Elden Ring - How To Get 5 Million Runes An Hour - Best New Method Rune Farm - Early Game & Easy

Elden Ring - best rune farm

I guess I guess they don't Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My fellow tarnished welcome today as I bring you the latest and greatest in roon farming technology. We're talking nearly five million an hour with absolutely no build requirements whatsoever. And this is something you can essentially do from, I don't know, level 20, basically as soon as you get to the lakes, and it's a little bit ridiculous.

It's actually hard to imagine it ever getting any more efficient than this, though of course we will always try to break records, but genuinely. There is very little more I can tell you if you're into rune farming than what I'm about to tell you. You're seeing in the background this spot where I'm blasting and blowing up these poor innocent weird gray clay creatures.

They still creep me out so much, and this is like the spot where there are so many ruins. Up to four million an hour doing it with this explosion sorcery method, but however you do it, it's incredibly efficient. However, there's a tiny element of danger. The guards in the back can kill you. And in order to clear all of these 21 guys efficiently, you probably do want to tailor your build to it.

Elden Ring - bird rune farm

So let's remove all of those factors. So, where are we going? Well, the exact same place, yep, the exact same grace in the Moguin palace. So I'll tell you the method, as I imagine you already know how to get here, haven't locked it, and then for those that haven't unlocked it. I'll let you know towards the end, but first and foremost, it's as simple as this: you stand up from the ground, you move to the edge of the cliff, you get a bone, an arrow, and you shoot this bird that's wandering around.

He will get very angry with you, so angry in fact that he runs off the cliff and dies, giving you 13,200 runes. Then you repeat. And I do mean you repeat it straight away. You don't even have to watch or wait for him to fall and die. You will get the runes as you stand up from the next reset. So stand up, couple rolls, aim, fire, couple rolls back, sit down.

I have found it to be a tiny bit inconsistent if you manage to reset the grace too quickly, but you certainly don't need to stand around and watch him fall, so just do it fairly quickly. Because of course you want to have your gold scarab on to get your 12 rune boost, because why would you not?. Of the game so yeah, this is a fairly effective team, is what I'm going to say.

Elden Ring - easy runes

This is pretty So for those of you that don't know how to get here, if this is the first room farm in this location you've seen, I will quickly. You either talk to the guy or the image of the guy right away. The first steps in, limb by limb. He will then go to the Church of the Rose. Follow him to the Church of the Rose in Leonie and have a chat with him.

He'll give you three bloody fingers. You then use those bloodied fingers to go to three invasions. Kill them get ganked disconnect doesn't matter three invasions, go back to him, agree to fully join, and he will give you a cloth to go soak in maiden's blood. This is a problem because, again, you are maidenless, as he loves to keep reminding you, but fear not, we must go to the four belfries in Leonia, and using an imbued stone sword key, which you can get in a chest at the very top tower, then go and unlock and go through the portal at the second highest tower.

Elden Ring - endgame rune farm

This will take you back to the starting area of the game. Run through it. Beat the boss, eventually making it to the church at the end. Lying there on the floor, very dead but very full of usable blood, is the maiden from the very start of the game. When you wake up, get the blood, go back to him, agree to fully join, and he'll have a weird intimate moment with your hand.

He then gives you a medallion, which he warns you not to use. We will then immediately use it and find ourselves in our destined location, the Mogwin Palace. And then, once you're in the Mogan Palace, it's just a sprint round the side until you get to this grace through all of the blood lakes. Josh Cotton and Hollow with the articles drop the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes, bringing entertainment on a daily basis to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment.

Yes, I said entertainment twice to reiterate that it is nice to look into your faces on a mostly daily basis when you let us into your homes to make the whole world our stage.

So there's an even better, easier and more effective Rune farm! Enjoy.
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