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You must be this tall to do the quest line. Sorry, it's a safety thing. I can't see why not. This is essentially an entire open world with soul game level design. Hey yo, what the shit look? Hey. I know I don't have the answers. I didn't design the quest, but right here and now the reward for completing this questline is the t-pose gesture, which is honestly worth it all by itself, and then the gold mask armor set, along with the mending rune of perfect order, literally offering an ending to the game based on this questline's singular gigantic.

Drop the cost of completing this questline. You must have 37 intelligence or be willing to trade two larval tiers so that you can respectably have 37 intelligence for a short time and then go back to your regular build afterwards. And a quick tip from me, if you don't want to burn two level tears on this, you can use the grafted blade great sword, you can use America's Saw Seal for plus five inches, the staircase rolling for plus five inches, you can put on the twin stage glitter stone crown for plus six inches, you can run arc up with Godric's not in front of the plus five int, the crafted, blade greatsword special, either the plus five starts, so plus five inches, you can drink the wondrous.

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that gives you plus 10 inches, and all that together, is to say, you can get a plus of 36 inches without having to respect, so if that's enough, well, that's something for you to consider, and yes, it is the best armor set in the game, plus five inches. Anyway, back to cotton. If you are far into the game and have not touched this questline yet, it is actually impossible to break it before you beat the final boss of Crumbling Pharah Missoula.

Once that boss is dead, however, the questline is over one way or another. Starting at the beginning, the first time that you travel to the roundtable hold, you will come across a nice chap by the name of Brother Corrin. This lovely lad simply wants to teach you the glory of the golden order. As you progress, Brother Corn will tell you about how you will soon be leaving the round table in search of a noble scholar known as Gold Mask.

Once you reach the Altus Plateau region of the game, Corin's brother will have left. The next place that you find him is right by the place where you pick up the map for the Altus Plateau, just along the highway north of the Grand Lift. You may notice that I don't have a core here. I have his things and his belongings.

Elden Ring - best armor set

This is to point out that, as strange as it is, brother corn is actually fully unnecessary. To this questline, if you know what you need to do to complete it, he is more than just a guide and informational. As a tool, he gives no further reward within the questline, more so by serving as a translator for the main man of the show.

So if you come to this spot a bit later on and find him dead, don't fret, this questline is still totally doable. All you will lose is some dialogue that I will be summing up for you here along with any of the incantations. If Corn is alive, he will tell you that he is searching for the noble gold mask.

At this point, you can find Gold Mask on the northern great bridge right at the tip before it breaks off. If you go back to Corin after seeing him and tell him about this, then he will go stand by Gold Mask on the bridge in an attempt to become his student. Once you reach Lindell, the capital city, both of them will move.

Elden Ring - brother corhyn

This movement will happen even if you have done none of the prior steps or talked to either of them beforehand, so if you really want, you can even start the quest from this step. It is all just context leading up to an inevitable event before you can eventually have an effect on it all. In Lindel, head to the west capital rampart site of grace and then go down past the gargoyle, and instead of going up the branch, just go across the bridge, then up towards the dualist enemy, and then left when the terrain starts to ramp upwards.

Follow this all the way to the end and you will find gold masks standing on a rock doing a very basic yoga pose. If you walk up to him and talk to him, you'll find that he is simply too busy thinking about the golden order to talk to you. Given that the player is also sort of mute, it makes for a bit of bland dialogue.

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If Brother Corn is still alive, he will serve as the translator, and he will tell you that Gold Mask has reached a dilemma in his calculations. About the Golden Order: It is founded on the concept that America is the one true god, but Ratagon's name has come up. Who really was Ratagon? The Gold Mask will not move until he knows.

However, if corn is dead, simply follow the steps that I'm telling you now and you're still okay. First things first, you have to defeat the boss in the big building at the top of this hill. It is a main progression boss. If you have defeated it, you'll know. If you don't know, then you probably haven't defeated it.

Afterwards Go to the aired tree sanctuary site of grace, which is up there. Run over to the balcony and then up this tree route out the door to the side. Jump up over the roof and then back into the window. Follow around the edge until you get to another tree root, then atop that lays the golden order.

The Principia is a prayer book that allows you to learn a spell called the Law of Regression. Unfortunately, to actually use this incantation, you need to have 37 intelligence. So this is the wall that I mentioned earlier. Bring this incantation prayer book to any faith teacher. My personal go-to is the Dog Pope.

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Learn this incantation. Go back to the urge tree sanctuary site of grace. Then immediately left, heading down the path and then to the elevator that it leads to. At the bottom of the elevator, you will find a statue of Ratagon. Read a message on the floor to find the hint that would have otherwise led you here.

Regression alone reveals secrets. Cast the law of regression upon the statue, and watch it transform into a monument to America. Read the message that shows up on the floor, revealing the complex truth ratagon. This is America. They are the same person. Return to Gold Mask on the same cliff to share this information.

He will give you the bountiful, t-pose gesture which simply never stops giving. Corrin will simply say that Gold Mask agrees with your answer. Feel free to change back to your regular build. This next step isn't required so much as just a little bit of flavor, but with the rest of these steps completed, the player can once again find Gold Mask and Brother Corinne on the mountaintop of the giants region on this bridge by the stargazer.

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Gold Mask won't say anything, but if Corrin is there, he will tell you that he believes that Gold Mask is starting to question the founding beliefs of the Golden Order, which obviously is causing a lot of inner strife for Corin, as his own connection to the Golden Order is as strong as his willingness to follow Gold Mask.

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