Elden Ring - Your Mage Build Needs This Weapon Early. Lazuli Glintstone Sword Location Guide

Lazuli glintstone sword summery

Lazuli glintstone sword summery

Now I've already shown you where to get the best staff and spell early in the game, but next we need to find the best weapon for our offhand to use with our pure mage build, and by far the best sword for the mages' build that you can also obtain early on at the start of the game is the lazuli, glint stone saw.

In fact, it's a sword that, technically, is also a star. Well, compared to any other sword that scales with intelligence, it has the lowest requirements to wield, so you only need a strength of 8, a dexterity of 9, and an intelligence of 13, meaning the astrologer class can use it effectively at the start of the game and a pure mage build can use it without having to waste any points on strength or dexterity.

Elden Ring - best intelligence weapons

Like the other magical weapons, the lazuli glimstone sword is one of the best close combat weapon choices for a pure mage build throughout the game, not just at the start. Even with its low attribute requirements, the last year-like glimstone sword still boasts one of the highest base damage of 79 physical damage and 94 magic damage, for a total base damage of 174, plus a descaling in intelligence, strength, and dexterity.

The only other weapon that comes close is the Carrion Knight Sword, which requires an additional point of strength to wield. However, once you start to upgrade both of these weapons, you'll see that the lazuli, glindstone, sword has a much higher increase in magical damage than the carry-on knight sword.

But the real reason this sword is so great is its move set and skill ability. Firstly, when wielded in the right hand, you can use the special skill that fires a glintstone pebble from the sword itself without actually taking up any room in your memorized spell slots. The sword also has a secret attack, though.

Elden Ring - best mage weapon

If you fire a glintstone or pebble and then use the power attack, you'll make a huge lunge forward and skewer the enemy with your blade. The charge range is absolutely massive, and the combination of both these attacks will often stagger your opponent, so you can follow up with a guard break critical.

It's also very easy to spam repeatedly. I should, however, note that the glintstone pebble spell cast from the sword has a shorter range than when you cast it from the start. As you can see in this comparison, the range difference is quite considerable. You can also not charge up the pebble spell using the sword either, meaning it does less damage than the staff version.

The staff can also cast the pebble spell quicker too. That said, you can always use both if you have the memory slots to spare. You can also use the secret thrust attack even if you have no mana, so long as you attempt to cast the glintstone pebble with the sword first. The animation doesn't take any longer to perform than if you have mana, if you also read the sword's law description.

It tells you that it was wielded by scholars of the lazarullah, Conspectus, who sought to master carrion sorcery. Apparently, the sword was once used as a staff of sorcery, which is why the sword is made of wood.

How to reach the location walkthrough

How to reach the location walkthrough

So from the first step bonfire, I'm basically going to be showing you how to get all the way to the north west of the map to the carrier, Mana Gate, which is the best location. After doing this tutorial, you'll start the game here at the first step resting site.

From there, you're going to want to go northwards, to the church where you meet the merchant, and then you carry on going north and you eventually come to these ruins called the Gate Front Ruins, and just over here is where we're going to start at the Gate Front Castle Gates. From the gate front ruins, you're going to want to come west, down this pathway.

Elden Ring - best sword

Just here, all the way to the north, and you'll find another resting spot just here, so we're going to put a waypoint there, and then just to the north of that, you're going to come underneath this huge bridge. So I'll put another waypoint just there and then, continuing on from that bridge, you're going to find a broken bridge which is going to be like a dead end, so let's go ahead and ride that first section through the gatehouse.

You're going to want to just ride your horse into the stormgate and sort of dodge to the left and right and watch out for a monster that drops down from above, and then we're just going to continue riding onwards. It's a pretty easy area to just run through, so I wouldn't really worry about this at all.

When you reach Storm Hill, you will get attacked by some wolves that jump down from the cliff edge, so run slightly to the right there and they won't hit you. Then just over here, you'll find that resting spot just where the waypoint I placed was, and now from that resting spot, we're just going to carry on heading north underneath that giant bridge that I showed you on the map, and we've already got our waypoint.

Elden Ring - best weapon for astrologer

Number Two, located just over there, so we're going to continue off the stone path onto this dirt track here under the bridge and just carry on going pretty easily. To be honest, a lot of people seem to think that this is a higher level area and you can't go here earlier, but you can go anywhere you like in Eldon Ring.

It's an open world game, so we're going to continue on to the end of this stone bridge here, which has fallen away. You cannot go any further salute, this tarnish for the nomadic warriors cookbook 7. And now, as you can see, we're at this broken bridge. What we need to do now is put another marker directly to the left of here and then to the north.

We're going to follow this wall that we can't actually see around. Put another marker there and then just to the left here, you can see this part of the wall. There's a little circle just to the north of that. Put in another waypoint that's just like a rough guide of where we need to go next. So from this broken bridge that we're on, we're going to come down here because we can't get across any other way, and we're just going to climb up this sort of rocky terrain here, and it's actually going to lead us on a pathway.

Elden Ring - best weapon for mage build

It's just like a straight path where it might look a little bit confusing. But it is literally just a straight pathway, and you just head all the way along. You'll come across a couple of low-level wolves that are not going to be a match for you, my brother. Keep following around, following the cliff edge all the way, and eventually you'll get to the lakes, and you can see, right where I placed that third waypoint, this is where the area of grace is, so now we're just here on the map at the lake facing cliffs resting point.

If you look to the north, west of this location into the sort of brown uncovered area, you can see that there's actually a location where you can find the map marker for this area, so that's where we're going to go next. Make sure you put a waypoint there, obviously, so from this resting spot we're going to come behind us.

Elden Ring Best Weapon Early is the best intelligence weapon for the Astrologer class - Lazuli Glintstone Sword Location Guide.
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