Elden Ring - How To Get The Best Spirit Summons Early - Renowned Ashes Location & Upgrade Guide

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The ability to call some ghostly friends who can take some of the heat from your direction and, more importantly, also bring some serious utility. by literally upgrading them. Welcome back to Rage Gaming, and let's get summoning. To unlock summoning, you need to have first unlocked torrent on your horse, which is super early in the game after you get that cinematic.

We can immediately return to the church of Elliot right away, where an npc will be waiting for you who tells you her name is Rena. If you have your summoning belt in a pretty solid summon, the wolves will appear. If you progress too far and miss this, though, you can go to the maiden hust, which is found in the round table hold, and buy the bell from them.

From here, though, we can get summoned to work. You just need to slap the spirit ash of your choice onto your items list or pouch, and then use it when summoning is possible, displayed by the tombstone icon on the left of your screen. But how do you actually upgrade your summons to make them stronger in a fight?

Elden Ring - best spirit ashes

You need a spirit tuner, and for us, that's going to be Rodericka. We can find Rodericka early in the game before Stormville Castle at the Stormhill Shack here on the map. Just talk to her and she'll give you the jellyfish summon. She's actually really good, but if you miss her here, she will still show up in Round Table, which is the important part.

The exact timing of when she shows up in Round Table is a bit vague, but I believe she shows up after you defeat the first major boss, which rewards you with a great rune. We'll need to have a back and forth with her and the blacksmith, who sort of suggests that she might have powers of a spirit tuner, and you need to convince her to go through with it.

You may also need to advance time a couple times to push these interactions along, and you can do that by resting at the grace and literally progressing time by the end of this setup, shot by the blacksmith as a spirit tuner, making your summons stronger in exchange for runes. And glove warp Glove walk comes in two forms, right You have regular spirits who need a grave glove warp and special spirits who need a ghost glove.

Elden Ring - best spirit summons

We can find glove war in the various catacomb dungeons of the world and it also comes in levels like upgrade materials, so to get a higher level glove wart, you need to go deeper into the regions of Eldon Ring and do the higher level catacombs. All right, so we have some of the important aspects of summoning out of the way.

Let's talk about specific summons. The ones that you should care about most and how to get them. Let's begin with the normal summons. Your two starters will probably be the wolves and the jellyfish, which will then upgrade into the glint stone sorcerer and the Rio Lucaria. The wolves come with the bell on their right and the jellyfish is found at the stormhill shack before the stormville castle.

Like I said, Roderica will give you the jellyfish after you speak with her enough. While she's there The wolves make for a great summon early on when you need aggro taken from your person, especially when facing lots of enemies or maybe a boss that does single target damage. They're bad when the boss can just cleave them down.

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Meanwhile, the jellyfish has the incredible ability to bleed its target after enough successful rain shots. It's also fairly tanky considering that, so I often see the bleed take effect, which is great for an enemy with a large health pool. And in a fight where there's only one target, we have the rear lucario, soldiers, which are just like the wolves in that there's three of them, but one of them's a proper knight, so yeah, they're a good distraction, but a bit sturdier.

We can find these to the west of Leonia. In the lake section, in the roads and catacombs, you'll need to reveal the secret passage which is hidden behind an illusionary wall, and you can do that by just hitting the wall to reveal the area. You just follow the catacombs until eventually you can't progress, and then hey, the illusionary wall is right there and it reels you in to an area with the chest that has the summon inside of it.

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Meanwhile, the glinting stone sorcerer is rewarded, actually in the same place, in the roads and catacombs. This one's the reward for defeating the boss here, though, and that boss is hidden behind multiple illusion walls. To find that, just go back to the start of the catacombs and progress again, and then drop down here, where we have the false wall.

Then inside of that room, there'll be another false wall, and then you follow this tunnel, which has multiple false walls, but they're very obvious compared to the other ones, and then we kill the boss and get the summon. I think the glintstone saucer is a brilliant ranged option, especially because he's a spellcaster who can do good burst damage.

I really like him in single-target fights, especially against glass cannon bosses or enemies. Now let's talk about some of the serious big boys. There's a whole other category of summons I mentioned earlier called special spirits or renowned. In general, these naturally cost more FP to summon on average, so you might want to level your mind stat to make this possible, but in many cases, it is really worth it.

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Just like any summoned note, you'll find the ashes by exploring the world and completing the challenge. You should find it's just that special summon, a bit more secret, and also the challenges are a bit greater. Starting with a stormhawk is insane. The bird summon will fly around out of reach of the enemy, blasting them with wind attacks and even buffing you and it.

For just 54 FP, that's really good to get the sarmhawk. To return to the chapel of anticipation, the place where we actually started the game, we need to activate a portal, which requires an imbued sword key. We can grab one of these keys right next to the portal that's going to take us to the chapel.

This is at one of the four belfries on the west side of Lithunia. There are three portals here alongside the chest of the key at the top, so be careful to go through the right portal since you only have one key if that's the one you brought. If we use it on the portal with an anticipation, aka the portal that has us facing north, we will be taken to the chapel and quickly meet our old friend, the grafted Scion.

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So it's time to take revenge. After that boss fight, we can continue back to where we first began to play. In the chapel above, in the rafters of the chapel, there's a chest with the stormhawk summoned inside of it. This is a powerful summon, and it has some really cool movement and, of course, buffing, but it is a lower health summon, so you want to keep that in mind.

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