you run along this side, you're relatively okay. The sketchy part is actually going to be once you try and get the sight of grace at the end of this particular road, because they're going to be falling while you try and get the sight of grace and rest at it. So just don't die and grab that side of grace.

Now, once you arrive at the entrance, this is where things are going to get spicy. We're going to run in through the entrance here, and we're going to hug the left-hand side of this path, and we're going to try and avoid all of the little hands that are in the ground. These things will very well one-shot you, so just try and avoid them as much as possible.

We're going to go around the left here. There's another set of hands right there. This is where I died because I realized it wasn't recording when I ran through the first time, but we're gonna keep going to the left. There's going to be another hand right there and then also one that's already out of the ground, so I recommend running past this as quickly as possible because if it hits you, you're gonna die.

Elden Ring - how to get the best sword in

Right now, we're inside of this building. We need to head up to the top where there's going to be a site of grace for us to be able to rest at. You can roll past them, just avoid them. And once we're here, we're going to jump down one more. And then we're going to head down this ladder. Once in this building, we're there.

All you have to do is loot this wonderful chest, and you're going to be able to acquire the sword of knight and flame. To upgrade this weapon, you're going to need something called somber smithing shards, and we can get those almost in the same area if we go from up here back down into the lake shore grace point.

You can run along the water here, and you're going to be able to find this mining cave right here. You can go in here and take the shaft down by walking on the little button. And there should be a lost grace to synchronize with down here as well. You'll be able to get your first somber smithing stone in this chest that's just past the sight of grace.

Elden Ring - how to get the best weapons early in

There's going to be two little guards walking around. You can sneak up on them and backstab them to death. Now if you hardcore parkour along this pillar and up these ledges, you'll find another smithing stone and another somber smithing stone at level three over on that little dead end. So far we've only gotten these somber level three ones.

How To Get The BEST Sword In Elden Ring EARLY! The Sword Of Night And Flame. More Elden Ring Videos.
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