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So there's some sarcasm you still need to learn. Hello, my fellow tarnished of magical nature and indeed, anyone who's interested in obtaining almighty power in the palm of their hands, this one is for you. From a meteor storm that can level cities at your command to the unstoppable, unbridled wrath of bubbles.

Today I bring you five more sorceries that are quite well hidden that are very well worth your time, and four of the five are incredibly potent and powerful meta picks both in pve and pvp, so you're going to need them in your arsenal. Let's, of course, start with the one that's here because I think it's fun more than I think it's good.

Though it is a good spacing tool in pvp, I guess it's got that going for it. They are ocular bubbles. It's a low-level, intimate bit of arcane cost that admittedly has incredible damage to the FP ratio. You want to go down to the Siopha river well via the limb grave entrance, and once you're at the bottom of the lift, get the grace and follow this path as you see me doing.

Elden Ring - best

It requires a little bit of parkour, nothing too tricky or long, ultimately resulting in a beetle to slay and a spell to claim. There's not a huge amount to discuss with this one. Let's get on to the big boys, and the first big boy is just a big boy version of what we just talked about, the great ocular bubble.

This thing is tremendous. And how often do you get to say the word tremendous? This is a massively powerful slow charge slow drift through the air explosion that not only looks gorgeous but rivals the moon spells in terms of damage for a fraction of the cost. It really is something special and well worth the 18 arcane investment to have this at your command.

It's also an incredible tool because it lets you delay it in the air. Once it's floated its maximum distance, it will just wait for ages to detonate, letting you stack up a load of damage before even engaging in the fight. But even outside of that, it's just, honestly, I think it might be the most damaging FB spell in the game.

Elden Ring - best sorcery

It's definitely something you want to mess around with, so you want to go to the ancestral woods in Nokron. From there you want to again, it's a little bit of a run and a bit of a parkour challenge, well definitely a challenge. I fell to my death quite a few times during this, and you slowly make your way down until eventually you get into kind of this almost hidden off middle platform area and you want to just simply head into a cave where there will be yet another beetle for you to slay and a spell for you to claim, and thus the great bubble now belongs to you.

Now we get to an incredibly effective ice storm that summons a storm all around you, essentially making it impossible for anything aggressive to exist near you without suffering greatly. It lasts a while, obviously, and it's a huge area around you. It's just a very cool way to be like, "I need some personal space right now." If you ever feel cornered by a load of enemies, assuming you can get the slow cast time off, it's also incredibly good at buying yourself a breather in pvp against heavy melee builds.

Elden Ring - founding rain of stars

In any case, you grab this on the mountain tops of giants once you finally make your way up the great lift. It's in the first ruins you will come across almost instantly. There are some more ruins. Head into them, and eventually right here you will manage to grab the spell off of a corpse that's just waiting to pass it on to you, and we will gladly accept it.

Now then, for the next and final and fourth, I should have said that they are probably in a different order of legendary sorcery. For indeed, along with comet azur and stars of ruin under the primeval sorcery, this is the founding reign of stars, and it's just as pretty as it sounds. It requires 52 inches and two of your finest memory slots.

It releases a downpour of star rain. I don't know why things have to be so vague as insults. I really don't. As it turns out, a while is about five seconds or so if you charge it to maximum and only a couple seconds if you don't. It just spits out massively damaging star rain in a huge area in front of you for the duration of the spell, constantly doing damage to anyone who is unfortunate enough to stand in it effectively.

Elden Ring - gameplay

It's similar to the ice storm except it casts much quicker, you can cast it while moving, and you can effectively spam it to stack up the downpause. And it really starts to become a problem for anyone you're facing. This is an especially good pvp spell because, again, it's really hard to exist next to a sorcerer build that is keeping well to their downpour of stars, so this is something you definitely need to get a hold of.

And if you're ever facing a massive boss and you can get this cloud right above them, well, that is going to help you massively eat through their health. It's just an incredible sorcery, both thematically and visually, and how effective it is, and is one that should be in every single sorcerer's spell book.

Finally, the meteors This is an upgraded version of the meteor spell you could find earlier in the game, and it is massively upgraded. In fact, those of you that have killed a relevant boss might actually recognize this because it is quite literally the same spell that gets cast against you in that fight.

Elden Ring - giant oracular bubble

But I won't spoil it. Just in case, this is the meteorite of Astol, costing 55 inches and indeed using two memory slots. It is potently powerful, a huge scattergun of massively damaging meteors. It's an incredibly inaccurate spell, but if the enemy is either large enough or numerous enough, it will cleave through them effortlessly.

It takes a lot of setup, and you're going to have to pick your moments, but look at just the sheer scale of the awe-inspiring. The power that just emanates from plunging your staff into the ground and conjuring an apocalyptic event cannot be passed up. This spell is pure fun, and you need to acquire it.

Fortunately, I'm here to tell you exactly how. You have to get to the consecrated snow field, which is the secret area of the mountaintop of giants at the top left that eventually leads to the hallig tree. In order to get there, you have to get the secret medallion to make the great lift roll take you to the consecrated snow field and to very condensedly, tell you how to get up there.

Elden Ring - guide

Step one is to go to the village of the albaniacs under the mountain to the south of Lyonia. Walk up from the grace attack a pot roll into it talk to the guy exhaust his dialogue he'll give you the first half then in the mountaintops themselves eventually you will forge your way north to castle saul the final boss of castle soul, you need to defeat and then pass him up the stairs is the second half of the medallion, then you go back to the great lift swap to the secret megalian and up it will take you pass through a quick little dungeon with nothing too dangerous in it.

There are 5 more sorcery spells that are as powerful and secret! Enjoy.
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