Elden Ring - How To Get Somber Smithing Stones 7

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Well, I'm going to show you two different locations. three stones total, starting off at the royal capital. I'm going to enter it from the top right corner here. If you want to do that, you have to defeat this preset. The only thing limiting you from doing this early in the game is your ability to take out this tree sentinel.

From there, we're going to go straight to the east capital rampart, the site of grace. Don't worry about getting lost; there is a linear path here. Just make it simple now from there. I'm going to actually hold your hand from this location to the smithing stones, or two somber smithing stones seventy-five down from where we're about to go.

I'm just going to run past all these enemies, as many of you guys will likely do as well if you're getting these stones. Inside this door, there's going to be an elevator. If you've never taken it before, just hop on. If you have, you may have to pull the lever. Get on the elevator and take it down into the next building.

As soon as we enter this building, I'm going to climb a ladder to the right, and that's going to take us up to the rooftops. We're going to travel across the rooftops for a little while. Now if you look to your left, there are going to be some enemies, but that's not where we're going, so you don't have to worry about them to your right.

Elden Ring - how to get smithing stone 7

You're going to see a yellow-painted roof. We're going to jump on top of this and then follow this straight back. Straight in front of us is going to be some mobs. Just ignore them and pass them. There is going to be a staircase, heading down. And coming out the other side is going to lead us to a site of grace.

Make sure you use it, and then we're going to continue down the stairs some more. As soon as we come out of the store, you're going to see an archer in the distance. He will shoot at you. The best way to avoid him is to just go to the left. Follow this now. We're going to jump over the railing to our left.

Let's rent a building here and just pass. There is a well. We're going to go into this well. Travel this way for a little while. We're going to open that gate. It might be locked or shut. It doesn't require a key, so just open it and we're going to continue down this way. Not a whole lot's going to immediately kill you.

Elden Ring - how to get smithing stone 8

Just wait you're going to come to a section with some rats. Don't worry about them. Just keep running forward. Go through this door, turn left, and then we're going to drop down to the next floor. Lois, there is an enemy wandering around down there, so I'm just going to leap over here and then quickly go through this door to the left.

There is a sight of grace once again. This will be the last one before we get the smithing stones, so we're going to take a left out of there and find another ladder going down. At this point, you may want to light your lantern if you have one. Once we're down here, we're going to turn right. We have to jump to the next platform.

Be careful of the gap right here. A couple mobs are going to fall down from above. That's okay now you see my lost rooms here, Just to the left, I am going to actually jump off this point into a pipe. From here, you have to jump to the more elevated pipe because if you drop straight down, the fall damage will kill you, so make sure you jump forward, and then right underneath me is a lobster.

Elden Ring - how to get smithing stones

Mobs are pretty dangerous. This one here is going to contain a somber smithing stone seven. Now just ahead of me there's going to be a little half pipe and then around the corner to the left there's another one. We're going to go inside this. If you find one of these little balls, and kill it, that will award us two somber smithing stones in this single area.

If you don't see this thing here, by the way, you're in the wrong one. All right so the next stone I'm going to show you is part of Ronnie's quest line. Once you get the carrying inverted statue, which is halfway through, Ronnie's quest line Once you get that statue, head over to the study hall. Go down to the study hall.

You're going to come across this long bridge. You're going to come up on this big tower and you're going to get the curse mark of death at this point. You can now go through Rena's Rise. This is the "three sisters" area. Previously, this was blocked off by fog. Go to the very top of this and take a portal.

Elden Ring - how to get smithing stones 8

That'll take us to a brand new area. Your quest is to get a little miniature Ronnie doll, which will be right near the site of grace where we spawn, but if you just travel a little bit further from that side of grace, you're going to find this guy. Don't worry, you can't get lost. Just head straight through it.

And then, once you defeat him, he's not a boss, he's just going to be a very tough mob. But once you defeat him, you will then acquire our third somber smithing stone, number seven. Certainly there's going to be more throughout the game a little further on where I'm at. These are just the first three that I was able to get to in my playthrough.

I don't believe there's any quicker access for him as far as I'm aware. Please

Two locations for three Somber Smithing Stones 7. The first is a path leading to two somber smithing stones 7 through the Royal Capital. The third one is in an area that requires you to progress halfway through Ranni's quest after you have placed the Carian Inverted Statue at the Study Hall where you will eventually acquire the Cursemark of Death. After that, go through the portal in Renna's Rise back at the 3 sisters castle.
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