Elden Ring - Top 5 Best Katanas And Where To Find Them

Elden Ring - best katana build

Before we dive on into today's article, I just want to give a quick shout out to this article's sponsor, Iowa, Com. At checkout for three percent off your already super cheap purchase, YouTube, and welcome back to another dare to game article. Today we're playing Elder Ring and we're doing another weapon article, and today's is the top five best katanas.

So it is for all the weeb samurais out there. Just kidding, but maybe you really want to know what the best katanas in the game are and, of course, where to find them or how to get them. This article is for you. So just to keep in mind, I will be testing these all as I always do with my weapon articles.

To keep things equal, we have all of our stats maxed and we have all of the weapons maxed, so all of the swords are playing on equal playing ground. So with all that said, let's dive on in and start off with number five, the serpent bone blade, which you can see we have wielded. I kind of like this one for a lot of reasons.

Serpentbone blade

Serpentbone blade

I mean, it's supposed to look like a serpent bone. I assume, so it's got all those teeth along the top of it, so it's got a very fun and unique look to it. while still being a katana, so I definitely enjoy the unique look of this sword. As far as stats are concerned, we have a max attack power of 751, and an average guarded damage negation of 33.5.

As far as attributes required to use this one, we have a strength of 11 and a dexterity of 22. So, like all katanas, they're going to stack with dexterity. So the higher your dexterity is, the better these swords are going to be, and that's a decently high requirement. I guess, but if you're going for a samurai build, your dexterity should be decently high anyway.

Elden Ring - best katana early

So those are the stats. As far as passive effects, like most katanas, we have a passive effect and this one has poison buildup, so this one is fun because you're going to poison your enemies a lot and it's got a decent hit of 66. As far as a special two-handed attack, we have the double slash attack, so nothing magical but definitely a lot of fun as far as getting this one.

It's actually pretty straightforward, the process. So you're going to need to get to Volcan Manor, and to do that you have to start the Volcan Manor Quest, which can be started down here in Leonia, so you go to this little telescope. So close to the scenic isle, go to this little hut. It's like a gazebo.

Inside, there's going to be a lady. She needs you to recover her necklace, so you go over here to Boyle Prawn Shack. She'll get it from the guy who stole it and bring it back to her. Then she'll invite you, and you can You are invited to Volcano Manor, and you can meet her at the top of the grand lift in Dectus.

Elden Ring - best katana location

The same way you get to the capitol, she'll be waiting up top for you and you can accept her invitation. She'll take you up to Volcano Manor. It's the only way to get there. Once you get there, you'll be able to start doing missions. There will be a lady sitting right here in this corner that you can talk to.

Her name is Tanith. She'll basically tell you basically what it's all about and ask you to join. If you accept, you'll be able to start doing missions. To do missions, you'll have to go down into the drawing room over here. She'll give you a key for it. There will be a lock and there will be letters for us sitting on this table waiting for you.

You take them, read them, and then you basically go kill someone. It's just like an NPC invasion mission, so it's usually decently simple and straightforward. We fought after the second of those letter quests. So you come back, and you talk to Tanith, and she will reward you with this sword. So that's how you get it.

Ah, so it's decently straightforward, but obviously it does require some game progression, and you're going to have to do some missions to get it. You can't just go somewhere and find it for combat with this weapon. Nothing super special. We're going to have that nice fast katana. So you can see, that's our strong attack, and then we'll do our two-handed attack, which is just a big old double slash, so you can see it does one powerful attack and then immediately doubles back with a backslash, so it's actually a pretty fun attack to use, and I just like it because, of course, it looks great doing it.

But yeah, so that is the serpent bone katana again. So, like I said, it has poison built up, so when you're using it up against bigger or stronger enemies than this, obviously it's going to have that added benefit of poisoning your enemy, and yeah, it just makes it a really powerful sword and definitely something that I think a lot of people will find fits their samurai role rather well, so that is number five, the serpent bone blade.

Let's move on to number four, all right? So for our number four spot, we have the hand of Melania, and so this one has a very unique look to it because it doesn't really have the classic katana look to it.

Hand of malenia

Hand of malenia

I guess you don't really have a hilt. It just kind of has a slightly narrower part that you grab. It's because it's taken off of a prosthetic arm, essentially, so this one, I think, looks pretty cool.

Other than it not looking very katana-esque, As far as stats on this one go, we have a max attack bar of 779 and an average guarded damage negation of 35.6. As far as attributes required to use this one, strength of 16 and dexterity of 48, so decently high dexterity requirement. As far as passive effects go, we have the blood loss buildup, which is pretty typical for katanas.

Most of them have a blood loss effect, and this one has 50. And then, of course, for our special attack, our two-handed attack, we have the waterfowl and dance. So there is definitely a lot of stuff going on with the sword, which is a very powerful weapon. As far as getting this weapon goes, you're going to get it by killing Melania, so kill Melania, goddess of Rot, who you can find here.

Elden Ring - best weapon

I'll explain that a little bit more. And then you're going to take her remembrance, which is the thing you get when she dies, and you bring it to the round table and trade it in there. So after I've kind of explained how to get here, you can see we're down here at the millennia goddess of rot. You get there by making your way to the haligtry runes and doing all of that inside the haligtry region.

To get here, you're going to need to make your way over to the consecrated snow fields, make your way to the ardena, or liturgical, town, and then, once you've broken a magical seal here, you'll be able to cross through under the mountains and come to this very, very late-game location. And once you do that, you obviously have to make your way down the tree.

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