Elden Ring - How To Easily Beat Margit (super Cheese) 1st Boss

Elden Ring - boss

All right so in this article we're going to start off a brand new game and we're going to do the super cheesy strat to kill the first boss target and you'll see how super easy it is. It's not going to require any skill, it's not going to require any items or anything, and basically this is going to revolve around a summon which you aren't supposed to get until later in the game.

All right, we've got our spectral steel torrent. So in the middle of one of these camps, this one right here, there is an entryway. It's going to go under. There are like six rats or so that you need to kill. Go ahead and open the chest. Actually, this chest is going to teleport you into a different location, which you're not supposed to go wait for it to You're going to be teleported to a very high-level area where the mobs can pretty much one-shot you.

All right, so now you're going to hit. You're going to head out of the cave, and once you're outside, you're going to go straight and hang a left, and you're looking for these small ruins that have a summon inside. You'll see a little glowing white dot.

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