Elden Ring - Vagabond Class Guide - How To Build A Berserker (beginner Guide)

Elden ring beginner vagabond guide

Elden ring beginner vagabond guide

In the Selden Ring article, I'm going to be showing you my berserker build. If you've been looking for a good strength-based build in the old ring, then this guide is for you.

Berserker character creation

The two classes you can use to make this build are vagrant or hero. I personally chose Vagabond, but it doesn't really matter too much which you choose.

Your stat spreads are not going to be that much different. You're still going to have to put in some points here and there, but you could do either of these classes.

How to make this build work

So, Once you begin the game, the first thing that you're going to want to do is go pick up the lord's greatsword. This is in the gate front runes.

Elden Ring - beginner build

It's in the chest there on the back of a carriage, and make sure you grab the whetstone. It's in the ruins there as well, down the steps. That way, you can put an "ash of war" on it if you want. Once you have that, the next thing you're going to want to pick up is the elder tree favor. This is located in the French Folk Heroes' Grave, which is where that gargoyle statue is right at the beginning of the game with that kind of white fog there.

If you have a stone's word key, if you took one as your starting gift, you can go down there immediately. If you take a golden seed, which is what I usually recommend taking for the extra flask, you'll need to find one. These aren't hard to find. They're all over the place. You don't even have to kill some enemies.

Like, if you go up the hill in Storm Hill, there's one right next to the NPC. Up there, you can just pick up and go in there, so that's really easy to get to. You want to go down there, and there's going to be an area where the ramp narrows as you're going down. You can fall off the other side to your death if you look carefully.

Elden Ring - best class

As you approach it, you can drop right over the lip. There's sort of a hidden area down there. If you make your way down, you'll find the arteries favor lying on the ground. It's guarded by two really tough enemies, so I don't suggest trying to fight them, just running by them. You can pick it up dead if you have to make sure you don't have any runes on you when you go down there, and then you'll have this really good talisman that boosts your health and boosts your stamina.

It's really good to have and it also boosts your equipment. After you've gathered that, the next thing you're going to want to do is go pick up the claymore, which is located in Castlemore. This is another item that you don't even have to kill anything to get. You just go into Castlemore and run by the enemies there by the fire thing.

You kind of go into the doorway there on the right side, and immediately through that doorway is a chest. It's got the claymore inside, so now you can dual wield greatswords. You're really starting to pack a punch. You're going to want to get these upgraded right away. There is that statue up there on Storm Hill that, if you get the trolls to destroy it, has like six upgrade materials in it.

Elden Ring - best class to main

And the tunnels as well have a lot of upgrade materials, so go ahead and get those if you need more, because you're going to want to upgrade both of these weapons. You can farm the soldiers and the gate front runes. They drop them at a pretty low drop rate, like if you kill the whole camp, you usually get about one.

But that is a way you can farm some early on if you're having trouble getting them. There is one other item that's really good for this build, but you're not going to get it till later on. I'm just going to mention it here because it should be something you strive for eventually. That's not too far into the game is the claw talisman.

This enhances your jump attacks. You do jump attacks with this build all the time. In fact, if you're not jumping attacking, you're not doing this build right. It is devastating to jump attack with two weapons. Jump attack, jump attack, jump attack, and get the claw talisman when you can. It's located in Stormdale Castle.

It is absolutely devastating. The exact location of that is located on the wiki .

Berserker attributes

Berserker attributes

As we're talking about attributes in terms of strength and dexterity, you want just enough in order to meet the requirements for the claymore. You have the dexterity requirement for that and the lord's greatsword by default, so all you really need to do is get to strength pretty quickly and you'll be able to use both of these weapons at the same time no problem.

Once you've done that, I like to pump vigor and endurance. I like to get my finger up to 15 quickly and then start cranking endurance. Endurance is not only going to give you more stamina, which is great because you're jumping around, rolling around, attacking with two huge weapons that chew up stamina, but it also increases your equip weight.

This allows you to use heavier armor, which is going to protect you because this is a very aggressive build. You're going to trade damage a lot with this build in order to speed up fights, which is fine, but you want to make sure you reduce the amount of damage you take. You also want to be able to medium roll, so if you are in that heavy roll range, you're going to fat roll, which isn't ideal.

So make sure that you increase your endurance so that you can wear heavy armor to wield both weapons and still roll medium. Eventually, you're going to want to get bigger to 20 and have endurance to 20. At that point, you can start cranking up the strength. You can actually change the scaling on these weapons with the ashes of war in order to make heavy versions that scale better with strength than the sort of quality that they start with, so. Early on, they go to heavy eventually, but early on, if you change them to heavy, you'll actually do less damage, so there's no reason to change them to anything other than standard at the beginning of the game.



So the way this build works is that when you're dual wielding these weapons, you're using the l1 button to attack with both at the same time.

They attack slightly slower than you would if you hit r1. If you hit r1, you'll only swing your right hand weapon, which is a bit faster. So there are scenarios where you may want to swing faster, like if you're fighting dogs or something or a very fast enemy. You know, one of those little guys in the catacombs.

That's after you. You might need to swing quickly so he doesn't stagger you before you swing. And that's a scenario where you might use r1, but most of the time you're going to be using l1, in order to hit with both weapons at the same time, which is what really makes the damage of the split sync work.

Elden Ring Vagabond Class Guide - How to Build a Berserker Beginner Guide. In this Elden Ring Build Guide Ill be showing you my beginner Vagabond Build. If youve been looking for a good starting Strength-based build that uses two greatswords to slaughter everyone in your path then you might want to check this Berserker build-out.
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